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  1. It depends on the relationship and the nature of your rent-free deal. Was it an invitation or a demand? Option 1: Just pretend you're at a poorly written and produced play with bad scenery, costumes and lighting. Consider the plot to be a farce, albeit a boring one. Sometimes there are snacks mid-way through but you might not get any. And when it's over you might get to shake hands with the director on the way out. If there is a balcony, sit up there and spend the time counting the bald heads below and the number of other hairstyles or whatever you can see. Option 2: Assert yourself and tell him that, thanks but no thanks, you don't care to go. Don't get into a discussion of the reasons. Just say that you don't care to go. (Google "Assertive Rights.")
  2. It would be easy. Come up with a religion or life philosophy (involve health cures in some way) and set up a web page to promote it. You'll soon be wealthy beyond your imagination. How about Marinism? Marinism brings the life force of the sea into your body through mindful approbation of the inherent translucency of the either, intertransifying your center to dissipate illness and regenerate the synergy of serene consciousness. Intertransification is accomplished through slow ingestion of our organic blended peanut butter/sweet pickle compote, which you can order through our website. Our full line of Marinisitic products, including osmotic fish oil and anemonic body cleanser can be ordered there as well. I hereby offer this to you without condition other than I get ten percent of the gross.
  3. We have a big-time fundy friend who has been through a number of these. At the moment, it's essential oils. According to her, all problems can be traced back to some sort of imbalance that can be fixed through the use of these essential oils. My wife has world-class orthopedic problems including four rods and ten screws in her back and a steel plate in her neck. She's in constant pain. But according to this friend, if she rubs essential oils on her back that should take care of the pain. Said friend sent some of this junk, which is rather expensive, as a gift, but of course it was worthless. (By the way, cannabis is legal here and she finds that CBD oil works and is more effective than the prescription pain killers, which make her feel sick.)
  4. It seems that these were first offered at $1425 (after Matthew 14:25, a Bible passage that describes Jesus walking on water) but they sold out in less than a minute to resellers who are offering them for $3k to $4k. But if anyone is interested, I can fix you up with a pair of shoes worn by one of the most wonderful and amazing persons ever to exist on this planet* for only $500, a substantial savings over the Jesus shoes, and offering every bit as much excitement and pride of ownership. The soles of these shoes are contoured to match the soles of the original feet, which will give you an unparalleled feeling of closeness to the original owner; the character of the uppers revealing significant moments in the life of this outstanding individual. This is a rare opportunity and quantities are limited. _______ *That would be me, according to my grandchildren.
  5. Public restroom sight lines.* Every once in a while I encounter a restroom wherein someone out in the main public space (restaurant, store, etc.) can, without any trouble, get a clear view of me while I'm standing at the urinal. Once in a while, it's the mirror over the sink that aids the view. Why don't architects and interior designers think of these things? And another thing: parking lots wherein the aisles and spaces are so damn small you have to be some sort of Houdini to get your vehicle in or out of the space. ______ * Note I did not start with, or even include anywhere, the words "so" or "well." Do I get extra likes for that?
  6. So all those folks who responded to Trinity Broadcasting's pleas for donations can now see how their money went to great works for the betterment of humanity. Scroll down to the slide show and take a look at the 33 photos of their spartan, strictly utilitarian headquarters. And please send money. https://www.ocregister.com/2019/10/14/whats-inside-the-former-tbn-headquarters-in-costa-mesa-marble-mirrors-and-gold-3/?te=1&nl=california-today&emc=edit_ca_20191015?campaign_id=49&instance_id=13088&segment_id=17899&user_id=823d51a6d594d2a20165da8b03433e0b&regi_id=77726513
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    Uh.... isn't that what you do every Sunday? And perhaps daily in between? Who's the troll here? You came here, we didn't invade your world. Just a side question here. The premise of Christianity is that there is an all-knowing, all-powerful, omnipresent deity who sent himself to earth and killed himself in order to avenge himself for a curse that he put on us because one of our distant ancestors ate fruit off a magical tree after being told to do it by a talking snake. My question is: Do you believe this because it makes sense or do you believe it because other people convinced you that bad things will happen to you if you don't?
  8. I'll add that part of recovery is understanding that we are all human and all of us commit major fuckups, and in some cases, the other person may not forgive. It's just the way it is. What's important is to look at the big picture. On balance, over a lifetime, you more than likely fall on the good side of ethics and behavior. The errors are one way we learn.
  9. I was active in the mid-terms, serving as a precinct captain for my party and supporting a particular candidate. We had a very good reason for unseating the incumbent but the national party decided that the seat was not attainable and thus did not provide any financial support to our candidate. Our candidate raised $9 million on his own from small donors while the incumbent raised significantly more, mostly from large donors from out of the area. And when it was all over, 40 percent of the members of our party did not vote. The vote was close enough that if all those in that 40 percent had voted, we would have won. Further, the presidential debates used to be sponsored by the League of Women Voters, a non-partisan organization. But in 1988 the two major parties put unacceptable demands for control of the debates on the League and the League withdrew. Currently, the debates are controlled by the two major parties. Only once, in 1992, was a third party candidate included and that was Ross Perot (he wanted to participate in 1996 but was blocked by the major parties). I personally do not believe that we will ever again see a third-party candidate in the debates.
  10. A quote that helped me at times: Start where you are. Use what you have. Do what you can. — Arthur Ashe
  11. Kd: If things get to a point where you feel pushed over the edge, I have verified that this hotline is secular, in case you need to speak to someone. National Suicide Prevention Hotline: 800-273-8255. It's not just for suicide, though. Anyone under stress is welcome to call. It was founded by the federal government, works with the VA, and gets evaluated by a foundation at Columbia University, so I feel comfortable suggesting it.
  12. Hi Kdeaustin: Welcome to the site. Be sure to read Margee's comments twice. She is one of the wisest persons on this site. We are here for you. All your troubles and pain are very, very fresh, and we hope you'll continue to confide in us. Also, we can't talk (literally, talk) here in real time, so in case you have any backslide or feel too overwhelmed, you know there are help lines you can call. I'm hesitant right now to post a phone number until I confirm that any organization I post is secular, but there are places you can go if you need them. Just be sure to ask if they are secular before you start with them.
  13. Christians do not use reason, so a discussion based on reason and logic is impossible. Their world view comes from within the Bible and they cannot see anything outside of that, so rational discussion is something their minds cannot do. They defend themselves by ignoring fact, denying reality, and using logical fallacies, all of which seems normal to them because they can't think beyond that. When backed into a corner, they'll just say, "Well I believe it so that settles it." End of discussion.
  14. Here's something to think about: asymmetrical warfare. Instead of meeting aggression with aggression, how about just smiling and not engaging? Agree with her. Called "fogging" by conflict resolution people, it defuses the situation and gives your opponent nothing to leverage with. She says you're going to hell, you don't respect Christians, you're horribly misguided, you just don't care, etc. etc. You say, "Yup. You're absolutely right." The result is that there is nothing for her to argue with. Not only will she give up, but she'll be frustrated that you've left her with no hand grenades to toss back, so in the end you win.
  15. Reminds me of when I was working as a clerk in a store.* I came up to a customer from behind and asked if she needed help. She turned around to me and handed me a little card about being deaf and would I donate some money to help her out. Hm. -------- * I was a clerk not a fucking "associate."
  16. There are other ways to sneeze than just to go "ACHOO!" Next time, try, "HORSESHIT!"
  17. Yes. Someone once wrote that a non-believer does the right thing because it is the right thing to do, not because he or she is being pushed to do so in fear of punishment by some deity.
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    Good news

    I hope the numbers are right. Here in my town the old mainstream religions are declining while the hip Christian rock megachurches are growing. The young folks don't seem interested in the traditions of the old churches but enjoy the praise bands and coffee bars at the new, more freeform Bible churches that seem to be popping up around here like mushrooms. If you cruse around town on a Sunday morning, the folks with grey hair are pushing their walkers across the parking lots of the Catholic, Methodist, etc., churches while the families with kids are trotting into these all-purpose buildings that include stadium seating, theatrical lighting and jumbotrons.
  19. An interesting observation. Love at first includes passion, but the passion does subside over time. I'm not saying it goes away, but the heat is reduced; love can remain but in a different form. Yet it is difficult when deep in passion to see beyond that and to search for those connections that will last a lifetime. You are fortunate that, although painful, you discovered your disconnect before your entanglement became the complicated nightmare that marriage and family could bring. That thought doesn't make it hurt less, though.
  20. Well, it's been a week since we've heard from Mr. Clay. O.C., are you out there? Any response to my post about the religions that do not proselytize? I've provided facts against your unsupported claim, and any time you want to apologize for the gratuitous insult, it would be welcome.
  21. Congratulations Kiwis! Of the 17 countries I've been to, yours is the most together. If I was young, I'd move there.
  22. It is said that vegetarian is an old Indian word. Means "poor hunter."
  23. Sounds like the Navy. Even for those who didn't swear, there was one acronym that was universally used: NFG. Applied to the data tag on a piece of broken equipment, it means No __ Good. There is a joke about the sailors who are about to be discharged. The chaplain gathered them together for a talk about adjusting to civilian life. He told them about how some of the friends they might have had before they enlisted may have drifted away. He told them that they would qualify for various benefits. And finally, he said, "And when you sit down with your family for that first dinner at home, and you ask someone to pass the salt, don't describe it."
  24. Getting back to the title of this post.... There is a fundy in-law of mine who makes mission trips. Once he was telling us about his visit to a Greek island where they built some houses. He said that when they were done, they went around town knocking on doors and giving away bibles. "Some of the people threw them at us," he said with a chuckle. Obviously, it never dawned on him that his actions were insulting and intrusive.
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