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  1. We were in York, England and decided to go to the cathedral for a service. I thought I'd like to see the building being used for the purpose for which it was built, not just wandering through with a tourist brochure in my hand. York Minster is one of the largest cathedrals in Northern Europe, begun in 1220 and declared complete in 1472. The boys choir was stupendous. These boys attend a special school and obviously are selected based on talent, and apparently rehearse daily. Their voices echoed ethereally off the stone walls as the procession wound down a side aisle and up the center, each you
  2. You'll note that he completely ignored my posts about the photos of kids with horrific birth defects.....
  3. Wouldn't that be great! To be born with a bushel of life's experience. I think the only way to get by is to realize that everyone makes the same mistakes, it's just that some folks are better at hiding them than others. I'm reminded of the great American baseball player Babe Ruth, who hit 714 home runs, a record that stood for decades. But folks usually don't know that he also struck out 1330 times.
  4. When I was young I had flame-red hair. I do require more anesthesia, a double-dose of Novocain. As a male child, I often heard, "Oh that such hair should be wasted on a boy." And in junior high school, that swamp of bullying and abuse, I often heard, "Red on the head like the dick on a dog." Fortunately, by high school, it ended and I don't think anyone commented about it after that. My two kids had red hair; my middle-aged daughter's is now darkening like mine did.
  5. A tragic loss: https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/food/wp/2018/05/09/a-tanker-truck-filled-with-tons-of-chocolate-spilled-on-a-polish-highway-heres-what-that-looked-like/?utm_term=.1018f6e29a96
  6. Well, it seems girls are worse than gays, as while the Mormons could accept gays, they have drawn the line at girls. They are leaving the BSA and will start their own program: http://www.foxnews.com/us/2018/05/09/mormons-to-end-long-association-with-boy-scouts-america.html
  7. Thanks for that. There is a lesson in there.
  8. I live near California's Sierra Nevada near Yosemite and Sequoia and go up weekly for day hikes. We hike in national parks, national forests and BLM land. I've seen multiple cairns where they should not be (we knock them down), 18-inch tall graffiti sprayed 20 feet along the side of a fallen giant Sequoia tree, expensive signs filled with bullet holes, and much, much more. We usually pick up trash along the trails but there are some things even we will not touch; think used diapers, soiled underwear and more. The worst areas seem to be those accessible by 4WD where we almost always find beer c
  9. Here's an interesting article on why evangelicals support Trump. It's long, so don't try to read it while you're on the run. https://slate.com/technology/2018/05/white-evangelicals-would-keep-supporting-trump-even-without-roe-v-wade.html
  10. And half of all the people on the planet are below average. (In Congress, it's certainly more than half.)
  11. As they say: In wine there is wisdom. In beer there is strength. In water there is bacteria. You decide.
  12. Hi Jim: Back on page 2 of this thread I posted some links to some photos. You didn't look at those photos, so here are the links again: ( https://pro.magnumphotos.com/image/NYC6985.html, https://pro.magnumphotos.com/image/NYC6978.html, https://www.medicalvirals.info/article/1724) Be sure to click on the images in the first two so you can see them enlarged. The little images that first come up don't do them justice. How about explaining why an allegedly loving god who allegedly can do anything he wants would cause this (or allow this) to happen?
  13. Migration is not the only way to measure growth. The population of California has grown by an average of 333,000 per year. (https://sf.curbed.com/2018/5/2/17312954/california-population-2018-count)
  14. Daff and Buff, you've got the BEST idea! Y'all should run for president!
  15. Hi Burt: Sdelsolray's advice is good. You wrote that you might need to be prepared for a showdown. But a showdown just gives them opportunities to debate, argue or fight. As it is sometimes said on the net, "don't feed the trolls." Something similar to Sdel's suggestion is called the stuck record technique. You just keep repeating the same thing to whatever they say. "Thanks for your concern but I don't care to discuss it." No matter what they say, you just repeat the same response, without raising your voice or changing your tone or inflection in any way, just like an old fashione
  16. Here's an interesting letter to an advice columnist about an atheist family whose infant child was surreptitiously baptized by the Catholic grandparents: https://slate.com/human-interest/2018/05/parenting-advice-about-secret-baptisms-cleaning-services-and-separate-rooms.html
  17. I think this sums it up quite well: http://www.gocomics.com/doonesbury/2018/4/22
  18. Let's not lose our sense of humor. Looks like The Onion (The World's Finest News Source) has weighed in: "Girls Scouts Announces They’ll Never Ever Let Gross Fucking Boys In" https://www.theonion.com/girls-scouts-announces-they-ll-never-ever-let-gross-fuc-1825752568
  19. Yes. And it sucks. There's not much you can do about it if you're not in charge. At a recent one, at the reception afterward, I had a preacher try to engage me twice in a discussion of why I declined (politely) her offer to attend their church, and I was getting ready to use some strong language when she finally backed off.
  20. Jumping back to the o.p., check out what the CEOs of many charities are being paid. In another thread on this board we discussed this. Somehow a half-mil per year for a charity CEO rubs me the wrong way.
  21. In my state a full-time minimum wage worker will earn $440 a week. For sake of discussion let's take off 20 percent for taxes (sales, income, etc.). That leaves $352 per week. Do the math. In my area, one of the lower-cost areas of the state, a one-bedroom apartment rents for about $800 per month. So that leaves $600 per month for everything else. Take off for auto expenses including registration, insurance, gas and repairs; telephone; food; work clothes; medical; and see what's left.
  22. Well, one of the strengths of this site is to know that whatever the problem, you are not alone! Do you suppose there really is a god and he/she/it is punishing us?
  23. I just did a clean sweep of my browser, clearing all cookies, browsing history and cashes. The problem remains.
  24. Yup. Let's not blame it all on the boys. Many of us guys have had encounters with aggressive females, and contrary to popular belief, some of those encounters have been unwanted.
  25. Therein lies the problem. I'll tell you one thing. If one of those dogs messes with me, I WILL create a scene. And if the dog bites me, I'll sue the owner. I've been bitten twice and jumped on by an aggressive pit bull, and I'm not going to take it when I go to the store.
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