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  1. Gods lil angel?? How many gods are we talking about?
  2. "We Can't Have Homosexuals Redefine the Word Marriage!" This from the people who have redefined the word "Relationship" to mean 'Talking to yourself."
  3. has been a member since May of 2003

  4. The Mormon Church I attended did not want to remove my name from the rolls either. However I was able to it. Just tell them you are now an atheist and a homosexual with an active sex life, if your church was like mine they will gladly accommodate your request. I even got a cool Excommunication document out it. Once framed and hung on the wall, it makes a wonderful conversation piece.
  5. That's a long time for a Californicator to stare at snow! Are you adjusted after all these years or do you miss the warmth? 80F here in hell today! Welcome back TF, it is nice to hear from you again. If you had asked me last spring I would have told you that have acclimated to my new snowy world of New Hampshire (after living in CA for 41 years) and that I have learned to appreciate all the four seasons. But to be completely honest, I seemed to have lost that ability. I hope it is temporary because this is home now and moving would be difficult. I think the reason this winter was s
  6. It has been three months and one day since my backyard has been covered in a blanket of snow. I have a panoramic view of the yard from where I sit right now and for the first time since December 20th I can see a patch of yard! Of course it is right over the septic tank , but it is still a harbinger of Spring! Melt Baby, Melt!!
  7. I woke up late (10am) today after staying up late with my partner sucking on the ole bong and singing along to “Mama Mia” that we got from NetFlix. It snowed like crazy last night and as usual you take the predicted snowfall figure and multiply it by 1.5 and you know what you have to deal with next day. I plowed about one foot snow off our 200ft driveway and then made myself my favorite brunch, toast and a cheddar cheese omelet. It is looking like a wonderful day.
  8. You forgot Latter-Day-Nut-Jobs, you know Mormons. That's were I escaped from.
  9. My partner and I live on two heavily wooded acres of land in New Hampshire. We have an oil burner in the basement for heat but we augment that with a wood-burning stove in the family room. Using wood saves us a bundle of money and the ambiance of the wood burning is an added plus. We have lived here for six years now and every couple of years we have ordered three or four cords of cut and seasoned wood. This year the price of wood went through the roof (if you could get it all) so we decided to become manly men and chop down a few of our own trees and make our own cut and seasoned wood for th
  10. My partner and I used this wonderful Sabbath day to cut down and section a tree on our property. We will do it agan next weekend. We live on two acres and 75% of it forested with mostly oaks and maples. It is just about impossible to get seasoned wood in the area and when you can find it, it is way overpriced. Last year we decided enough was enough and that our property could easily accommodate our needs indefinitely. This winter we will be burning the trees we felled last summer and this summer’s “crop’ will be for the following winter. We cut our fuel oil ($4.50 a gallon on the last delivery
  11. Ohhh you made me hungry! My mother was from Arkansas and we had biscuits and gravy every weekend. We all looked forward to it. If we were lucky my father had shot some chucker (A California desert partridge) and my mother would fry it up to go with the biscuits and gravy. It was the best breakfast ever; although you often had to spit out the lead shot before swallowing. I have tried to duplicate my mother’s abilities and make this artery clogging cuisine of the gods, but alas I end up with something resembling a monster from a 1950s sci-fi flick.
  12. So true, so very very true. I witnessed and lived this myself for two years before getting out with just a shred of my sanity left. I cried often in the car on the way to and from church, but put me in a room with my fellow believers and I was all smiles. I did not want anyone to know I was a failure in my faith. I was in the Mormon Church and remember vividly the Stepford Moms who had five or six kids under the age of eight tagging along behind them. When they were approached by anyone their faces perked up and they put on their plastic smiles, but if you saw them when they did not know you w
  13. I dropped my partner off at the airport this morning. He is starting a ten day business trip to California. I have the whole house to myself for the duration. I am already bored out of my mind and wish I had one his messes to clean up. The house is already spotless; perhaps I should just make a mess to have something to do.
  14. For the first time since December 10th my backyard is free of ice and snow. I spent yesterday clearing about half the yard of downed limbs and the debris of winter. I am looking forward to getting the other half done today. It feels good to be outside and getting some exercise again.
  15. I sat at my pc all day surfing the web, drinking at least ½ gallon of coffee, smoking cigarettes, eating junk food, and loving every minute of it. I stink too!
  16. I can still remember being in Sunday School as a small child and hearing the story of Noah and the Flood. I expected Alan Funt* to jump out of a closet and scream “Smile. You’re on Candid Camera” any second. *Alan Funt was on a very successful television show in the late 50s and 1960s. It was called “Candid Camera” and the premise of the show was to set people up to look like fools and broadcast it to the nation.
  17. Now were talking about an eternity I can live with!! I also want to be able to eat all the Hostess Ding Dongs, Ho Ho's, and Crumb Cakes I can eat without getting fat.
  18. I asked that same question some 30 years ago during my two year stint in the Morons. I was told that polygamy was necessary because women tended to be more faithful so it was necessary for faithful men to take on the extra burden. To be honest the Mormons did reveal most of the information that the video described to me prior to my baptism and I thought it made far more sense than conventional Christianity. If you are going to live FOREVER then at least the Mormons have a more interesting afterlife than just sitting around sucking on Christ’s dick for eternity. The fact that I have
  19. I’ve been up since at 8:30am. My partner is still asleep nearly three hours later and I am enjoying the solitude, several cups of coffee, and reading my favorite website. It’s started out sunny but another storm is expected and I expect even more snow will cover the ground that has been sealed in ice for the past two months. We had a lot of rain a few days ago and the texture of the snow outside my window completely changed, it looks like the top of some enormous meringue pie. I had to bring in wood yesterday from the woodshed and the snow was so hardened by the rain and single-digit tempe
  20. I think the possibility of an afterlife is very remote and not something I worry about. However it is something that I occasionally contemplate and I think the most plausible afterlife would be where I merge with the rest of life on Earth and have some kind of shared consciousness. I don’t believe what I call “me” will ever be again.
  21. You will know when you have the pulpit-voice down just right. That is when your hair will change overnight into some kind of weird bullet-proof thing that looks like you can take it off and hang on a hook on the wall.
  22. This whole thread is such an eye-opener for me; never in my life have ever even heard of a friend, acquaintance, or family member ever having to endure such a thing. Perhaps it because I have only lived in California, and New England, but this whole thing is disturbing. I would totally freak out if someone was speaking in tongues and splashing oil around the house. I keep hearing from Christians how atheists are shoving our “belief” system down their throats, but can you imagine this happening in reverse? Just try and imagine going to this guy’s home and with a science book and tell
  23. I started smoking weed (almost daily just about 60 minutes before bed) about ten years ago. Here is a list of all the terrible things that happened to me since… 1) I met the love my life nine years ago and our relationship seems to grow stronger and more satisfying every year. (He smokes too.) 2) I went back to school to get my bachelors degree and succeeded with a 3.98 GPA. 3) I finally left my dead end jobs behind and now have a great career that I enjoy. 4) My salary has increased by 120% 5) I am happier and more productive that at any point in my life. Watching science
  24. People's whose faith is hanging by a thread have good reason to FEAR the man running around with a shap pair of scissors.
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