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  1. Yup. While I never drank the Kool-Aid it was a freeing moment when I realized I was an atheist. No more hedging of the bets.
  2. I usually say, "I don't know. I haven't had time to check."
  3. And after consulting with said church members, sending in some money.
  4. She recited all the problems with her various organs.
  5. WWE and churches are the same kind of thing. It's all a big put-on and some folks think it's real. For them it is essential. BTW, it's interesting to note that New Zealand came down hard and quick on this and as of 4/27, they have had 19 deaths for a percentage of 1.3. In contrast, the US death rate is 5.7. https://www.washingtonpost.com/world/asia_pacific/new-zealand-isnt-just-flattening-the-curve-its-squashing-it/2020/04/07/6cab3a4a-7822-11ea-a311-adb1344719a9_story.html https://covid19info.live/us/ (note: this site updates several times per hour)
  6. I once heard about these meaningless exchanges in the context of a reception line. Folks staggering along, shaking hands and saying similar things. So one joker decided to spice things up by answering, "I just killed my mother-in-law." And the folks in the line smiled, nodded and meandered along. Years ago we had a terrific secretary in our department. She is the one who ran the damn place. But we learned never to ask her your question, because if you did, she would tell you. And you'd be in for what we called an "organ recital."
  7. Well, some of the stuff he said, which was not new with him, is OK. After all, we should be kind to each other and help those who need help. And we could use someone like that in high places here today. As long as all the other stuff didn't come up.
  8. To understand Christians it is helpful to know the allegory of Plato's cave. Wikipedia has a good article on it. In brief, there are people chained in a cave, facing the wall away from the door. The people have always been there and all they know is what they see in the shadows cast upon the wall by a fire behind them. Those shadows are their reality and they have no knowledge of anything outside the cave — they don't even know that they are chained in position. They are happy there and their minds cannot possibly process anything that might relate to the world outside. The sun, the Wikipedia
  9. And what sort of reactions do you get? Do they really think or do they just dig down into the apologetics and come back with canned answers?
  10. Yup. I skipped over pages 3, 4 and 5. Same old, same old. What's interesting to me is that when asked a hard question the Christian will bob and weave and not answer the question directly. Happens every time. After a point, these threads all read the same.
  11. And to that we can add the view of the solar system as geocentric vs. heliocenric.
  12. Post deleted because I missed a whole page of posts that covered this better than I could.
  13. Hi Georgia: So if you believe in the father and the messiah then that says to me Christian. Which also means that you believe in a deity that is all-knowing, omnipresent and omnipotent. Thus he has the power to cure cancer and keep children from starving to death or being born with horrific defects but he choses not to use that power. Or it's all part of his sadistic plan. And then he sends himself to earth and kills himself in order to avenge himself for a curse that he put on us because two of our distant ancestors ate fruit off a magical tree after being told to do it by a talking snak
  14. So these clips are from SNL, right? (Yeah, I know they're not. but they sure could be. Perhaps SNL could bring him on from time to time.)
  15. Thanks Dan. I note that Denmark is at the top. Mrs. Older's ancestors were Danish so perhaps that's why she's such a sweetie. And I'm not surprised to see what's on the list of the worst.
  16. I wonder what the numbers are for other countries. I don't know if it's some sort of bias on my part — probably is — but in my travels it seems to me that there are more unhappy people in America than in some of the other countries I've visited.
  17. A news story I read said that one of the problems was that the supply chain was oriented more toward institutional buyers. The sudden switch slowed things down. And think about it — how many uses are at work or school that are now at home? _____________ One morning in the year 2052, Brian got out of bed and went to the bathroom. This was a special day as he was about to open the last roll of toilet paper his parents bought in 2020. Also see https://www.gocomics.com/nonsequitur/2020/04/19
  18. Yeah. And there are too many information sources with various agendas. For me personally, I will listen to the experts from sources that have proven themselves through decades of accurate reporting and then decide for myself how much risk I am willing to take. Life is full of risk. I could get killed in a car wreck. But I am willing to take that risk because the level of risk is very low. OTOH, the risk to me personally right now from the virus is very high. If I get it it is almost certain that I will die from it. So I'm not willing to take that risk at this point. At some time in the future
  19. Something I've always wanted to try but never had the nerve to do is to react by giving a big smile and saying, "Oh hi!! How are you!! I haven't seen you in years..... how have you been? Oh, it's been so long..... we should have lunch some time...." Of course, you need a way to exit quickly before the mark realizes he's been had.
  20. Listening to contemporary Christian music is sort of like being a duck that is being prepared for foie gras but what's being jammed down the throat is twenty pounds of stale glazed donuts. OTOH classical religious music can be beautiful if you can separate the religion from the melody. We just listened to the Bocelli Easter concert. Of course most of the lyrics were in a language we don't understand but even the closing number was beautiful. I just ignored the words.
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