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  1. Even if Abraham's god was real, no. I already have a better deal when it comes to deities, and I don't need that xenophobic goatfucker in my life. It would be like taking back an evil ex. Fuck that noise.
  2. I agree with all of the above. Even well-meaning missionaries leave horrors and pain in their wake. The world will be far better without any of them - or if they would just stop pushing their stupid god and just get on with being good and helpful people. If they ever were in the first place.
  3. Again, what would you rather face, a baby slurping at a tit, or someone being knifed to death? PRIORITIES. Christians no have them.
  4. Mostly, this right here. The Bible itself put the final nail in the coffin for me. I will say that the album "Mer de Noms" by A Perfect Circle was a great comfort to me while deconverting, though. And the magnet boarding school I attended gave me room to breathe and think about real spirituality and myself.
  5. I think working on 8 will open up working on all the others. Especially social anxiety and fear of people seeing what you read, or judgement, whether it be hell or just from fundies. Liking and loving yourself, just as you are, will cut down on the fucks you give about what other people think. Then you can tell them to shove it if they don't like you. Find out who you are, what you want out of life, and love what you find. Christians/fundies can eat a bag of dicks if they can't love you along with you.
  6. Directly contact the SSA on campus - ask them what they'd like, what you can do for them. At least that's how the the UUs got in touch with campus pagans, and their CUUPS program - emailed me, since I led a campus pagan group. And in Alabama, having all the allies we could find was good.
  7. No complaints about violence though. That's the most telling. Breastfeeding is obscene, but people killing each other is ok? Da fuq Murrica?
  8. Me three. Especially after hearing about the local businesspeople my dad had to deal with in that small AL town, and invariably, the most dishonest and nasty ones all had those fucking fish on their signs. The jeebus fish now means, to me, "crooked self-righteous cheat." Now, if I've just met a person, and they bring up their faith unbidden, I tend to be wary as well - I wonder about their motives in discussion, ie, will they convert me? The context in the conversation matters a lot as to what I will think of their religion.
  9. Hehe. I was once stuck in an elevator with some christard in college once, sporting my pentagram. He started YELLING at me, without end, so I rolled my eyes up in my head, pointed at him, and started muttering in Latin. He got off on the wrong floor. I composed myself after he fled and smiled the rest of the trip to my dorm floor.
  10. OMGAH NAUGHTY WORDZ MIGHT MELT MY EARZ NOW THAT I NOTICED IT WAS NAUGHTY! I think all censorship is idiotic, personally, but this example is extra-special stupid. State of the art stupid, one ex of mine might say.
  11. My given name is Hope. GUESS WHAT IT MEANS. It was popular among puritans. And christards still love to froth and go "YER NAME IZ SUCH A GLERIOOS TESTURMERNT!" and make me want to punch them. My middle name is Marie - French Mary. But also the name of a Voodoo queen of legend. Suck it! xD
  12. Gawd has terrible aim lately. Maybe he's ready for the old folks' home, where he can terrorize the old bitches and leave the rest of us alone.
  13. Heheh, I was recently in a thrift store, and the collection of christian music and videos they have in there are HILARIOUS. Especially the sermon tape titled "Tithe!" - the price sticker was placed on the side so it covered the "he!" It made my week. xD
  14. Corvallis is pretty nifty. Nice people. Craft beer. Fuck yeah.

  15. Haaaah, I just changed mine from Tool lyrics from "Lateralus" (TrailBlazer, they play with your sig in that song, I believe. ) to this. Because Tom Robbins rules, and I'd suggest any and all of his books, especially to the newly deconverted. This one is just the latest one I've read - but it has VATICAN ASSASSINS AND A JESUS MUMMY! Go get it. And yes, we really do just pretend we're something different. :3
  16. I'd demand the shitting christards be kicked off school grounds. And burn every permission slip for such a thing as soon as I got it. School is for school. Not church. This can't be legal.
  17. This. Keeping kids from any worldview on purpose also just makes it taboo, therefore, mysterious and appealing. I wouldn't give christianity that much power. Let them look. I will just be a better example of human, and let my kids see who is actually the more moral and kind person.
  18. First, if she's really the only friend you have, do your best to find other friends. For your own sake and sanity. You need other perspectives in your life. Second, if she seriously thinks it's you or "God", she has her own issues to work out. Whatever issues you have, you're clearly doing your best to deal with them (and good on you), and you can't be responsible for hers as well. Do what's best for you, and in my humble opinion, that's letting her go and saving your own damn sanity.
  19. "I think it's great that you found a belief/religion that works for you, even if it has nothing to do with Jesus. I'm just glad you're happy."
  20. I'm not an atheist, but I would let my (future hypothetical) kids go to church if they wanted. However, because of my own experience in a private christian school OH FUCK NO, NOT EVER, NOT ONCE, BURN IT DOWN. But I consider school too fucking important to trust to christards. And I was groped freely in a christian school, and blamed for it. Not the boy, ME. Fuck christian schools, they're fucking pits of despair. But if my (maybe one day) child wanted to experience a church service, or any other religious service, I'd allow them. I'd be on alert for cultish vibes, but other than that, I'd trust that my flesh and blood has a good bullshit detector and can find her own way to happiness, inside or outside any religious tradition.
  21. NO! They can't have success kid. THEY CAN NOT. Fucking christians.
  22. There are 15 now??? Good gods! This was years ago, and I think there were 3 or 4. Did they eat a truck of alphabet soup and shit onto paper? ...Nah, it might have come out better.
  23. One (idiot baptist then-)friend tried to get me to read the "Left Behind" books, saying they were "sort-of science fiction." I read the inside flap in the store, slammed the book down, called him, and told him if he valued our friendship in the slightest, he would not pull dirty lying tricks like that on me again, I'm not an idiot because I'm pagan, and there was no amount of trashy stupid christian fiction he could shove at me to get me to change my mind. He didn't talk to me after that for years, until he had a psychotic break and showed up in New Orleans at 4am. Oh yeah. Fun stuff.
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