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  1. Long story short, no. Though I did see quite a few visions reasonably sober at strip clubs, parties and whatnot. As a xian I would have to say these were not of god. The best visions never were. mwc
  2. Does a sign have to be something you literally see or hear or can it be something you feel? Because I've "felt" that god meant for things to be this way or that. The concept of "meant to be" as it were. Also, coincidences as well. Having a thought and then happening upon things that play into those thoughts or may well be nearly or exactly those thoughts. Really, it's more like a target fixation. Like where people are driving through a nearly empty lot and hit the only other car. They fixate on that target and basically drive themselves into it instead of avoiding it. If I have something on my mind I tend to notice it a lot more than when it's totally out of mind. Noticing people who have the same sort of car, especially when I first buy it, is an example of this sort of fixation. The only time I saw things wasn't related to religion. It was something else altogether, and long story short, it ultimately was related to sleep issues and sleep deprivation. mwc
  3. Happy b-day. It might just be. And? The thing is what people tend to leave out of consideration, and I mean seriously leave out of consideration, is that *all* religions *might* be true. Not just the monotheistic Abrahamic religions. But any and all religions that have ever been and not just the mainstream religions but even the ones that we might call crazy or fringe cults including things like Scientology. Simply everything that has made a claim in this arena. Hundreds, if not thousands, of religions with thousands of gods. If you or I make a product and tons of forgeries come out and flood the market what should we do? Should we try to protect our product? Should we do our best to remove the fakes from the marketplace? Or should we let the frauds exist and severely punish those who simply cannot figure out which is the correct product is the legit one? Shift all the responsibility away from us, the product creator who knows exactly which product is legit, to the buyer who can only go on the word of others that they're not getting a knock-off? Should "let the buyer beware" really be the model for each and every religion? Especially those that promote ideas like eternal damnation? I can only say that it did for me. I only sort of "accidentally" deconverted over several years. In hindsight I was taking the "god" out of my discussions and looking for explanations that weren't simply some form of "goddidit." I actually just cut god out altogether once I had a kitten die (likely got killed by coyotes) and went through a bit of a thought experiment. God can't bring back a dead person for, you know "reasons" (no need to go through all them since we've heard most of them), but a kitten? Why not? No free will. No blabbing to other cats about "the beyond." And since I didn't know for certain the cat was truly dead there was nothing on my end. As I saw it the cat is gone and now it's back. If it didn't die then god brought it back. If it died then the coyote got a free meal and the cat got a story it can't tell (or a mind wipe...it's a cat...again, no free will). But, no cat. I really fixated on this kitten and why it couldn't simply, miraculously, come back since it just could. No harm. No foul. So I asked for a sign that it was dead. I searched everywhere near my house. All over the hills and in and around rocks and the scrub. No sign. I asked for any sign. Silence. I was done. I was probably done before this but the kitten was the last straw. This god offered no comfort. It offered nothing. I realized I was on my own and was simply holding out hope. Grasping at straws, anything, to keep my beliefs alive. I sure do miss that kitten though. mwc
  4. The Book of Daniel might be considered an ancient forgery. It was written at a different time than it pretends to be from. However, I don't know if forgery was it's intent (in that it was intended to deceive everyone for a personal gain). It seems to be a bit of a hodge-podge including an historical allegory about the Maccabees. It would seem couching your true feelings in an "ancient" text might be better described as encoding or encryption (ie. it was meant to conceal information and deceit was only for an out-group). You can spread the news of how things are going, or have gone, to others and they (the ones in the know) can freely read of these things without fear if the enemy happens to get their hands on them since they're from times past. The problem is, the ones not in the know or once the need for "decryption" is lost, then the text is taken at its face value. At that point the false-Daniel (the true stories of the Maccabees) becomes the true story of Daniel. mwc
  5. Hanging out. Seems a reasonable thing for an ex-believer to do. To hang out at such a place and be bored with things such as jesus. Less so that a believer would do and feel the same. What game is that exactly? I need to stay to watch you win. You've kind of set that up haven't you? I don't want to miss out on your glorious victory. Interesting indeed. Aspirational for you to be sure. mwc
  6. You and me both, buddy. mwc
  7. It's well known that verses like the OP all refer to the apostolic age. It began on Pentecost after the resurrection and ended when the last (original) apostle died. They did all sorts of magical things. Better than jesus. So much better. The best of the best. Oh, the things they did. Amazing things. Anyhow, they did them, it was super great for them for awhile, but now no one does. The end. mwc
  8. There it is. I was waiting for this shoe to drop. mwc
  9. Keep the wives on a short leash, eh? mwc
  10. Not all principles are worth dying over. For me I think I'll know which those if/when I'm ever confronted with that choice because I can say anything sitting here on my sofa but, gun literally to my head, that answer may change right quick. mwc
  11. Everything foreshadowed jesus. The only reason anything existed, ever, was to foreshadow jesus. Hell, the story of jesus is to foreshadow jesus (as in the return of jesus). Give this post to an apologist and you'll discover it foreshadows jesus. mwc
  12. Ah, that's disappointing. I would have enjoyed seeing an earlier version. mwc
  13. I thought this was one of the perks of being atheist? mwc
  14. In Greco-Roman societies this hat, the pileus (sp?), was associated with freedom. The sort of freedom that is conveyed was to freed slaves. In Rome was something that they wear in the ceremony of manumission. The personification of liberty, a woman known as Libertas or Liberty (same as the Statue of Liberty), could be seen holding this hat in some images on things (such as coins). Also, during this ceremony they used a rod, whose name I cannot recall, and that was also a symbol of freedom (which I believe is also shown on the coin above along with the Libertas and the hat). Here's a link to the coin since it has a bit more detail about it specifically. mwc
  15. That is from the passport of the Filiki Eteria from the 1800's. Is there an ancient example? mwc
  16. We all deal with these issues differently and sometimes relief is all we have. It's not right or wrong. I have a different story, that I won't go through here, but when my dad died (my relationship with him was different from the one you describe having with your own dad) I also felt more relief than sadness. It was because he was in a long decline that was robbing him of who he was and the strain on him and my mother caused me a lot of pain. I didn't want him to die, and I was very sad (I still am) but relief was just really more prevalent. I think it helped keep me from feeling all the pain of sadness. I don't know. mwc
  17. I sure would die for atheism. It's the only way I can ensure that I can enter a state of pure nothingness, non-being or absolutely not existing, when I die. I cannot risk that by even pretending to have another belief system. mwc
  18. Since I like to wade into minefields, perhaps Dawkins was concerned less with the hypocrisy and more with the concept of fluidity? Since gender is now considered a more fluid concept (even though I struggle with it myself since I don't happen to entertain those thoughts or feelings), then, for example, race, as a concept, should also be seen as more fluid? So the hypocrisy that people are focusing on is really not important except to say, not that if you feel you are of a certain thing then you are, but that we need to rethink how we think of some of these age old concepts and go from there. That we need to shift, or update our definitions and ideas, to match our updated knowledge. Our modern ideas of race may well be an outdated concept in this respect (especially considering they're rooted in colonialism). mwc
  19. I'm not feeling like sinking an hour into this. Is there a Reader's Digest version? mwc
  20. Exactly, thanks. Once we move beyond Genesis it's clear that other authors, from many time periods, also believe that god was key. It seems to be a fairly widespread and lasting belief as to how these things worked within the religion. Also, as Extant reminded us with Sobek, and as I was thinking with Baal and Asherah, it was cross-cultural. I'd say it is pretty safe to say this is just how people thought babies were made. mwc
  21. Yeah, although I was thinking more along the lines of Baal or Asherah. mwc
  22. I would look at Sarah and Rachel who are both also in Genesis. In the case of Sarah we have: 16:2 so she said to Abram, “The Lord has kept me from having children. Go, sleep with my slave; perhaps I can build a family through her” and Rachel there is: 30:2 Jacob became angry with her and said, “Am I in the place of God, who has kept you from having children?” They're telling us god prevents conception. The evidence for this, is in the previous chapter: 31 When the Lord saw that Leah was not loved, he enabled her to conceive, but Rachel remained childless. And then later on in the chapter 30: 22 Then God remembered Rachel; he listened to her and enabled her to conceive. 23 She became pregnant and gave birth to a son and said, “God has taken away my disgrace.” And we know the story of Sarah having Isaac when god finally lets it happen. So it would appear that god played a role in all conceptions. If he didn't allow it to happen then you did not conceive. In this case Eve would require god to help to have a child. mwc
  23. Then what's the purpose of the actual tree? There's no need for a magic tree to contain anything much less the knowledge of good and evil. They could have just been told to not touch some tree and when they did they got a spanking or something. No magic knowledge. Just some law to make them holy, right? Just like when kids disobey their parents. Nothing magic happens to mentally change them into adults. No parents claim "the child has become like us" when their kids don't listen. No parents curse them and put them out of the house to make their lives worse. Well, reasonable parents. mwc
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