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    I'm probably older than most of the members here and have some life experience to look back upon. I never bought into religion and find it the source of too many wars. The more I look at Christianity, the more preposterous it becomes.

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  1. They were dead before they were born. Where were they then?
  2. The reason for this remains a mystery to me. Many cultures, current or historical, either celebrate sex or, at the least, consider it just a normal thing — no big deal. But the Abrahamic religions seem terrified of it. Same with the human body. And this seems stronger in America than in many other Western countries. Would a more rational attitude about this result in fewer sex crimes?
  3. I'm going to remember this one. A great rejoinder to those who claim the power of prayer.
  4. He's gone: https://www.knoxnews.com/story/news/2019/06/12/knox-county-sheriffs-office-detective-grayson-fritts-personnel-record/1438587001/
  5. Will: As to search terms, try "assertiveness," "assertive rights," and "assertion training." While the net will give you an overview of assertive rights, the best way to gain skill and understanding is in an in-person group setting where you can discuss and practice the ideas and techniques. You'll have to research what's available locally for that; your primary care physician would be one place to get a referral from.
  6. The Onion reports that the Evangelical movement has stripped away all the frills and pomp of the Catholic church from child molestation: https://www.theonion.com/evangelical-church-strips-away-all-the-frills-and-pomp-1835424334
  7. Is this guy for real or is he just trolling? When I worked for a newspaper I once did a story from the inside of a locked ward in a mental hospital and this guy acts just like some of them.
  8. Good luck with that. I hate to be negative, but my money goes with the church. They'll get to the politicians and get an exemption to the rules.
  9. Foging will take care of the "Disagreeing is being disrespectful" issue. You don't disagree; in fact, you agree. Thus they are left with nothing to flail you with.
  10. Ta da! And welcome. If you are living on your own, set boundaries and enforce them with a smile. You can say that there are certain things that you don't care to talk about. You might have to leave the room or hang up the phone after giving a fair warning. It can be hard to do without getting angry, but if you can keep a smile going you will thwart any effort on their part to draw you into a debate or argument. If you are still under your family's control, you may have to wait until you are on your own to draw those boundaries, but you might be able to draw some now. A useful technique is called "fogging." In essence, you avoid being drawn into an argument or debate by agreeing with at least some part of the antagonist's statement. This pokes a hole in his or her balloon. You refuse to get angry or upset, or to feel guilty; you deflect the criticism off to the side, leaving the critic at a loss. If you do an internet search for "communication fogging" you'll find lots of info on this. I've used this and it works.
  11. Political satirist Andy Borowitz says Jesus has turned down Trump's friend request. https://www.newyorker.com/humor/borowitz-report/trumps-bid-to-become-born-again-fails-as-jesus-turns-down-friend-request
  12. Now Florduh, have you considered rituals and ceremonies that involve beer? Having been involved in a few such rituals and ceremonies, I heartily endorse the concept. (BTW, the Vikings made lots and lots of beer and even the kids drank it.)
  13. I've mentioned in other threads here the value of assertion training. Not giving a shit about what others think is a part of that. Here's a link to the Bill of Assertive Rights: https://www.mhankyswoh.org/Uploads/files/pdfs/Assertiveness-AssertiveRights_20130813.pdf There's lots about this on the web but in-person sessions are worthwhile.
  14. Part of that may be that the site has moved ToT, News, and Humor to a Clubs section that is harder to find. There was a lot of action in ToT and News before that has subsided now, perhaps because some folks may not know where to find those sections.
  15. I've always advocated community college classes. While that doesn't filter out the fundies, there are also people there who are thinking and searching. A class related to a hobby interest might be a good choice.
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