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  1. Sounds to me that some secular professional counseling would be worth a shot. There was something there originally and perhaps it's a matter of communication. I think people with different passions can still have a good marriage if there is good communication, understanding and tolerance.
  2. I never use drive-throughs. They are almost always slower than going inside. But regardless of that, it is kind of stupid the way we eat by the clock instead of when we are hungry. Perhaps that's part of the reason so many of us are overweight. MM's observation is spot on. 2 p.m. is a great time to go out to eat. Too late for most business lunches and too early even for the senior dinner special. Most restaurants are empty at that time.
  3. All I can say is ditto to Kevin's eloquent statement.
  4. I think everyone wants to be loved by his or her parents. It really hurts when you somehow never measure up. You are not alone in this.....Having parents who demand that you be what they expect you to be, rather than accepting you for who you are, is painful. Having a parent who is quick to point out what in their eyes are your mistakes and failures and never acknowledges your successes really hurts. I don't think there is any full cure for this. There are ways to ameliorate it, but the hurt of the loss of a truly accepting parent may always lurk in the background. Time and distance do help, a
  5. There is no limit to stupid. The season of idiots being allowed into the National Parks has begun. A woman was gored by a bison in Yellowstone after she and a bunch of other morons got too close. https://www.cbsnews.com/news/woman-gored-in-bison-attack-in-yellowstone-national-park/ I live within two hours drive of three national parks and every year there are multiple deaths in those parks of people who left their brains (if they have any) at home. I recall one bozo who climbed up a rocky precipice during a storm and wanted to sue the park service after he was struck b
  6. As I mentioned in another post where one of you was trying to deal with forced church attendance, cut out the pages of the Bible, saving the cover, and replace the insides with a detective novel that also includes lots of steamy sex. Then you can sit in church and read your "Bible" and everyone will be impressed with your piety. Another option is to cut out the center of all the pages so you have a hideaway spot for valuable jewelry. A thief wouldn't go through your bookcase opening Bibles to find your diamonds.
  7. Yeah, but then you have to work on Sundays.
  8. As some of us have written above, escape in your mind. I have sometimes thought that it would be fun to have a book the cover of which says "Holy Bible" and is bound like one, with pages that look like one, but the text of which is a good mystery with lots of graphic steamy sex in the plot. Such a book would be a great thing to take and read while sitting in the pews. No one would question your devotion.
  9. ^^^^^^^^^^ Best explanation yet. This one should be inscribed on a bronze plaque somewhere.
  10. Here ya go: http://www.freethoughtpedia.com/wiki/Secular_charities Be careful though. Some charities pay their CEOs over a half million annually. That rubs me the wrong way. Check them out on Charity Navigator or similar.
  11. Hey, what better way to spend your extra cash but to buy this dude another private jet? (One isn't enough.....) https://slate.com/news-and-politics/2018/05/televangelist-jesse-duplantis-asks-for-donations-for-private-jet.html
  12. Yes, we remember them all. If any of you ever get a chance to go to DC, be sure to see the Vietnam Veterans Memorial Wall. Engraved on the black granite slabs are 58318 names. Standing there facing all those names, in the silence that everyone maintains, the emotion that comes over you is a mixture of sorrow and respect. Sorrow that so many lives were ended in this way, and respect that these men and women did what they were called to do.
  13. As Florduh writes, if you are a dependent minor, all you can do is go. But they can't control what's in your mind. Look at the event like a theater performance; a play about fantasy and the absurd. Take it in as if it was entertainment, even if it's a boring show. If there is a balcony, try to get a seat there so you can look down and count the bald heads.
  14. I'm waiting for someone to challenge the "religious freedom" laws that are being passed in just such a way. What's scary is that Trump is packing the courts with right-wing judges who could rule in favor of this crap.
  15. A new legislative project seeks to impose its dominion over state lawmakers. https://www.nytimes.com/2018/05/26/opinion/project-blitz-christian-nationalists.html?smid=nytcore-ipad-share&smprod=nytcore-ipad
  16. The reason there are only two exclamations points on Calif. as it breaks off and floats away is that almost everyone in Calif. is stoned and they just don't care about what's happening.
  17. I've run into a few who seem to be sincere but they don't want to question anything because, I suspect, they are afraid that their beliefs might be proven wrong.
  18. Well it will be interesting when the big one hits San Francisco. The 58-story Millennium Tower, the tallest residential building in town, is already sinking, 16 inches so far, and is tilting 6 inches at the top. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Millennium_Tower_(San_Francisco)#Sinking_and_tilting_problem I rode out a 6.6 magnitude earthquake in L.A. many years ago, and we were 5 miles from the epicenter. It was quite a ride. Regardless of the alleged engineering in high rise buildings, I just can't see them escaping damage in a strong quake.
  19. Isn't it a relief? Once you realize that it's all bogus, there is a great feeling of freedom and a sense of calm. Enjoy! And welcome. Please stick around and contribute to all our forums.
  20. Hey Ag, as a Pastafarian, were you wearing your colander at the time? You said you didn't see Jesus, but did you see the FSM? Seriously, I echo all the above re. a strong recovery. Concussions are tough injuries and the vision thing is scary. I hope you get back to normal soon. And if you've been given exercises to do, don't skip. Do what they tell you.
  21. Well there aren't that many roads from LA to AZ. If we get The Big One, the highways will be so packed that it will be one 370-mile parking lot between LA and Phoenix. So perhaps their numbers are a little high. Glad they are thinking about it, though. What they should do is get Joe Arpaio to stand at the border. Even though he's not sheriff any more, one look at him and we Calif. liberals would more than likely make u-turns and head back to the rubble.
  22. A Google search shows the story having been picked up by reputable sources, so I'd say it's real. But hey, Tim Hortons is sort of like the Waffle House.... they're everywhere, but that doesn't mean they are good.
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