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  1. Seriously, join an astronomy club before you start buying gear. Astrophotography is very specialized.


    You already know this, but for the benefit of anyone else following this, do NOT buy a telescope from a big box store. Those scopes are junk. You need to go to a specialty shop. But don't even do that until you've discussed the idea with some experienced folks. We've had a number of folks come to our club after they've spent bucks on stuff without really understanding what they should have and what to expect from it. Many end up disappointed and wander away. Not only do you need to know about various scopes and their pros and cons, you need to have an understanding of what you can see with them. You will NOT get the views shown in the photos on the packages of the big box store scopes. This isn't the place for a detailed discussion of scopes; suffice to say that there is more to a choice than the uninitiated might think. There is a lot of good info on astronomyforum.net.

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