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  1. And sometimes life is just too busy to leave time to spend on line. When things calm down, time for the net returns.
  2. Oh, Fwee.... how do I un-read that?
  3. Yes, a controlled release, probably planned at some point in advance. We're going to write a letter to the newspaper urging the power company to install some sort of warning devices. As I understand it, there is some other place in our state that does have warning sirens, so why not here. They found his body yesterday, seven days after he disappeared. Now they're all saying they know where he is. With Jesus.
  4. They have now found personal items that may have belonged to the missing kid. They're using helicopters, planes and drones as well as ground searchers. The release from the dam increased the flow to 6000 cubic feet per second. One of the issues is the conflict between feeling for the family and being grateful that our kid was able to escape. Here's a shot of what they're dealing with. There are lots of large boulders downstream, some just visible under the footbridge. In this photo the water is at its more normal level. At the left out of frame there is an unofficial t
  5. I'm bracing myself for a particularly tragic one that's coming up. While I didn't know the person, I will probably be expected to be there. Saturday one of my grandsons and six of his friends went for a hike to a popular river that's fed from an upstream dam and small power plant. They were celebrating their upcoming high school graduation. A sudden release of water from the dam washed one of the kids away. This part of the river is a rocky, narrow gorge with almost vertical rock walls and no way to grab anything or have anything to climb on. As of today, Tuesday, his body has not
  6. And here is the issue. I have no problem with the four-on-the-floor notion — an animal that is highly trained, stays on the floor, and behaving itself. But just a couple of days ago, I went again to my local Lowe's and here comes a woman with one of those little rat dogs in the shopping cart and she's got the fucking dog's fluffy bed in the cart for the critter to lie in while this cretin wanders around the store. I thought I was going to puke all over the 2x4s.
  7. That's what bugs me the most. Frankly, I don't care what they do inside their churches as long as they aren't hurting someone. But when they try to force it down our throats, that's where I draw the line. If I was in a theater where this happened, I'd be making a complaint to the manager.
  8. So he has been charged with a misdemeanor. If I owned a theater in the area, I'd be sure my ticket sellers and takers knew what this guy looked like and I'd have them refuse admittance. And if he got through, I'd go after him legally. I'm sure there are things the theater owner could use to nail this guy to his own cross.
  9. Glad he did that. We went to an evensong there. Evensong is a musical service at the end of the day. (Going to a service gets you in without having to pay the tourist fee.) We were seated at the front while the paying tourists were ushered out. Then we were lead around the side and into the choir, which is the seating area behind the main altar, and where all the big shots sat during the wedding of Charles and Diana. The heavily carved wooden seats must have been several hundred years old. We were almost under the organ, which can't be matched by anything other than another cathedral organ. Th
  10. Hm. After about a month of trouble, it's working fine for me today.
  11. OK, Buff, you reacted positively to my post, so now we'll give you three months to find the perfect Corvette and post a photo of you behind the wheel.
  12. We'll give you one point for the Hot Wheels car, but you really need to buy a real one. As they say, life is short, eat dessert first.
  13. There are several ways to verify a story. You can use a search engine and look at the URLs underneath the resulting links. For this one, I entered "preacher infinity war." Then check to see if any of the sources are ones you trust. In this case there is only one other source that comes up with this story. And neither provides the town where this happened. This raises a red flag that tells me to research further. And that eventually takes me to a local TV station report in Redlands, Calif. So I would label this one legit. Another place to check stories is snopes.com. This site compi
  14. Well, if I had one, I'd drive it. I can see myself putting along a country road on a warm spring day, top down, the wind in my hair, a beautiful woman at my side. We'd stop at a secluded grassy meadow for a picnic, the wicker basket on the blanket containing little triangular smoked salmon sandwiches, on white bread with the crust cut off, and a bottle of grey Riesling. After finishing the Riesling, we'd lie back in each other's arms and gaze at the puffy white clouds as they meandered across the baby blue sky. As the warm sun shone upon us, alone in the wilderness, we'd make love, gently care
  15. My great lust is a 1928 or 1929 Packard Dual Cowl Phaeton. Not gonna happen, though. One would cost more than my house.
  16. As Mark Twain said, “I do not fear death. I had been dead for billions and billions of years before I was born, and had not suffered the slightest inconvenience from it.”
  17. Not fiction, but when I was a kid, it was Karen, the Mouseketeer. Most of the guys went for Annette Funicello, but I thought Karen was the cutest. Now it's Ingrid Bergman as Ilsa in Casablanca. In that film she is indisputably the most beautiful woman in the history of the planet. (You can argue with me on that, but you will be wrong.)
  18. Having owned a few oldies, my advice is to buy what you want for the fun of it and don't use them as an investment. (If you want to invest, pick diversified mutual funds and go for the long-term.) For cars, buy drivers, not plastic baggers (show cars), and drive them. Stick to carbs and breaker-point ignition so you can work on them. Don't restore the car; that takes the fun out of it (and I'm one who knows). Stay away from PCMs and anything else electronic, as when they go down, you are screwed. Avoid anything new enough to require a smog certificate. Also try to avoid plastic. Anything mech
  19. Just like Prof. Harold Hill in The Music Man, the professor first convinces folks that they have a problem; that they are sinners. "Ya got trouble, my friends. Ya got trouble right here in River City...." Then the professor miraculously produces the solution. "I can solve this problem with a waive of my hand, this very hand. What River City needs is a boys band." And what sinners need is Jesus to save them. That's the basic approach of all advertising. Your hair is too oily, too dry, too straight, too curly, the wrong color, too stringy, too thick. But if you buy our magic hair eli
  20. A real friend sticks with you no matter what. To make an extension of L.B.'s comment above, this person wasn't really a friend anyway.
  21. Santa loves me, this I know, Cause the shopping mall tells me so.... Yes, Santa loves me .... The shopping mall tells me so.
  22. Yes, George Reeves. Black and white TV. You had to go around the back of it to adjust the horizontal and vertical holds. (I'll bet 99 percent of you younguns have no idea what I'm talking about ) We also watched The Jackie Gleason show, the variety show, not the Honeymooners series (although the Honeymooners was originally a part of the variety show). I've often felt that the entertainers who started their careers in vaudeville, Bob Hope, Jack Benny and others, had a quality to them that isn't in modern entertainers. Not that one is better than the other, but just dif
  23. Superman Hoppalong Cassidy The Roy Rogers Show The Jack Benny Show Ed Sullivan The Howdy Doody Show (I was in the peanut gallery.... no autographs, please)
  24. Well, don't get your hopes up for ATT. So who is good, anyway?
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