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    Music- 80's and 90's alt. The REAL reason I liked Sundays? 120 Minutes on MTV.
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    Agnostic with occasional hellfire hiccups. OCD, scrupulosity- fun stuff! I don't think I ever really loved god- I was too busy being scared shitless of him, to be quite honest. Fear eclipsed everything else.

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  1. could you delete the disparaging remarks about the moz guy? He's pretty upset.

  2. Great Mark Twain qoute!

  3. Hey...things are fine in North Cackalacky. The snow from Dec 18 has finally all melted. Talk about some cold weather recently! Glad things in Canadia (where the Canadians live) have been less than snowy. Phew.

  4. I love my job, but may get let go if I don't up my linehour soon. Then I will go to another charity telemarketing job up the road. I like it; I can dress like a slob and make crass comments, and I only work 30 hours a week- Aim low, and you'll never be disappointed. ;)

  5. Hope you are lovin' the Job.

  6. Just sayin' hello. Hope the new year finds you well. Still not much snow here, thank christ! ;)

  7. Fuck Leno!!! I've been a Conan fan for 16 years.

  8. We haven't gotten much snow....yet.

  9. How are things in snowy ol' Canada, TFG? NC got about 6" of snow last wk & people were freaking out! Go figure.

  10. Been doing ok...tired today, but other than that...just dandy!

  11. Thanks. I haven't been on as much lately- stressing out, trying to get the hang of my new job. How are you? I've been debating my Facebook fundie friend more actively these past few days. I should post her ramblings here. She has good intentions, but she isn't asking herself the hard questions, and that really frustrates me. Later! :)

  12. Hey...miss talking to you! You can always email me, too, if you want. heather.pilkinton@gmail.com.

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