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  1. could you delete the disparaging remarks about the moz guy? He's pretty upset.

  2. I love my job, but may get let go if I don't up my linehour soon. Then I will go to another charity telemarketing job up the road. I like it; I can dress like a slob and make crass comments, and I only work 30 hours a week- Aim low, and you'll never be disappointed. ;)

  3. Just sayin' hello. Hope the new year finds you well. Still not much snow here, thank christ! ;)

  4. Fuck Leno!!! I've been a Conan fan for 16 years.

  5. We haven't gotten much snow....yet.

  6. Thanks. I haven't been on as much lately- stressing out, trying to get the hang of my new job. How are you? I've been debating my Facebook fundie friend more actively these past few days. I should post her ramblings here. She has good intentions, but she isn't asking herself the hard questions, and that really frustrates me. Later! :)

  7. Velcome! (See what I did there? Fake accent. I'm the village idiot of Ex-Christian) :)

  8. Oh. After that weird shoutbox incident, I thought maybe you had a problem with me. Glad we cleared that up. Have a nice day. :)

  9. What exactly did I do to piss you off? Just curious. I don't remember doing anything wrong, but I drink a lot, so perhaps you could enlighten me...

  10. May I inspect your kitchen table? ;)

  11. Thanks! Yeah, I had a feeling there weren't. Belladonna- 1 Christians- 0!!

  12. Fun Fact: I look at my own profile often, to raise the number of views, so I seem more interesting.

  13. I don't think his lyrics are supposed to make sense, either. You like Beck? I've seen him 3 times in concert.

  14. May I just say that I absolutely love your writing style?

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