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  1. Oh, here it comes. Shitting all over Reverend Ike. That prayer cloth works. That cloth has gotten everything it has ever prayed for. Explain that smartass. mwc
  2. Here's a new news site for you: Happy News mwc
  3. Your world will only end if you're part of the Trump cult. You'll need to check-in with Q and other sketchy sources to see how to revise your thoughts in order to keep your cognizant dissonance going. For the most part people who weren't suckered-in and who weren't expecting Savior Trump to usher in "The Storm" and all that other nonsense the world will stay pretty much the same. There might be some "protests" but nothing that will bring the end of the world. The Simpsons is written by folks who aren't prophets. They're just good at satire. Go back and watch 'All in the F
  4. My sister is a left-handed ginger. I assure you that her evil knows no bounds. mwc
  5. You bring up a lot of mysterious things. mwc
  6. I hope we see more and more of these things. I like to see the eternal, unchangeable, truths of religions change over time according to prevailing social norms. It's stupid but, in this case, I sort of like it because it's stupid. It's not like I care if the word amen gets a (in biblical terms) concubine. If it catches on it will be just one more thing to chuckle at if I find myself in a church again. mwc
  7. I've met a lot of little jerky babies. It's all about "me me me" with them. And the smells they make. <whew> mwc
  8. mwc

    Homer 3D

    What do you mean by nature? Because I've seen tree shapes, human shapes, fish shapes, cat shapes, dog shapes and, well, the list is just too numerous to list. Lots of variety. Nature made every single one. Or are you just asking about geometric shapes? Essentially, do geometric shapes occur naturally ignoring these non-geometric shapes or organic shapes? Here's a look at Giant's Causeway for some geometric shapes in stone: This sort of volcanic rock can fracture on straight lines (others can too for that matter) like this so you can f
  9. Everyone knows that "Judeo-Christian Values" is code for "Anything and Everything Good" as opposed to "Bad Stuff." That's why we can ignore wars, slavery, genocides and all that sort of thing. So, yes. When you beg the question in that fashion it simply has to be that way. mwc
  10. Yep, you've covered most of the highlights. Free will is a flimsy excuse. When I went through this I would try to say that free will is not the freedom to choose among all imaginable choices but simply the freedom to choose among the available choices. So this god could had omitted the "evil" aspect and everyone could have chosen just fine from all the choices that existed. Just like choosing desert. Would you like cake or pie? Both are good choices. You don't need to add a third, sort of secret, poison option for a true set of choices. Nor does adding this danger make anyone really "a
  11. It's been awhile since I've gone through Plato but, as I recall, there is the idea of an "archetype." So in heaven there is a single perfect archetype that exists for any object or set of objects. So a chair has an archetype and all of our chairs here are simply cheap knock-offs of that one perfect model (even though there's a wide variety of shapes and sizes and so on). These are generally revealed in visions (read: dreams) so we never really get to have the one perfect chair as a result of this system. With that in mind I imagine this to be similar. There's a perfect arc
  12. I've mentioned elsewhere that we're like idols. No one seems to like that answer. I'll add to that here with the Strong's for the word used in the verse: As you can see we're images, like shadows, that aren't (as I'm reading it) precise. We resemble the thing in question but we're not the thing in question. We're just copies in the above senses which is what an idol is. A model that represents the thing in question (to some degree). That's all we are. God made knock-offs of itself. Little dolls. Idols. That's us. To look at us is to look at god. I tend
  13. I'm catching on. You're wanting far more serious answers than I am offering. You see, the thing is, I don't take any of this very seriously anymore. The bible says a bunch of nonsensical stuff. To do more than offer nonsensical answers is pretty much a waste of time. So why does god do anything? Or why is something a certain way as opposed to any other way? Like, why didn't god just forgive the world right off the bat? So no sin? Well, it's for any reason you like. The whole scenario is invented to begin with. It's the true believers and apologists who require actual
  14. No, it doesn't say that. I am saying that. The argument is that god doesn't violate free will. God sent jesus to preach the word so that people could choose, of their own free will, to believe in order to receive the holy spirit. That being the case it must stand to reason that John did all this before he was conceived otherwise his little fetal free will was violated and we can't have that. So how was that done? Through that entire mess I speculated. It's the only way. Pre-born's are hit-up with this and only John decided, of his free will, to accept th
  15. I thought I was looking into it but I guess there's nothing to actually see. mwc
  16. But to fill everyone with the holy spirit in the womb would be a violation of their free will. John must have consented to this prior to being conceived. This means that John was able to communicate with god prior to conception. I guess John was a spirit or something. Then John consented to be born, with the holy spirit, so he could save all those spirits that would be born but who did consent to having the holy spirit in the womb in the hope they would take the holy spirit later in this next life so when they died and became spirits they could live with god again. Yep, pe
  17. Are you saying I'm like a xian if I don't read his book? Or are you somehow trying to taunt me into reading it by stating that I'm too afraid to "learn" or "shake my beliefs"? To flip this on you isn't this how religions, or cults, recruit? This kind of works both ways. So what are some of these things? I asked this earlier. Give me some idea. Maybe a snippet or two. Cite something. Maybe if I come across a copy of the book I'll be able to head over to what impressed you and perhaps that will draw me in? As it stands I've read (translations) of quit
  18. What do you think the purpose of words are for? You're talking to me right here in your last post, and yet, you're only writing words. Just as I am doing with you now in my reponse. So do we have a talking forum? Or is your post semantic nonsense, as in, you're full of shit? mwc
  19. Well, that's what I think. It smacks of all the sorts of things that came about around that time (and the decades before) like a Scientology or whatnot. Lots of explanations for things including aliens and pseudo-science. But I figured since I hadn't perused this new book I'd go ahead and see if these new snippets, if they get posted, offered up anything new or if it was just the same old things just updated and repackaged with what's come along over the years since the last release. mwc
  20. So the open minded answer is aliens? Why? Just because aliens since no one is handing over another answer? That's not really a good answer. It's not really an answer at all. It's more a suggestion at best. Perhaps I'm missing it but I'm not in the mood to lay out cash for a follow-on book to one that was full of errors if not outright lies. If you can point out some tidbits here maybe it can make more sense but given his first work (which I have little recollection of to be honest but it had a little more heat behind it when I was younger) I'm not so sure. mwc
  21. C'mon man, this ain't xianity so fringy shit like this is isn't supposed to get refuted. That ain't open minded or something. Conspiracies-4-eva. mwc
  22. So god can't remove "evil" because that would mean god would have to remove everyone? So what was the flood? Just because Noah and his family (maybe some giants...the text is sketchy) didn't get wiped out doesn't mean that god didn't simply kill the "evil" people. If we accept the argument from Paul here all we're dealing with here is the flood plus Noah's family this time around (meaning everyone not everyone minus one family which is a small difference really). The only thing I would have to accept is it cannot be by global flood since, you know, rainbows. And if anyone keeps their word
  23. He basically retired after he wrote his best selling book. You've probably heard of it, The Holy Bible? He thought that would never amount to anything. It caught on with a bunch of fans in the middle of nowhere and then...*boom*...blew up into this huge best seller. Crazy. mwc
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