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  1. Thanks for the update. Glad you pursued this. Let's hope that he is at least a little bit chastened. I'm surprised that he's only banned for a few months. If I was the boss, he'd never be coming back. Stay safe.
  2. Just got back from the supermarket. They had most stuff; we got everything we needed. No shortage of beer! And most everyone was masked. I view the mask thing this way: Because the virus is so unpredictable, no one can absolutely, positively, guarantee that they don't have it. So wearing a mask shows consideration for other people. Not wearing a mask shows selfishness.
  3. And yet another great loss: Naked Bike Ride cancels Portland gathering for 2020 https://www.oregonlive.com/portland/2020/05/naked-bike-ride-cancels-portland-gathering-for-2020.html
  4. My thoughts are that it all comes down to fear. Most of us when we were little were afraid of the dark. But if we hid under the bed covers we were OK. And somehow later as young adults backpacking in the forest the thin nylon tent kept us safe from the bears. But when someone once said that what's out there at night is the same as what's out there during the day, that night fear subsided. And when we learned all about the bears and how they behave, that fear subsided. But there are many things about life for which we have no answers and those things create fear in many people. The fear of deat
  5. Thanks, YakRider, for posting this and for your analysis. While the George Carlin in me wants to say, "This person is fucking nuts!" we should, for a moment, slow down and set aside the issue of right or wrong and try to understand where folks are coming from.
  6. Trying to find some normalcy, I went to Lowe’s this morning at about 10:30 to get materials to fix the south fence. I have never seen the parking lot that full, even on a Saturday afternoon of a spring three-day weekend. I didn’t even get out of the truck. I’ll go perhaps tomorrow at dinner time. Last time I was there half the staff and at least half the customers were maskless. Someone coined a new term: COVIDiot. And someone else said, "If you expect elementary school children to endure the trauma of active shooter drills for your freedoms, you can wear a mask to Costco.” I fear
  7. THANK YOU Dave. A very worthwhile article. One of the most interesting paragraphs is this one: So, let go of the fight. Focus on yourself. Focus on your loved ones. And assume the worst. Assume nothing—not the virus, nor the economic downturn—is going to get resolved any time soon. That way, you will be prepared—mentally, emotionally, financially, and physically—for all possible scenarios. And if things turn out okay sooner than you thought, all the better.
  8. Yup. Spring is the best time of year. Nice photo, Taba. Don't we wish the blossoms on the trees would last for months rather than weeks? Here's something from the advice column in today's paper that seems quite true: Dear Amy: Responding to the current COVID crisis, I’d like to share the following observation: I think people are becoming “more so…” If they were kind and thoughtful and inclined to be loving before, now they are “more so.” And those of us who were angry and scared and suspicious before, sadly, are now “more so.”
  9. Sorry, Florduh, I didn't mean to imply statements that you didn't make. Bringing Monsanto's litigiousness into it was not a good example. What I was trying to say is that, while the science works, there are unintended consequences. The farmer who does not want a particular GMO crop cannot prevent the cross pollination. There was an organic farmer in our area who had to sell his land and move his whole operation in part because of this. So the issue then becomes how to control any such modification so it is limited to the areas where it is wanted — a new challenge for the scientists.
  10. Yes and no. Monsanto is the big gorilla and they are suing organic farmers whose crops were cross-pollinated by Monsanto GMOs. The farmers claim they do not use Monsanto seed but Monsanto has the resources to put the little guys out of business for something that is not their fault. Here is a significant paragraph from the story: In fact, in Feb. 2005 the Runyons received a letter from Monsanto, citing "an agreement" with the Indiana Department of Agriculture giving it the right to come on their land and test for seed contamination. Only one problem: The Indiana De
  11. While I heartily support anything we can do to slow this down, a local business has a valid complaint about this. A furniture store here has been selling online and delivering the goods to the customer on the sidewalk. Best Buy has been doing this, but the furniture store was cited for violating the rules. The owner has a good argument since you can go to Costco and buy a couch but he can't sell one online. You can go to Walmart and buy a pair of pants but the local boutique can't sell you some. If I was making the rules it would be one or the other: online ordering with sidewalk delivery OK,
  12. A home run for Timothew!! Hit that one clean out of the park and into the lagoon!
  13. Hey, my fuel consumption is much better. I'm getting three weeks to the gallon!
  14. Thanks, Freedwoman. We're fine. The hardest part is not getting to hug the grandkids. But the meme posted above does otherwise apply to us.
  15. Hypocrisy is inherent in Christianity, politics notwithstanding. I would enjoy the opportunity to ask a Christian Trump supporter to explain to me how Trump exemplifies "Christian values." And I'm not thinking of conservative vs. liberal — there are positives and negatives at all points along the spectrum. I'm thinking in terms of basic human decency.
  16. Welcome Timothew. Yeah, it's tough, but know that you are not alone; there are others who have left for the same reasons. And all the chaos with the virus makes it worse. Feel free to dump here whenever and as much as you want to.
  17. We can't do it in person but here's a cyber hug for you: (( )) There is no way anyone outside of healthcare could understand what you and your colleagues are going through, but you are appreciated. Most of the images, still and video, we see are of talking heads — we're not getting the tough stuff that should be seen by some folks who don't understand the severity of this. Here's something I've posted on this site before that I've found useful in times of stress. Perhaps you'll also find it helpful: Start where you are. Use what you have. Do what you c
  18. Well, Mrs. Older and I are homebodies and retired so we haven't been as affected as some folks. I miss my weekly hiking group and the astronomy club but worst of all is not being able to play with the little grandkids on the other side of town. We're a very huggy family and not having the little kids climbing all over me is painful. Their second oldest brother is working at a take-out snack stand whose owner isn't taking the virus seriously, so he has more exposure than I am comfortable with. Also, the oldest bro and new wife come to the little kids' house to visit and we have no way of knowin
  19. Without checking the film but based on your comments, I think my review would be just one word. You know what that word would be.
  20. While on my morning walk I was thinking again about the cave. Josh makes a good point here. I think most of us secularists don't care if people want to be in the cave. But when Josh writes, "[T]here's no further discovery to be made and rabid towards anyone who may suggest otherwise. Always looking to try and put down anything that suggests otherwise," what he points me to is the fact that one of the fundamentals of Christianity is proselytization. Christianity has a long history of using every possible means, from subtle social pressure all the way through legal and physical force (including
  21. Excellent comment, Josh. When I posted the allegory of Plato's cave, I knew we'd get some hostile responses. Edgarcito's posts just prove my points: that Christians would see the allegory as condescending and that they do not realize that they are in the cave. Edgarcito insists that he's outside the cave, but we know he isn't. He says it's bullshit but we know it's true. And arguing with Edgarcito is futile (but perhaps fun for some of you) as his mind simply cannot embrace outside-the-cave thinking. And I apologize, as I did in the original cave post, to Edgarcito for sounding con
  22. Welcome, Jenni: When ever you are ready feel free to start your own thread and share anything you feel like sharing. We're good listeners.
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