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  1. A six-year-old with dreadlocks was banned from his first day at a private Christian school in Florida because of his hair, igniting a firestorm of criticism. Note that the school also gets state funding..... https://www.independent.co.uk/news/world/americas/dreadlock-ban-christian-school-hairstyle-florida-book-s-academy-stanley-a8494876.html
  2. You like that, Margee? Go for it! I can recommend a good brand of truck camper!
  3. I think the hardest part is dealing with what to keep and what to get rid of. I'd rather just leave it all than decide. Mrs. Older and I once spent three months on the road in a truck camper and we got into the minimalist lifestyle and came to understand how folks can do this. But, as I wrote above, it would have to be all or nothing.
  4. Most of us don't care if you want to think that. What cranks us is when you and your friends express those thoughts to folks who don't want to hear them, or worse, try to force your beliefs upon us through social pressure or, even worse, legislation. No one is trying to force a gay lifestyle upon you so please don't try to force your lifestyle upon others.
  5. There was a story the other day online about the toll all this takes on the firefighters. They spend 24 on and 24 off for weeks at a time, away from family. One firefighter was away for 249 days out of a year. They also suffer mental stress as a result. Here's a link to the story: https://www.sacbee.com/news/politics-government/the-state-worker/article216050380.html
  6. It's much better down here in the raisin capital of America (Fresno). A week ago it was reported that our air was worse than a bad day in Beijing, and the high schools cancelled football practice, so you know it was really bad. In the last few days the fire around Yosemite is mostly contained and we can see the foothills for the first time in three weeks. Went up to Kings Canyon N.P. yesterday for a day hike and it was almost completely clear at 6000 ft. altitude. Hope it all clears up for you soon.
  7. It was when I realized that I was an atheist that I felt truly free.
  8. This is horrific. A Pennsylvania grand jury spent two years investigating the Catholic Church Church of Pedophilia. You need to read the whole New York Times story. Here’s a link: https://www.nytimes.com/2018/08/14/us/catholic-church-sex-abuse-pennsylvania.html And you NEED to read the sidebar I linked to below that includes excerpts from the grand jury report. Here are a couple of key paragraphs from the main story: The report, which covered six of the state’s eight Catholic dioceses and found more than 1,000 identifiable victims, is the broade
  9. Congrats. When you consider the screen, also think about the mesh used to keep leaves out of rain gutters. This stuff has gaps wide enough to let the water through and keep the leaves out but not get clogged. I think window screen would be too fine and would quickly clog up with dirt.. The gutter screen is available in aluminum or stainless. I'd put it under the heavy grate so you can drive over the grate without damaging the screen. When you get the screen, pick up a shop vac, too.
  10. Another tactic I’ve tried a couple of times here on Ex-C in the Lion’s Den is to try to get the Christian to look at photos of horrific birth defects and then ask them why they worship a god who would cause this to happen, and how any allegedly loving god could inflict these defects upon a child. After all, if everything happens according to God’s plan, then he caused these defects to happen. Here on Ex-C, the Xians making the posts totally ignored my challenge. But you could Google “children of Chernobyl” and the photos by Paul Fusco (type: Chernobyl Fusco; and: Chernobyl chidren), and other
  11. No problem. Today the smoke is worse and visibility looks to be about two miles. At times this morning the smoke was so thick shadows on the ground almost disappeared. We were going hiking tomorrow but web cams at the 7000 foot elevation showed significant smoke so we'll stay here and inside. The TV news said a day outside in this is the same as smoking half a pack of cigarettes. By the way, I did a stake-out night before last and their house was dark when I went by, and there was no action at all during my observation time. What I'll do now is to check the area during the day, whi
  12. The bigger they are the harder they fall: https://www.nytimes.com/2018/08/05/us/bill-hybels-willow-creek-pat-baranowski.html?emc=edit_nn_20180806&nl=morning-briefing&nlid=7772651320180806&te=1
  13. [roleplay]But at least they bury their shit, wash themselves, and don't stink or slobber all over. And there are too many birds anyway.[/roleplay]
  14. Approach all church sign photos with caution. There are websites out there where you can create any type of saying on a church sign that you want, and then copy and paste it wherever.
  15. Thanks, guys, for your comments. Yes, the thought of getting shot was paramount in my tactical decisions. I was hidden so I could get a license plate number. As I wrote, I let the deputy sheriff deal with the perp. The perp does not know who I am. I may yet invest in a trail cam. However, I think the problem is solved. While we don't know these folks, we do know about them. From the information we have, it is unlikely — although not impossible — that he would be armed. I take no chances, though. My wife thinks the guy is pussy-whipped, much like Walter Mitty, the dominated man in J
  16. I think the worst way would be anything that keeps you from making it to the 19th hole!
  17. Daffodil above posts an interesting thought. Something I've wanted to try is the false prophet approach. If the Devil also quotes the scriptures, then how anyone know that they are getting the right information? Perhaps Hinduism is the right one and Christianity is a false religion conceived by the Devil. How can she prove that that's not the case?
  18. Yeah. And doing it with a life jacket on.... hmm.....I think something would be lost there.
  19. Welcome, Lynetta, O.F. Perhaps we should have an old farts subforum!
  20. And no matter what happens, we're here to listen and support you. Cyber-hug: ( )
  21. I think that's your problem. Some time with a hammer and chisel (and safety glasses) and a little persuasion from a crowbar and a six-pack and you'll have it out.
  22. From the New York Times, no less. Stay low in the hull — but keep some body parts visible above the gunwale. https://www.nytimes.com/2018/07/26/magazine/how-to-have-sex-in-a-canoe.html?smid=nytcore-ipad-share&smprod=nytcore-ipad
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