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  1. Anushka: One of my former students sent me the quote below on a Christmas card. I've kept it on my desk as it's been helpful from time to time, and I've posted it on this board before but it's worth repeating: Start where you are. Use what you have. Do what you can. — Arthur Ashe
  2. Ever been to the Vatican? The Catholics get the sweepstakes trophy.
  3. What's also annoying is when you are accused of being "anti-Christian" merely because you don't believe. Being atheistic and being anti-Christian are two different things that are not necessarily concentric. But in their minds, if you aren't with them, you are against them.
  4. Retired college perfesser. My time now is spent not getting up at 5:30 a.m., but about sevenish, then on home repair, entertaining grandchildren, home repair, playing with hobbies, home repair, travel, and home repair.
  5. Both are terrific. In spite of the religion, I love old-world cathedrals.
  6. That would be good for an email sig line!
  7. A stressful experience for sure. Work can be taxing enough without enduring shit from co-workers. Good that you are at a place large enough for an HR dept. I once worked at a small outfit where the boss was the bully. The only option was to find another job (which was tough due to the specialized nature of the work).
  8. A gang member caught in this town a few years back was asked if he was afraid of being punished. He said, "No, Jesus will forgive me in the end."
  9. Doonesbury nails it again: http://www.gocomics.com/doonesbury/2018/04/22
  10. No issues if you're saving it for your own use. If you're going to distribute it to others then you need permission.
  11. A good book keeps me up because I want to see what happens. OTOH, something about quantum mechanics or astro-physics will have me nodding off in three minutes.
  12. Yup. Buy an impressive-looking one, carry it to church, never open it, take it home and put it back on the shelf until next Sunday.
  13. Ann: I recommend saving it to your machine in a labeled folder. Net content can be ephemeral; more than once I've looked for something I had seen and not found it. Just because this site has been here for years does not mean it will continue indefinitely. The browsers I use allow saving as a PDF which is easy.
  14. Ficino makes a good point. Pets accept you as you are and never try to make you someone else. They never talk back or criticize. I think one of the best cures for lots of things is a cat on your lap and a good book in your hands.
  15. But they don't know that they have been indoctrinated and they really think they love it. They are the prisoners in Plato's cave (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Allegory_of_the_Cave) .
  16. It's hard to give advice without knowing the personalities and family dynamics involved. Generally, I would avoid the family-meeting-dramatic-announcement type of event. If possible, I'd just slowly back away by starting to miss church and not participating in the other activities, increasing this gradually until they figure it out for themselves. But that may not be an option. I'd just tough it out until you move.
  17. I think this is where the burden of proof would lie. In the specific case of calling a deity a profane name, I'd have to rule that this is not an explicit call to action. Now this standard may vary from one country to the next as there are different measures based on the prevailing law. But here in America, the standard leans in favor of the speaker.The government would have to show a compelling interest in silencing the blaspheming of a deity, and I can't see that happening here. Edit: Here's an example I just found from France. It's illegal there to speak favorably about terroris
  18. I would argue that even your third example would not be considered to incite. Merely calling a deity a derogatory term, while it could elicit a violent response, is not in itself a call to violence. But if someone called upon a crowd to attack someone, then you've got a case.
  19. He did it! And lived to tell about it: http://www.latimes.com/local/lanow/la-me-rocket-man-blast-20180325-story.html
  20. We had neighbors from Vietnam. Their last name was Ho. Their daughter was Heather but I always thought they should have named her Heidi. And I mentioned in a previous thread here that the boys vice principal of our high school was named Harry Dick. Really. Seriously, giving a kid a weird name is really cruel. They have to live with that and endure the same jokes their entire lives. I am a middle-name person. I do not use my first name. I do not like it. But the goddamn computer programmers don't write programs that accommodate us and I am forced to enter my
  21. There is a book out there, the title of which I forget, about what not to say to people who are grieving, but the bottom line was: just listen. No comparisons, no personal stories, no unsolicited advice. Just listen. The best thing that happened when my son was killed years ago was a friend, who lives three hours away, called and said that if I ever needed to get away, his couch was available. While I didn't take him up on it, it was the kindest thing anyone did for me. Some of my closest friends totally ignored the whole thing. We were too upset to eat so most of the food was tos
  22. I'll bet you're feeling some relief. Bro may try to get you back but he'll have to deal with that. It's his problem, not yours. If you can handle going to church with her three times a year, the only harm is a few hours lost on a Sunday morning.
  23. Are Geezer and I the only two vets on this forum? There have to be a few more. I've been too busy to write but there are more stories to be told. I'm still overwhelmed with other things but here's a short one: Our warrant officer, which I mentioned before, was a first-class clown and one we could joke around with. Let's call him Mr. Wilson. I mentioned that he'd show up in the morning and then disappear for the rest of the day. Well, he liked weird cars. One was a Checker, the specialty vehicle made for taxi cabs back in the last century. You could buy a Checker but "n
  24. I have heard, but can't verify, that there are more people employed in the US in medical billing than in the delivery of care. My doc says he believes that. Twice a year I check in with a dermatologist. There are two docs, one P/A, and three NPs, but I counted 14 people in the office to back them up.
  25. I think this is what it comes down to. I do, however, think that a dramatic, sudden, presentation is harder for the other folks to handle than a slow, gradual realization.
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