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  1. Hey...things are fine in North Cackalacky. The snow from Dec 18 has finally all melted. Talk about some cold weather recently! Glad things in Canadia (where the Canadians live) have been less than snowy. Phew.

  2. How are things in snowy ol' Canada, TFG? NC got about 6" of snow last wk & people were freaking out! Go figure.

  3. I love your Kirk Cameron reference. What a douche.

  4. is glad that family time is over. For now.

  5. "Oh the alcoholic afternoons, as we sat in your room, they meant more to me than any...than any living thing on earth..."

  6. I loved the video! You know Mozz doesn't put up w/ that kind of thing!

  7. I was jamming on "There is a Place in Hell..." last week! There's something about that song that draws me in every time. :)

  8. "The Last of the Famous Int'l Playboys."

  9. ...is evil just something you are, or something you do?

  10. ...and don't go home tonight. Come out & find the one that you love & who loves you...

  11. ...treated equally to *men (sorry)

  12. I like your status. I get so tired of being objectified! An ex-bf told me the other day that women in this country are treated equally to me. I began to get angry, but then remembered that he considers FOX NEWS as a valid reporting center. Ugh.

  13. Why would I think you're nuts? I've gotten in weird situations that cause me to tune things out. When I saw The Cure last year, some losers behind me kept distracting me, making me think they were going to spill their beer on me. NOT COOL. I hate you didn't get to get dissed by Mozz or have him glare at you (since he's not known for being friendly! LOL). Next time?

  14. Color me jealous! How wonderful was it? Did he sing, "The More You Ignore Me"??

  15. OMG, you're a Morrissey fan!! Is the Mozzer not awesome in all of his brilliance? Not to mention freaking sexy??

  16. I like the proverb you posted as your status. :)

  17. I'm also a gay rights activist in the USA. Looks like we have lots in common!

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