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  1. hello there friend.

  2. to take part in norway's profound shock and grief, there were finnish flags at half-mast everywhere yesterday. i thought it was a beautiful thing.

  3. Umm... Det snöar just nu... Lol. My Swedish has gotten really rusty... :'(

    (you asked how the weather was here)

    Ha det så bra! ^_^

  4. Hejsan!

    Hur är vädret in Skandinavien?

  5. Heja Sverige!! 8)

  6. neo

    Thanks for adding me as a friend DevaLight! Peace :)

  7. neo

    Thanks for adding me as a friend! (At least I think it was you, can't remember doing it myself) See you on the boards! All the best to you. ~neo

  8. Deva

    Hello Neo.

    From one friendly determinist to another.

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