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  1. mwc

    What do you believe

    An anachronism is something that is placed into the wrong time period. So projecting our knowledge, or understanding, of how the universe operates into the minds of those who lived in the past, would be an anachronism. If all you're saying is that people of the past observed the sky was blue but had no clue why it was blue (if we ignore the fact it was a common, untested, belief that it was because it was part of a crystal dome) and now we know (and have tested) it's because of the light being scattered then this is not anachronistic. The same might be said of the caffeine example. The bible is a slightly different beast however. People tend to read it with a modern understanding. It's hard to avoid. Even when those beliefs are only traceable back to the 19th century. Many don't even make it as far back as Luther. So anachronistic thinking is pretty common if not almost entirely the norm. But I'll leave it to you to provide examples. mwc
  2. Nope. I did not. I'll tell you right now that I don't watch the majority of videos posted here. The ROI just isn't there for me. mwc
  3. mwc

    Is Satan to blame for porn?

    Looks like the old devil got something else right. mwc
  4. I'm pretty sure this is biblical: Inspiring. mwc
  5. Your choice of thread title would seem to imply otherwise. mwc
  6. mwc

    What do you believe

    It's an anachronism. There are a lot of variations (ie. Presentism, Historian's Fallacy, etc.). mwc
  7. mwc

    Sexual tipster

    Bro. Bro. You're wrong, bro. Jesus was about two things: Gettin' ripped and crushin' puss. mwc
  8. I thought the whole idea was about what you *can't* own not what you can? This just proves you very well *can* get your hands on military grade shit in the U.S. despite all the cries to the contrary. It's crippled you say? Just jerry-rig some parts or 3-d print them or whatever the flavor of the month is. Good as new. Then take that tank and use it to shoot a huge hole in your own arguments. mwc
  9. mwc


    I've seen many a young black man (ie. rappers) in similar poses but they often get called "thugs" and not 2A supporters. Strange that. mwc
  10. mwc

    Hell no

    When I was younger my mom worked for herself and shared the office space with another guy that she had known for ages. He was an atheist while we were xians. I knew him a little and my mom described him as one of the best people she knew (in spite of his not believing). So, one day he dies and not long after this it begins to really bother me. We're down at their office and his stuff is still there since it hadn't been too long afterward. I asked my mom if it bothered her if this good guy, her friend, was now in hell? Her only response was "I try not to think about it." I didn't push the issue since I was young and it was her friend but that answer was not good enough for me. It never was. It's still not. mwc
  11. mwc

    Evil and Original Sin

    The tree is the source of the knowledge of good and evil. Perhaps the gods, unlike Adam and Eve, were allowed to eat from this tree and so that's how they had this knowledge? It's easy to imagine that the god somehow imbued the tree with this magical power once it takes on the role of sole creator but if we simply go with the idea that the garden was planted by and for the god(s) for their use with the human as caretaker and one of the trees that was planted was this one as well as the other we know about which is the tree of life then it makes more sense. This then becomes more like along the lines of Greek mythology where the gods partake of special foods to give them some special ability (ie. ambrosia). And if humans get a hold of it then they can also become like the gods but only while they also partake otherwise the effects fade. So it's not the gods that placed the powers into the trees but the trees that placed the powers into the gods (and humans). mwc
  12. Porn is just you self-medicating. And after you stop doing that what are you going to do to deal with your loneliness and feelings of suicide? You should really deal with those actual problems instead of focusing on the porn because they're going to still be there once the porn is gone. If not, you'll just self-medicate with something else or, worse, give in to those feelings. mwc
  13. mwc

    Got Trolls?

    This may be true but I still have a little problem with the basic premise. They start with "Forums are made for discussing topics with like-minded people" but to me, depending on the subject matter, less like real discussion and more like an echo chamber. I mean it depends on what your intended purpose is really. Like a lot of "religious" sites don't really want to discuss anything as far as I'm concerned. They just want to reinforce beliefs. They want an online bible study or some other sort of soap box from which to preach, err, "discuss" their pet spirituality. Argument/trolling, in that case, is to simply wonder in and present any sort of descent or questioning that flies in the face of what they want to hear. mwc
  14. mwc

    Hi! I'm Greg.

    Greg, you talk too damn much. mwc