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  2. This just proves Abraham's god is more of an asshole than cancer. That actually says a lot. Wow.
  3. Going to make a very broad use of the ignore feature again. Can't seem to stay out of trouble when I simply tell people what they are.

  4. I wasn't attacking you or anyone else in my points made. I was simply adding my personal (very very in-depth and ranging over years) research to the points made. They aren't "junk" so much as they are (imho) vastly oversimplified. Egyptian religion and belief is very complex, ranging over 6000 some-odd years of civilization and change. And honestly, I recoil a little at saying x in Egypt is *just like* y in Judaism and Christianity. Because it's really not. Of course, cultures met, blended, and influenced each other, but that's not the same as saying "Akhenaten was a monotheist." That statement is still the subject of heavy debate, because religious language in Egypt is so different from Abrahamic religious language. Same with "trinities" in Egypt - the only resemblance they bear to the Christian one is the number 3, and that's where the similarity ends. Egypt is the favorite civilization for "Christ myth-busters" to tap, but rarely do they understand the depth of the culture they are referencing. That's all.
  5. Egyptian gods did not "always" come in trinities, and if I remember, that started in the Middle Kingdom, with the large cult centers like Memphis. There are "trinities", actually "families", Wesir/Aset/Heru-sa-Aset being the most well known of them all, but plenty of gods had singular cult centers, like Hethert at Dendera, and later, Aset at Philae. Granted, these threesomes do predate Christianity. But they were basic family units, and not three-gods-in-one nonsense. "Mose" also means "son", common ending to names. I also had a rabbi fully admit to me that a good portion of the Hebrew language is, in its roots, Egyptian. Makes sense, because Canaanites frequently weathered droughts in their own lands on Egyptian soil. They had definite contact. And while Amenhotep IV/Akhenaten was an interesting and strange character in Egyptian history, there is still discussion as to how "rebellious" he actually was. Of course there were factions in the kingdom that did not like him (true of most kings), but he was far from "obliterating" the old gods - that just was beyond his reach, realistically. The kingdom is too vast, and he couldn't have controlled every person down to the illiterate villagers to give up their household and town gods. It is true that he shifted the state religion to the Aten, but every king commonly shifted the state worship to their personal god, it was just often (not always) their father's god. He did appear to go further and deny the need to worship with the other cults, but there is really nothing *that* stranger about a king proclaiming "his" god to be the best, only one, lord on high ("only one" being a turn of ritual language, not literal).
  6. I taught a "sunday school" class at a UU church once (on Tarot, hah!) and the kids there were very smart, and asked intelligent questions. I don't know if that was more due to the fact most were professor's kids, or the UU church, but neither seemed to hinder them. I learned more morality from farm life than church. That taught me more about how stupid it is to needlessly hurt a creature, how lying helps no one, and how stealing depletes from the resources of all, than being bored out of my skull in church ever did. And all of those good morals can be found in not only other religions, but in every day life situations, like on a farm, or in the park, or in your own home. Kids learn more by doing anyway, than by making them sit in a church, boring them to death, and droning some sermon at them they won't remember later anyway.
  7. You know, I thought about this again - and I don't think it's christian vs atheists, so much, in these shows. The "christian" characters in these films/shows are all fundies. Because who are the people you meet on the street who you KNOW are christian? Not the every day "normal" christians, it's the FUNDIES who make it a point to make every fucking thing they talk about relate to Jeebus. Therefore, the portrayal in "The Mist" is dead on. Bitch is a fundie. Fundies act just like that. And if there were two fundies, they would fight amongst themselves for the right interpretation (that would be funny to see in a movie!). "Regular christians" don't appear to have a role in films because those types DON'T MAKE IT OBVIOUS THEY ARE CHRISTIAN. So I don't see it as unfair. I don't know who walking down the street is a christian or not most of the time. And neither do you, unless they are shouting about it on the street corner.
  8. I didn't have FB until way after I had openly deconverted. Any christians on there (besides family, I think there are only two, and one my (pagan) friend's mother, the other my boyfriend's friend) knew me after I dropped christianity. So, there isn't really a difference between the "real life" and fb friends, except maybe distance. My friends in the cult weren't real friends anyway, so I don't miss them.
  9. And no one does any good "bride abductions" anymore. I want to see the bride get whisked away on a horse from in front of the church. Modern weddings are BORING.
  10. I know of some Asatruar people that are also Kemetic pagans - if that doesn't chap the asses of the white power 'tards, I don't know what will. Those types I've talked with, and are very very nice. Though one girl doesn't call herself Asatruar, because of the racist fuckwads. Rather, she's "Norse polytheist" as well as Kemetic. Still, very knowledgeable and open-minded. And there is such a variety in both traditions (and all the other polytheistic ones), an atheist slant to polytheism is more common than you would think. I know many Kemetics that fully accept that tomorrow they could be presented with facts that say the gods do not exist. However, as for myself, I'm pretty damn hard polytheist. But that's me. If one wants to adopt a polytheistic cultural outlook (respectfully) without literal gods, I won't object.
  11. Central and South America is where I read about the Pentecostals gaining fast ground, along with other evangelical protestantish sects. Mostly Pentecostals though. Catholicism is fading with the poor - it's still the biggest, but it's waning.
  12. No, not necessarily. I don't think visions always = delusions. That's simple-minded, imo. It reduces a huge portion of varied human experience to schizophrenia. That's the opposite end, the other narrow viewpoint opposite from "goddidit." No better than the goddidit crowd, really.
  13. If a "supernatural" experience is what you call evidence, yes, I've had a lot. Lots of personal experiences, several shared ones. But it's kind of normal for me, since I've seen dead relatives since I was a child. Don't expect empirical evidence out of me, and I won't play that game. Mostly because I don't care what others believe, and I can't be fucked to dissect my beliefs for those who would just call me crazy. I've had that happen, and it's tiring. I have many beliefs from my own experience, some shared with the systems of Kemetic Orthodoxy and Vodou (because they either make sense, or experience proved them to me). Like ancestor veneration makes sense because of the dead relatives hanging about. For example, I communicate with my ancestors slightly more than the gods because they're accessible AND they've actually been human, so are more "on the ground" than a deity would be, who wouldn't have personal experience. Mine in particular also don't play that riddle game like some gods - my family has always been blunt, well, like me. Particulars about so-called "supernatural" would cause me to write a book, and I have to see the doctor tomorrow. So, another time, if this isn't enough.
  14. Ex-C theist here. Polytheist. My belief is God is One and Many and wibbly-wobbly. But I'm not sure you really want to know. I'm sure some here think it's "imaginary nonsense", but whatever. Ex-C theists are a rare breed, hence the assumption none of us ever have gods.
  15. Some people, atheists and theists alike, say "closed-minded" to mean "you don't agree with me." Fuck 'em.
  16. ^ Important realization there, that I think many fundy christians gone (fundy) atheists don't have. Good on ya, Pos.
  17. Isn't it amazing that the christians are never a fault? They're never annoying, it's Satan! Or if they're vindictive fundies, YOU'RE CONVICTED BY THEIR WORDZZZ! The answer is never a simple "no, you, christian, are an annoying ass fez. My soul is not convicted, Satan is not funneling away my joy, both are being crushed by your inane intelligence-black hole of an existence." They're so happy, because they suck in and crush into a singularity all thought and joy around them.
  18. No, the militant ones just call theists stupid for not having THE TRUTH. Still dickheads.
  19. Ok, let's make this clear. I'm not talking about anyone is particular right here. Proselytizing atheism means one thing in my mind - OMG YOU MUST BE AN ATHEIST NAO. And that pisses me off. And it's wrong. Anyone should know that. Talking to the deconverting, helping miserable people out of christianity does not always equal the above. But the above is ALWAYS WRONG.
  20. So I should just stand by and watch when other people are being told what to think? Sure the pastors are being dicks but if I were to try and help that would make me a dick too? I just have to watch my kids become Christian zombies and then years later they can come to ex-C or some other support group and complain about all the baggage Christianity mind fucked into them. I'm not persecuting Christians. I'm just demonstrating why their lies are not true. Helping the miserable leave is one thing, but the ASSUMPTION that they will be atheists, and the move to make them atheists, makes you no better than the pastors. It really doesn't, no matter how awful christianity is. There are more ways to think than christian OR atheist, and you should fucking know this. Evangelizing atheism is making the EXACT SAME MISTAKE as christians. Fine, share how christianity is awful to you, I've done the same. But don't say "you shouldn't believe x, you shouldn't believe in anything ever, JUST LIKE ME." That's the asshole move. Anyone should know this.
  21. I didn't say atheism is a religion. I said telling people what to think (or not believe, whatever) is a dick move. And it is. I didn't say it was about my religion, ever. Why do YOU think it is? IT'S ABOUT NOT BEING AN ASSHOLE.
  22. Yes. Yes it is. He refuses to answer a woman's question, and he thinks women are UBER RULERS OF ALL THE TESTICLES. May I find him and hit him? Please? With a brick?
  23. It seems to take a certain arrogance and/or compassion to give rise to the compulsion to evangelize (of any kind). Be it Amway, Melaleuca, Christianity, or atheism, being targeted for changing one's thinking (esp. on such a foundational thing as religion or epistemology or ontology) is belittling and requires arrogance on the part of the evangelizer. Three cheers for epistemological, ontological and religious pluralism, then? Key word, ARROGANCE. By the fuckton. No one here has the end-all cosmic truth, and if you think you do, I pity you.
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