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  1. Gods lil angel?? How many gods are we talking about?
  2. "We Can't Have Homosexuals Redefine the Word Marriage!" This from the people who have redefined the word "Relationship" to mean 'Talking to yourself."
  3. Sorry I missed your 50th - it looks like you had a great time in Hawaii!

  4. Big congrats on 50and many happy returns with Hubby.

  5. has been a member since May of 2003

  6. You mentioned that you were Exmormon, in another post. I am also Exmormon.

    do you visit exmormon.org? did you have your name removed? I guess since I wasn't Mormon royality, (you know a 6 figure job, or son of some Quroum member, or an RM). they let me leave with not much fuss. This is rare with Greg Dodge.

  7. Then you should enjoy this.
  8. I'm so happy for you. I'll alert the media.
  9. Have you noticed that Christians (related to you or not) rarely concern themselves with how they make you feel? It’s like our feelings and beliefs are inconsequential.
  10. Thanks Mr. Grinch, you took the words out of my mouth. The person “hiding in the closet” is telling the world they are ashamed of themselves. It sends out the wrong message. My mother was the only one who had an issue with my de-conversion. When she would tell me how “concerned” she was for me, I would just turn the table and say the same thing about her. (Mom, your faith is irrational and I worry that you are being controlled) We do have the right to our opinions, and if Christians in our families insist on telling me theirs, then turn-about is fair play. IBF
  11. I guess I had it pretty easy. No one in my family was particularly religious, except for my mother when I was very young. None of them attended church or prayed either, so it was easy to avoid the discussion. It was twenty years after my de-conversion before I broached the subject with them in a rather casual manner. The only one who had any concern at all was my mother, and she only said, “Well, if there is a god, I am sure he knows your heart, and everything is fine.” Out of four children, only my brother remains a Christian, my two sisters and I eventually reached the same rational con
  12. I should have known it was my fondness of pink lemonade that did it. Jeez! That’s why it is called “homophobia. An unnatural fear of homosexuality.
  13. Cerise, What I felt…. Pain, anger, sadness, resignation, poignancy Thank you, it was wonderful. IBF
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