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  1. I can remember one time when my dad actually did explain something to me like Calvin’s dad. Sometime around 1965 when I was five years old. We were on a family vacation and driving around dusk when noticed a very tall red and white metal tower. [A radio transmission tower] I asked my dad, “Dad, what is the red light for on top of the tower for?” His response “It’s to keep aircraft from hitting the tower at night.” My follow up question “What is the tower for?” and my dad’s response, “It holds up the red light.” I bought that answer and did not question if for a number of more miles.
  2. Gods lil angel?? How many gods are we talking about?
  3. Hi BeyondReligiousity I like the dissertation style myself. We get a much better picture of the whole story. I have been a member here for 13 years and never tire of reading the testimonies. Yours was well thought out and engaging. Thank you. Welcome to our world. If you read long enough you will find posts that will speak directly to you and your experience. When I came here in 2003 I had already left Christianity behind 25 years earlier when I was only 18. I came to this site by accident and found myself staying. While I thought my break with religion was something in my past; I learned through reading posts here that I was still carrying a lot of resentment that I needed to purge. It took a while, but it worked. In fact, many reading this post today may not even know who I am as I post so seldom now. Eventually even the fact you left Christianity become a non-issue in your life. That is where I am now. Welcome to you I Broke Free
  4. Welcome unbuckledreads We have a number of lgbt forum members here, me included. I discovered this site 11 years ago and never tire of it. Enjoy yourself and welcome. IBF
  5. "We Can't Have Homosexuals Redefine the Word Marriage!" This from the people who have redefined the word "Relationship" to mean 'Talking to yourself."
  6. I was baptized LDS in 1976 [Age 16] and excommunicated in 1980 for coming out as gay. Yes, I remember the monthly testimonies well. I gave a few of them myself. Everyone loved to hear from teenagers who found The Church on their own. There was no written guide as to how to present your testimony, but it was easy to figure out. There were a few phrases that were mandatory and about 50 or so other platitudes you could choose from. You strung them together into an incoherent babble and tried to look as emotional as possible. The more embarrassed you felt, the more sincere the message appeared to the congregation. When I think back to those days I want to vomit.
  7. Sorry I missed your 50th - it looks like you had a great time in Hawaii!

  8. Big congrats on 50and many happy returns with Hubby.

  9. has been a member since May of 2003

  10. LOVED IT! I am going to copy it onto a DVD. You have no idea how hard it is to come by stuff I know I will enjoy on Bong Night!
  11. Ameen, I think you will find that the relationship between religiosity and OCD has been discussed on the forum a number of times, even by me. During my two years stint with the Mormons when I was a teenager I suffered from moderate OCD symptoms (writing things over and over and trouble with light switches) that I never had before. Once I left the cult behind I was lucky and my OCD dissipated almost completely. I still occasionally have problems with light switches but since it is so rare I just give in rather than obsessing on it.
  12. You could write all day and the above quote is all I will remember, BITCH!! I was close to the full Andersen Cooper look by the time I graduated from high school (minus the looks and the money) and have never been carded for anything. I went to all the trouble to get a fake I.D. at the age of 19 and never had to use it. I will welcome you to forum once the envy wears off.... IBF
  13. Rza, please read the guidelines for this forum before posting again. Your response is out of bounds. There are many areas on Ex-C where you can make comments like this, but this section is different. This is a safe haven for those of us who feel betrayed our Christian experience and want a safe place to discuss it without having to deal with the same people, issues, and attitudes that brought us to this point. Thank you.
  14. Thanks a lot, its so good that people like you exist. It makes me want to cry... There are many gay Ex-C's here, including me. Welcome to the forum! I spent my high school years tyring to cure myself in Mormonism. UGH!!! Glad you got out in time and I look forward to hearing more from you. IBF
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