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  1. We agree that drugs are not the problem. The thing is that we tend to use prescriptions as a sort of diagnoses. As in "that person is on a drug for X which means that they must have X." It's the lazy way to deal with things. So if you do a background check and you see that I'm on a drug for bi-polar you just go ahead and "diagnose" me with bi-polar (and easily automated). Problem solved. You don't actually find out if I have bi-polar. That's difficult. More so if you want to find out if I'm actually a threat to society. I've been on all sorts of drugs for off-label uses over the years. I know that even going to the doctor they don't document these things. I have to explain that I wasn't on that drug for whatever reason but for this other reason. Sometimes the docs don't seem to believe me unless they're actually familiar with that usage. Anyhow, I know that we'll take the easiest, more lazy, path if it comes down to it. That's what we always do. mwc
  2. I'll give you some idea. I have a sleep disorder. I've mentioned it before. It's called Non-24 Sleep Wake Cycle (or disorder). I'm sighted so it's rare (it's more common for blind folks). There's really nothing that can be done for it. So, to help me sleep I take a bi-polar drug (off-label). Now, given that, I'd likely be seen as having mental health problems. So no soup for me (Seinfeld reference). I really don't want or need a gun, so no real problem there, but it's the way they want to weed people out that is the problem because if it "works" here they'll likely apply this shitty "fix" to other areas of our society. And if I ever did want a gun then I guess I'm just shit out of luck because I wanted to try to tinker with my sleep and listened to my neurologist. mwc
  3. I don't believe there is any legal obligation for a police officer (or anyone) to die to save the life of someone else. We just like the idea of the sort of heroes. It gives us comfort. That's kind of the idea behind arming everyone. We imagine that insane people aren't stupid enough to attack a well armed force, which is insane in and of itself, and we also imagine these heroes will emerge from the well-armed force, which may or may not actually occur. mwc
  4. Sauna, eh? I say move the cars out, put in some nice benches and enjoy. Kidding aside it looks like, to my untrained eye, some heaving go on (just Google "concrete heaving" for pics). You might want to call out a local contractor, who knows about this stuff, to take a look. I imagine this will require a bit of work. They'll have to tear things out and figure out how to address the underlying moisture issue(s) otherwise you'll just wind up right back in the same boat. I'd also be a bit worried that it could cause issues with the rest of your house (because I'm guessing it's also a slab on the same sort of soil). Anyhow, hopefully someone that knows more about this stuff that I do will chime in and say I'm wrong and let you know it's really something easy. mwc
  5. Much of what we now understand as how the 2nd Amendment was intended to be was decided by the Supreme Court about 10 years ago in the Heller decision. Pretty much all of our understanding of how things were "originally intended" come from such decisions. mwc
  6. So the FBI has just enough resources to investigate this Russia thing? Nothing more? That's odd. And entirely unbelievable. I find it odd that this kid was so messed up that the only tip went to the FBI and no other law enforcement. Not the local cops. I've seen them do a lot given rather tenuous levels of threat. It seems if someone were such a major threat they'd come sniffing around. But maybe they were needed on this Russia investigation too? Or maybe something about donuts? Who knows, right? I also think it is odd to blame drugs that most American's wind up on one way or the other. Either on or off label. That's just dumb. If these drugs are the underlying cause everyone should watch their damn backs because we're in big, big, trouble with the number of people on these drugs and the number of weapons out there. mwc
  7. True & False

    Now you've done it. My sect, which is me, just can't take that sort of heretical talk. Your tradition is new and weird. The time stamps confirm this. mwc
  8. True & False

    Careful. This is just the kind of minutia that could get someone branded a heretic. Do you really want to create a competing sect over this? The bible is flawlessly flawed. I've long believed this ever since I thought it up a couple of hours ago. As far as I can tell this is the oldest and most trustworthy tradition there is. mwc
  9. Got'em locked and loaded. mwc
  10. True & False

    What if it is flawlessly flawed? mwc
  11. So, I didn't read the entire thread, but if I've got the gist of it then schools are inherently insecure and should be secured? That will solve the problem? For schools. Then if something happens at a mall? Then malls are inherently insecure and should be secured? That will solve the problem? For malls. Then if something happens at a grocery store? Then grocery stores are inherently insecure and should be secured? That will solve the problem? For grocery stores. And on and on and on. Seems like a moving target. Which I guess is apt. But, sure, secure everything. It worked with stagecoaches and banks so why not? mwc
  12. Trying to Find Purpose

    Purpose, like beauty, is in the eye of the beholder. Unless you are someone who really impacts the world, like a world leader or something, you're forgotten within generation or two. How often do you think of your great-grandparents? I doubt it is very often. Few people really do. And beyond that? So even with kids you just sort of fade away. So you have to just do the "selfish" thing and do things for yourself. The things that make life worth living for you. Hobbies and whatnot. That's just sort of how it works. And if others have these interests you can join groups if you're looking for a bit of community otherwise there's nothing wrong with going solo if you're happy. mwc
  13. It was a fine line. We were to use nature since it was created for us (the garden and all that). But we had to be careful not to worship the creation. We had to not like anything more than god. That was the real trap. So you could like, or love, anything just short of god. If you ever found yourself putting anything equal, or <gasp>, ahead, of god then it was now a false idol and you've really screwed the pooch. What a tightrope walk. Then there was the problem with how to care for it all since jesus was coming soon (read: any second ignoring the last 2000 years)? Do we use it to its fullest or not? It seems wasteful not to, right? Nature was a real pain in the ass. Everything was a real pain in the ass. Only if you actually tried to be thoughtful. If you just showed up as a warm body then it was, and is, easy. Believe and not give a shit because you can't know enough about the trap to know you're in one anyhow. At that point nature is fine. Everything's good. mwc
  14. Ken Ham's Ark

    I thought that according to the story about the original biblical ark there were a ton of atheists, or non-believers, but it turned out to be a success in spite of them? mwc
  15. True. Though I do recall reading a book (I don't recall the name but it was something like "The Universe From Nothing") and it ultimately allowed for a "something" in all this. The idea being how did "our" universe come to exist not how did everything that might possibly exist come to exist. Seems a little semantically tricky there since I consider the universe to be all things. That is why when I said "nothing" I meant nothing. Nothing at all. Not a type of nothing. A sort of nothing. A nothing with an asterisk. Just absolutely nothing in the most literal sense of the word. Because, once there's already something, then lots of possibilities open up. Those are almost easy, I would think, compared to that original something. Because that something needs to come from literally nothing (in our case here at least). mwc