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  1. So does this mean that a literate, first-born, fiddle-playing, skinny, cat loving, boob sucking, south-pawed, lanky, comical, curious, slovenly, virginal, neurotic, insomniac alcoholic stoner-slacker who is also a Christian is intelligent?
  2. Two comments: 1. The rules of football have changed over time to reflect modern needs, and are much easier to change than the Constitution. While the Constitution has been amended, it has otherwise changed little, is not clear on many issues, and may not reflect modern needs. The complexities of modern life are far greater than those of football, and greater than those of the 18th century. 2. A worthwhile change would be to have the number of SC justices set to nine and have each one serve an 18-year term, with all terms staggered. Thus each presidential term gets to ap
  3. So the 2A folks say a good guy with a gun stops a bad guy. In a previous thread on this subject, I posted the question of what happens when the cops show up and see the good guy with the gun. Of course, the other folks on the thread completely ignored my hypothetical. So here you are. It's no longer hypothetical. http://www.foxnews.com/us/2018/07/01/man-killed-by-police-was-us-navy-vet-trying-to-break-up-fight-reports-say.amp.html
  4. ^ ^ ^ Hobby clubs are great for that. In KC you should be able to find a club for just about anything you have even the slightest interest in. I go to one club more for the social aspect than the specific club topic.
  5. Yes. It feels like a weight has been lifted from your shoulders, doesn't it? Yup. You got it. Keep us informed as to how it's going.
  6. Well, Mrs. Older is a liberal Christian and has gone to church fairly regularly for all of the 48 years we've been married. She knew from day one that I wasn't into it but it doesn't seem to matter to her. She does her church thing, doing the ritualistic cannibalism and all the stand-kneel-sit-stand aerobics and I stay home and have fun in my workshop. We just don't discuss religion. And she's quite the rabbit; she pulled me down on the couch shortly after we started dating and she's been grabbing at me ever since. Life is full of risk. You just have to evaluate the possibilities o
  7. As a father and grandfather I want to say Thank You to all the children and grandchildren that make being a father and grandfather so rewarding. There is nothing comparable to the richness that these young folks bring to life.
  8. Some time ago I was in a mainstream church and the minister and some folks in the congregation started making negative remarks about another branch of that church. I came within a breath of walking out. If it had continued for even another fifteen seconds I would have.
  9. Have you ever encountered someone who you can be with and both minds vibrate on the same frequency such that you can work together or just be together without talking? You know what the other person is thinking and can anticipate his or her needs and moves. It hasn’t happened that often in my life, but when it has, it’s been an interesting phenomenon. Many years ago I had a job that involved lots of physical labor; moving things, using tools, and so on. There was one other guy on the crew whose mind worked the same as mine, and we always tried to be paired off for the job at hand.
  10. Sorry for you loss, Geezer. Words seem so inadequate at these times. Just know that we support you and your family in what you are going through.
  11. Well, the headline says: "Fewer teens having sex, doing drugs but more are depressed" So perhaps if the teens started having more sex and doing drugs they would be less depressed..... (Yeah.... I know it's a serious story, but I couldn't resist the headine. As Hunter Thompson once wrote, "I hate to advocate drugs, alcohol, violence, or insanity to anyone, but they've always worked for me.") https://www.nbcnews.com/news/amp/ncna883276
  12. Had to attend a fundy service recently. I didn't count the Bibles in people's hands, but there were many. I didn't see one of them opened. Very impressive covers and binding, though.
  13. To add to what I wrote above, our department subscribed to the leading academic journal in our discipline. It is published quarterly and allegedly includes all the major research in our field. A subscription to the four issues for the year is $382. It's just a fat magazine, folks. Sort of the size and thickness of the National Geographic. And guess what? No one in our department ever read it. How do I know that? Because we had a debate about the expense of our subscription and whether the university library's subscription would suffice. The Only People who ever looked at it were graduate stude
  14. While this is over the top in most cases, I do recall one wherein the kids were being used as a front by a parent and the whole thing had gone overboard and was clearly into the commercial arena. In spite of that there was bad press for the enforcers, who were just concerned about the health issues involved. But for the folks who drilled down into the story the issue was clear. So before passing judgment on the cops or whoever, I'd want to hear their side of the story.
  15. One of the faults of our university system is the demands on professors to do research. Such demands result in this kind of bullshit. I almost wonder if this whole thing was just a spoof on the system. A real project, perhaps, but spoofing nevertheless. I'm going to let you in to a little secret. While the prof. gets credit for the research, no one really reads it. This case is an exception, but trust me. All the institution wants to see is the publication credit line. I once was required to submit a report on my academic activities and in the middle of it I inserted a sentence whi
  16. ^ ^ ^ That's a great way to put it, Redneck. I'll remember that.
  17. Yup. I don't think I could be an objective juror in such a case. I found the case. It was in 1986, in Ronald Caspers Wilderness Park in Orange County. The child was a 5-year-old named Laura Small. Her head was crushed and she lost an eye and is paralyzed on her right side. I'm sorry the girl was bitten, but life is fraught with peril. A popular hike that we take several times a year has just such a sign at the trailhead. The ludicrousness of this is that this trail runs near a highway and some homes and the likelihood of a mountain lion there is practically zero, while there are n
  18. They are, regardless of declining numbers, well organized and are actively working to inflict their agenda upon us. In my area political scientists say liberals vote less often than conservatives, the latter being far more religious. So in order to keep the government secular, we need to get everyone to the polls. Even local elections are important. In our town (which could be named "Churchville") the city council just posted "In God We Trust" over the dais.
  19. When Will Christians Become A Minority In The USA? Not soon enough.
  20. Please don't make a presumption that a divorce is traumatic for children. Sometimes it's good for them. When my parents announced a separation I was elated. I could hardly wait for the palpable tension in the house to end as well the pressure on me from one parent who vented his frustrations on me. I was disappointed when they reconciled and he moved back home but by then I'd pretty much figured out how to stay out of his sight. But I would have much rather have lived in a single-parent house.
  21. "I have a question, I'm curious about how atheists come to believe in no god." Many Christians think that atheism is a belief system and what I see in the question is a presumption that being an atheist is a belief, or somehow requires belief. That's different from not believing. The lack of evidence to support the existence of gods doesn't require belief. Rather, it's an analysis of fact.
  22. And on tonight's news yet another drowning in one of the fast-flowing rivers. These waterways are fed by melting snow from high up in the Sierra Nevada and are very cold. If you don't drown outright, hyperthermia will get you.
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