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  1. Here’s another way to think about this. I didn’t originate this; it’s been around on the net: Christianity says that there is a being who exists everywhere, is all powerful (but does not use his/it’s power to prevent war, or horrific birth defects, or to keep children from starving to death), and knows everything (which means he knows how to solve the world’s problems but doesn’t do it). He/it sent himself to earth and then killed himself in order to avenge himself for a curse he put on us because one of our distant ancestors and a rib woman ate fruit off a magical tree
  2. There you are. Just look for the tangible, independently verifiable evidence — evidence of the validity of Christianity from outside Christianity itself. There is none. If it was as big a deal as the practitioners say, there would be plenty of independent evidence. As Mark Twain once wrote, “I do not fear death. I had been dead for billions and billions of years before I was born, and had not suffered the slightest inconvenience from it.”
  3. In the end, just go and have fun. If you've got a credit card and a passport, you'll be all right. Don't obsess over creating a perfect, detail-planned trip. Things will go wrong. Roll with it and make it part of the adventure. But serendipitous things will also happen that will be delightful. You'll have a blast, and you'll remember the trip for the rest of your life.
  4. Let's engrave that one on a brass plaque!
  5. Something to think about: If you don't vote, someone else's vote will have just that much more influence, and that might be for something you don't want.
  6. Another story to not read if you are within two hours of a meal: https://www.theguardian.com/us-news/2018/oct/03/the-trump-prophecy-film-god-election-mark-taylor?CMP=Share_iOSApp_Other The subhead reads: "More than 1,000 US cinemas are screening The Trump Prophecy – which posits that God chose the philandering billionaire to restore America’s moral values"
  7. I think they are single-issue voters. And the issue is abortion. They will accept anything and do anything as long as abortion goes away.
  8. When we were there some 38 years ago we saw drivers running their two right wheels up on the sidewalks. I'd hate to see it today.
  9. This piece does not show that capitalism is the cause of the changes. Also it makes many assumptions of values. He says, "Life is better than it has ever been." I think that depends on some important definitions of the term "better." There are two books I'd recommend this guy read: - A People's History of the United States, by Howard Zinn - An Indigenous People's History of the Unites States, by Roxanne Dunbar-Ortiz In A People's History, this guy will learn that lots and lots of people did not and have not benefitted from capitalism. And in An Indigenous Peop
  10. In today's world, credit cards are accepted almost everywhere, so you don't need to carry much cash. We take cards from two different banks just in case of loss or other foul-up — wifey carries one, I carry the other. I keep my credit card and passport in the breast pocket of my shirt, which has a velcro closure. If you take a phone, you should also be able to put it in a pocket with a button or velcro closure. You can get travel clothes with such pockets. We don't take jewelry; I carry a $25 watch. The only other thing of value I take is my iPad, which is vulnerable only in the ro
  11. Skip's advice is sound. Unless you are on a guided tour for senior citizens, you WILL walk more than you think. I don't take first aid stuff though because my list is for travel in western, first world, countries with access to such. I can always buy something when needed. And check with your physician as to what you might need to take re. first aid meds. I took some special stuff to China that I would not need in Europe, including a cure for traveler's diarrhea and a broad spectrum antibiotic. But something that I thought of just today: If you do rent a car, when check
  12. Fuego: I've posted my travel list to another thread as I don't want this one to devolve into a discussion of what to take. Here's a link: https://www.ex-christian.net/topic/80887-olders-travel-checklist/
  13. In response to Fuego's thread on what to see in Rome (https://www.ex-christian.net/topic/80878-trip-to-rome/?tab=comments#comment-1193763), here’s my travel checklist, refined after many years of travel through 50 states and 17 countries on four continents. This list is for travel with nightly rooms. If you are trekking or camping, you’ll have a completely different set of needs. With this stuff I can handle almost any climate. I take most of it on every trip so I am prepared for any eventuality. Much of our travel has involved varying climates from cold to hot, humid to dry, on th
  14. - Try to get to the main tourist sites at times when they are the least crowded. - Most tourists don't get started until about 10 a.m. so get your butt out of bed and get going to those places that are open early. - Don't plan more than two activities/sites per day. - Stay in a BnB that has more than one room. The social interaction is much better than a hotel. Some of our best travel experiences have been meeting and chatting with folks at BnBs. - Plan at least one day to get away from the tourist sites and into where the locals hang out. - Plan so you don't have to r
  15. And you can remind them that the Devil also quotes the scriptures, so how do they know they are following the right one? Perhaps Christianity is a construct of the Devil and the true religion is something else.
  16. There are about a million words in the English language, and it fails to contain the right words for this. To call Graham names or compare him with something despicable would be an insult to the thing he's being compared to. Dog shit, cockroaches and pond scum all rate higher than this person/thing. Don't read this just after you've eaten. https://www.dailykos.com/stories/2018/9/19/1797143/-Graham-Attempted-rape-not-a-crime-Kavanaugh-respected-his-victim-by-not-finishing
  17. I think another reason is that folks like sitting higher up in traffic and having something that's easier to get in and out of. And the rear cargo space is much more useful than a trunk. All those are reasons we're now looking to sell the sedan and get a small SUV. And to bend this thread a bit off topic, what might you SUV owners recommend for a guy who is 6'4" tall and long waisted? Sun roofs are out as they suck off at least 1 1/2" from the overhead clearance. We just rented a Nissan Rogue for the day and while it fits, the driver's seat lacks thigh support, the gas pedal return
  18. Early this September, a tourist was taking a selfie at Nevada Falls in Yosemite, which is a 600-foot high fall, and he stepped back to get a better shot and fell over. Back in 2011, at Vernal Falls, downstream from Nevada Falls, a man and a woman decided to climb over the railing just ahead of the 317-foot drop. They slipped off wet rocks and started to go over and another person jumped in to save them. All three were swept downstream and over the edge. There is a railing and signs in multiple languages about the danger.The three bodies were not recovered until five months later when the water
  19. A piece in the Atlanta Journal Constitution: "Children who attend religious services are happier adults" https://www.ajc.com/lifestyles/religion/this-life-children-who-attend-religious-services-are-happier-adults/u2Z8vkktyachtftmMpmJzL/ Here are a couple of key paragraphs: The study, published in the American Journal of Epidemiology, found that children who were raised in a religious or spiritual environment were better protected from depression, substance abuse and other risky behaviors. ... Tyler VanderWeele, professor of epidemiology at Harvard’s school
  20. You should get some sort of award. This brings to mind the touch screens we're seeing in more cars. In order to adjust the a/c, GPS or other stuff, you have to divert your eye and find the spot on the touch screen, touch and then wait for the new view to come up, etc. etc. With physical dials, you can see them in your peripheral vision or just feel for them and turn them a click or two to get what you want. For the same reason, I don't like digital speedos. You have to focus on the number rather than just glance at a dial. It's harder to see what your speed is in relation to the
  21. Way back in the late '70s, during the Arab oil embargo, the speed limit was dropped nationwide to 55. There was lots of publicity regarding the first day, and on that day, everyone obeyed the 55. It was amazing how smooth the traffic was on LA's infamous 405 freeway. With everyone going the same speed, stop-and-go was almost non-existent and everything worked well. Of course, that didn't last more than a week. I recall that the more rats in the cage, the more aggressive they become, and I agree that driving in some parts of this country is anarchy. Around here there is an "expressw
  22. I don't think it will ever die out completely. Fear is a big motivator. People go for this stuff because they are afraid. Afraid of death, of the unknown, of the dark, of anything they don't understand. And those who promote it use standard advertising techniques to hook in new fraidy-cats by convincing them that they have a problem and here is the solution.
  23. As I wrote in another thread on this topic, an opinion writer recently wrote that they cannot solve the problem because they are the problem. The Onion recently posted a satirical article about what kinds of men sign up for this outfit, wherein they are supposed to live a celibate life with a bunch of other men in a severely authoritarian structure , wear funny clothes, and work every Sunday. The Church of Pedophilia cannot change because of the nature of its structure.
  24. I can see both sides of the driverless car. While a computer doesn't make mistakes, the people who write the software do, even if it is dedicated software. I've had my GPS send me on some erroneous routes. Foreseeing every possible eventuality on the road is a big assignment for the code writer. OTOH, something that is routine, such as a daily commute, would be great for a driverless car. What would work for me is a system wherein I had a choice. "Take me to the hardware store," would be great, but then I'd want to have control when winding down a dirt road cut into the side of a mountain (roa
  25. I can see self-driving cars in some circumstances but I think there will always be a place for driver control. I don't see self-driving being able to handle every situation. I would love to have one for a routine commute or a long trip on the interstate. But heading to a trailhead down a dirt road I think will still require a driver. What I'd like to see is a smart phone that will fold up to something not much thicker or bigger than a couple of credit cards, and which could be unfolded for use. Size is one reason I don't carry a cell phone. And I would also like to see
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