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    I'm probably older than most of the members here and have some life experience to look back upon. I never bought into religion and find it the source of too many wars. The more I look at Christianity, the more preposterous it becomes.

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  1. older

    I have been bullied at work

    A stressful experience for sure. Work can be taxing enough without enduring shit from co-workers. Good that you are at a place large enough for an HR dept. I once worked at a small outfit where the boss was the bully. The only option was to find another job (which was tough due to the specialized nature of the work).
  2. older

    Why be good if there is no God

    A gang member caught in this town a few years back was asked if he was afraid of being punished. He said, "No, Jesus will forgive me in the end."
  3. Doonesbury nails it again: http://www.gocomics.com/doonesbury/2018/04/22
  4. older

    Saving good content from others

    No issues if you're saving it for your own use. If you're going to distribute it to others then you need permission.
  5. older

    Anyone else hate going to sleep?

    A good book keeps me up because I want to see what happens. OTOH, something about quantum mechanics or astro-physics will have me nodding off in three minutes.
  6. older

    Bible selling...

    Yup. Buy an impressive-looking one, carry it to church, never open it, take it home and put it back on the shelf until next Sunday.
  7. older

    Saving good content from others

    Ann: I recommend saving it to your machine in a labeled folder. Net content can be ephemeral; more than once I've looked for something I had seen and not found it. Just because this site has been here for years does not mean it will continue indefinitely. The browsers I use allow saving as a PDF which is easy.
  8. older

    Anyone else hate going to sleep?

    Ficino makes a good point. Pets accept you as you are and never try to make you someone else. They never talk back or criticize. I think one of the best cures for lots of things is a cat on your lap and a good book in your hands.
  9. I had a student once (college) who was what I'd call functionally illiterate. He could not write a complete sentence or copy a name from one piece of paper correctly onto another. But this guy was street smart. And I don't mean that in a criminal way. He was an older student who had been around the block a few times and had an outlook on life that was one of "never give up." He was in an academic program for which writing was an absolute requirement. By repeating classes he managed to complete all but the second semester writing class, which he took three times but could not pass. He disappeared for about two years and then reappeared to finish up. I should mention that English was his second language and he had six kids. When he came back he told me that he'd had been on dialysis and had had a kidney transplant. He never asked for any special treatment, but he could not pass this one required writing course. I was department chairman at the time, and I decided to exempt this guy from this otherwise iron-clad requirement. I knew that he would not be seeking employment in our field; but that this was a personal goal for him. I also knew that the life expectancy for a person after a kidney transplant is about 17 years. He wanted a degree and wanted to walk across the stage at graduation in a cap and gown. It was the only time in my 28 years at the university that this requirement was waived. But when I saw his family at the graduation, I knew we'd done the right thing.
  10. Contra is right. Innocent people have gone to jail because of something stupid they said to a cop. And I don't mean smart-ass, just a comment made in ignorance. What concerns me is departments where cops' periodic personnel evaluations include the number of felony arrests. Keep in mind, too, that if you are going to push the limits, you need to be able to pay for your own lawyer. An attorney supplied to you by the public defender's office is not going to give your case the time and effort it may deserve. They are under pressure to close out cases. In our county, the average public defender handles 700 cases per year. Don't expect much more than a "meet 'em and plead 'em" defense.
  11. older

    God or spiders

    But they don't know that they have been indoctrinated and they really think they love it. They are the prisoners in Plato's cave (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Allegory_of_the_Cave) .
  12. older

    Trump orders US Troops to guard the border

    Here's an article that lays out the details. The feds will pay the bill. http://abcnews.go.com/US/national-guard-troops-begin-deploying-border-security-mission/story?id=54296990
  13. older

    Gathering the strength

    It's hard to give advice without knowing the personalities and family dynamics involved. Generally, I would avoid the family-meeting-dramatic-announcement type of event. If possible, I'd just slowly back away by starting to miss church and not participating in the other activities, increasing this gradually until they figure it out for themselves. But that may not be an option. I'd just tough it out until you move.
  14. older

    How to Get Rid of Jehovas Witnesses

    We have had no visits since we asked to be put on the do-not-call list. But in my dreams I'd like to open the door wearing some sort of satanic costume and invite them in with, "We're barbecuing a baby. You're just in time. Come on in!"
  15. I well remember the passage of Prop. 13. One big problem was that taxes were based on "best use" zoning. So folks owning a residential house at the edge of a neighborhood that borders on commercial zoning would discover that some developer got the lot across the street zoned for apartments, and the zoning for the folks house was thus also changed to apartment zoning, which was taxed at a higher rate, even though it was a house and not an apartment building. Add to this the retired folks on fixed incomes who ended up with taxes that were more than they could pay. (And the argument that they should have planned ahead only works for folks whose working income would allow that. Many folks live paycheck to paycheck because they are in low wage jobs.) Prop. 13 allows a reassessment when the property is sold. But the issue with commercial property is that the property is often owned by a corporation so the property never gets sold, but the corporation does. Thus the commercial property remains taxed at the lowest rates. I agree that there should be a fix for this. I also think there should be a stop to local governments giving huge tax breaks to large businesses who agree to come into the area. If I want to open a small coffee bar and employ six people, fat chance of me getting any breaks, but the Gap opened a huge warehouse here and got the land from the city for $1 and tax giveaways that will last for years.