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  1. When you’re caught red-handed, blame your wife. We’ve had a problem in our semi-rural area with dumped trash. For about nine months last year someone was dumping trash bags full of tree leaves and cuttings, and sometimes logs, along the sides of our roads. It’s been consistent in the type of trash, the type of bags, the locations and the nights of the week it happens, which has been about 4 or 5 a.m. This happened at least two dozen times with dozens of bags. So we know it’s the same person each time. (Other stuff gets dumped out here but it’s always a one-off.) Well, i
  2. If you can't get it out without destroying it then you weld up a new grate. But I really think you can get it out with some persuasion. It looks like the grate is a separate piece from the outer box.
  3. Yeah. Seriously, I wouldn't have it any other way. We will NOT move into town. We call this our "toes up house."
  4. That's one of the major issues with Christianity: that humans are fundamentally bad, and cannot do the right thing on their own. The whole idea of confession is bogus. I remember asking myself why I should ask for forgiveness if I hadn't done anything wrong. Mistakes, yes. But that's just being human. (But all those starving children.... it is your fault, isn't it?)
  5. There was a show many years ago called Candid Camera run by Allen Funt. It was a cute show and the pranks were done with taste and care. No one was ever put down or scared shitless. The pranks were best described as silly. But some years after that show quit, someone tried to bring back the concept. I watched a few episodes but felt as you do. The pranks were mean or embarrassing or cruel. A good practical joke is one that leaves the victim perplexed or laughing at the situation, not upset.
  6. So God has a plan for you but you have free will. Sounds like a contradiction right there.
  7. That's some major suckage. We're here for you, of course, but talking to someone in real time might be better. I posted some phone numbers in your thread about your concussion.
  8. It's a real joy, isn't it? 2400 s.f. house, three toilets, two outbuildings, 36 sprinkler heads, seven solenoid valves, two wells, 22 trees, 200 ft. of drip line, 1/4 mile of fencing, too many field mice, and one skunk. To quote Monty Python: "Don't worry. It's only a flesh wound."
  9. Hi True, and welcome. My wife goes to church and I'm here. So it can work if both parties are willing to recognize that each partner is an individual with different needs and qualities. Something I've always opposed is the part of a wedding ceremony where the B and G both hold candles, light a common one and then blow out the separate ones. The notion of extinguishing yourself and becoming one with another goes against the more realistic idea that while a couple can grow together (i.e., along side each other), they each need to recognize each other's individuality and n
  10. CTS has a good point. Guilt is something you feel within yourself. It only happens when you allow it to happen. You have done nothing wrong. Do not let someone else manipulate you into feeling guilt.
  11. I'm the kind of guy who does not take "no" for an answer. That grate is supposed to come out, and if a close inspection does not reveal a solution, I would then try the BFH (big fucking hammer) and if that doesn't work, I'd get out a crowbar and the gas ax (cutting torch).
  12. Rachel: There are places to go and ways to get help. Please work on it. Google can be your friend on this. We don't know where you are but there are battered women's shelters out there that can help you. Here is the phone number for the National Domestic Violence Hotline: 1−800−799−7233 The Office on Women's Health, US Dept. of Health and Human Services: 1-800-994-9662 Here's the Safe Horizon 24-hour help line: 800-621–4673
  13. Sorry but the one on the left is not correct. The propaganda pix are more accurate. Here's a link to WebMD, which I trust: https://www.webmd.com/baby/ss/slideshow-fetal-development
  14. You know what they say.... life is like a roll of toilet paper. It goes faster toward the end.
  15. Since you have said you could easily let this one go, that's what I'd do. She won't hear anything you say, and there are lots of other things in life to spend time and energy on.
  16. Glad your kids are thinking for themselves.
  17. I'd be concerned that any chemical that's safe to put down the drain will just make the leaves clot into a worse mess.
  18. The grate sure looks like a separate piece. I'd be wanting to find out what holds it in place.
  19. I don't even need to read the article. Here in Central California, the richest agricultural region in the nation, we are pumping ground water at unprecedented levels. Farmers have drilled as deep as 1000 feet. When the ground subsides due to the overdraft, the earth compacts such that it will never hold water again. And in the south valley, they are pumping unknown chemicals down there for fracking, which will stay there for ever. At some point the water will run out and the earth will have the largest ghost town in the history of humanity.
  20. The right way is to pull them out. A shop vac might help. You're not going to dissolve the leaves with chemicals.
  21. This is both sad and good. This kid came out as gay and his parents kicked him out [sick, sick Baptists], so his high school teacher started a gofundme page and raised enough money for college. https://www.miamiherald.com/news/local/community/gay-south-florida/article215921175.html
  22. In rural America where the only available hospital can be Catholic owned, the local bishop can decide what care you receive based on religious beliefs regardless of medical need. For many people, these hospitals are the only practical choice and there is little the patient can do about it. https://fivethirtyeight.com/features/how-catholic-bishops-are-shaping-health-care-in-rural-america/ A key paragraph: "It’s difficult to know what services are and are not available at each of these facilities because interpretation of Catholic doctrine is done locally by individu
  23. Welcome back, and we hope you'll join in some of the discussions that may not directly involve folks who are deconverting. As you remember, around here we can digress all over the world's ideas and issues.
  24. Hmmm. An interesting thought. Perhaps a solution would be to remove the selection of SC justices from politics entirely. Staff the SC with justices selected on a rotating basis from the US Courts of Appeals, or perhaps from the state SCs. Have each justice serve a, say, five- or ten-year term. Take the state SC chief justices in alphabetical order by state and have them serve. And as I wrote above, I think an important change would be the elimination of lifetime appointments.
  25. There is a saying, "Two hands working gets more done than 12 hands praying." I had a very serious medical diagnosis which I revealed to some close family. They said they'd pray for me. I said what they could do is vote for politicians who support stem cell research, which their brand of Christianity opposes. I got a rather cold stare in return. I probably should have just said, "Thank you for your concern." When dealing with those you don't care about offending (i.e. street preachers), some folks say, "And I'll think for you."
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