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  1. That's a great list. Something to print out and work on. Wouldn't it be wonderful if everyone did that?
  2. While exercising in the bedroom this morning I found an interesting short documentary on the failure of the Silver Bridge at Point Plesant, W. VA. in 1967. These kinds of things are very interesting to me as they frequently result from human error. And this one certainly did. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8w5Fjouvma8
  3. Something else to know is that sarcasm and off-the-wall humor are fairly common here. We can't put vocal inflections into our posts but keep in mind that a bunch of us are just smartasses and that 99 percent of the time we're just being brats and it's nothing personal. Perhaps that's because we are no longer afraid of a sky daddy disapproving of our wise-ass behavior. Here are a couple of quotes to lighten up the day: “Are you always a smartass?" "Nope. Sometimes I'm asleep.” ― Jim Butcher, Blood Rites “I’m not very good at advice. May I interest you
  4. Perhaps they haven't noticed. My wife quit and was worried that she'd get calls from church members and that they would pressure her to return. Guess how many calls she got? Zero.
  5. Another update. This Washington Post story prints a copy of the entire email sent by Crozier. (You may have to enlarge the page if you want to read it.) The story says that Crozier may have had other ways to deal with this than sending the email, but since we will probably never hear Crozier's side of the story we will just have to speculate. In the email Crozier writes that the commanding officer is responsible for the ship, which means that he knew the consequences of his actions. https://www.washingtonpost.com/national-security/how-an-outbreak-on-the-uss-roosevelt-became-a-defi
  6. Welcome to the forum. We're here to listen to your frustrations and concerns so don't be the least inhibited about posting them. This is a good place during these difficult days. We hope you'll stick around and contribute to all the discussions. And don't forget to visit the clubs section, which is a little hard to find (upper right of the screen).
  7. A story in today's news reports that a pastor who refused to stop his in-person worship has died from the virus. A Virginia pastor who defied warnings about the danger of religious gatherings during the pandemic and vowed to keep preaching “unless I’m in jail or the hospital” died over the weekend after contracting Covid-19, his church said. https://www.nytimes.com/2020/04/14/us/bishop-gerald-glenn-coronavirus.html
  8. Back to the o.p.: The news today reported that a small rural church near here held Easter services with the doors locked and the cars parked out of sight in the back. The sheriff found out anyway and put the word on the pastor who has said he will now follow the guidelines. I'd like to have heard exactly what the sheriff said. (The sheriff, BTW, is a good ol' boy who wears a big mustache and a cowboy hat. When he speaks, you listen.)
  9. Update as of 4/13: I am sorry to report that a sailor from the Roosevelt has died from the virus. Here is a detailed report of how all this happened, naming names and giving a timeline. The story says that there are 584 crew members infected. As we suspected, the admiral in charge of the carrier strike group did not move fast enough: https://www.nytimes.com/2020/04/12/us/politics/coronavirus-roosevelt-carrier-crozier.amp.html
  10. The number of daily posts on this site has sure increased.
  11. Also consider that being a pastor was his career as well as his self-identity. Now that's gone. That's big stuff for a guy.
  12. If you can trace him, I hope you go for it. If there are no witnesses (security vid at your work?), you won't win but you can cause him some "inconvenience."
  13. I read a news story about someone doing this and he was charged with terroristic threats, obstructing administration of law or other governmental function and harassment. I think you could also file an assault complaint. https://newyork.cbslocal.com/2020/03/24/coronavirus-wegmans-customer-coughing-on-worker-terroristic-threats-charges/
  14. Here's a possible explanation from another similar cave: ".... [T]he dinosaurs walked on the lake sediment and these imprints were covered in sand. "In the Mount Morgan caves, the softer lake sediment eroded away and left the harder sandstone in-fills." https://phys.org/news/2020-02-mystery-dinosaur-footprints-cave-ceiling.html
  15. This has been posted here before but it's worth a rerun. Sorry it's not larger. Click on it for a larger version.
  16. Bummer, Zen. My sister once advised me when I was putting up with some shit from someone to listen but don't respond other than to smile and nod. Hard to do under the circumstances, but it prevents arguments.
  17. To me it means that I took my afternoon nap, just as I do every other day of the year.
  18. Here's more on the story: https://slate.com/news-and-politics/2020/04/coronavirus-covid19-navy-ships-roosevelt-brett-crozier-modly-secretary.html The story says that one superior supported the captain but that Modly said no. That's when Crozier went ballistic. The story also raises questions about the state of the Navy and what this, and the Gallagher incident, mean for the future.
  19. When I was a college prof. the students who were the most motivated were the ones who were coming back after some life experience. They knew what they wanted and what the stakes were. My next door neighbor was in construction and got hurt. Went back to school in his late '40s and got a nursing degree. Now he works for the county health dept., normal hours and great benefits. Also, many colleges have reentry offices set up to help folks like you.
  20. Well, I've been retired for years so my routine isn't too much different. Both my wife and I are homebodies. I think I'm spending (wasting) more time on the internet reading news stories, and I'm not making trips to town. The worst is not being able to play with my grandkids who live on the other side of town. Otherwise taking care of some family legal business with the lawyer via email and skipping a doctor's visit for something that is of little consequence and can wait until later. Exercising on alternate days against 2-mile walks down the street; picked a bucket of oranges this morning. I'
  21. More: (CNN)The recently resigned acting Navy Secretary Thomas Modly's Monday trip to Guam where he addressed the crew of the USS Theodore Roosevelt and slammed their former commander, cost the Defense Department an estimated $243,000, according to a Navy official. Modly's remarks led to his resignation a day later. Modly traveled to Guam aboard a C-37B VIP aircraft a modified Gulfstream jet. It costs $6,946.19 per hour to fly and the flight time for the Guam trip was about 35 hours for a total cost of $243,151.65. https://www.cnn.com/2020/04/08/politics/former-navy-sec
  22. And furthermore, Modly says he resigned of his own accord. I call bullshit. He had previously said he stood by his remarks. And news media (sorry I don't have links at the moment) reported that he was instructed by SecDef Esper to apologize after a 1 a.m. phone call. And you can bet your sweet ass that Esper told Moldy (I really want to spell it that way) that a smart thing to do would be to bail and that if he didn't someone would have to help him to the door. Can you tell that I'm fucking pissed?
  23. And while there is, in theory and on paper, a system wherein a lower-ranked sailor can jump over his superior and appeal to a higher up (for enlisted, it's called a "request mast"), in practice it is a complete joke. Do that and you're totally fucked for the rest of your tour and more than likely the rest of your career.
  24. I can't put multiple likes on your post, Geezer, but I would if I could. I too was in the Navy and I can verify that the system is set up to shit on the next man down in rank when someone does something stupid. And this works from the CNO at the top to the seaman recruit at the bottom. I was on active duty in 1968 when the Pueblo was captured by the North Koreans. I saw what happened to Capt. Bucher when he was sent out on a recon mission in a practically defenseless spy ship without air cover and left on his own against the North Koreans. He had a choice. He could engage in a fight that he wa
  25. Welcome. I can't imagine the mental exhaustion you are experiencing. This space is for people like you so feel free to come here and vent any time you need to. Do explore our forums. I hope you'll contribute to the discussions. And stay safe. (And I hope that your degree is progressing in spite of the school closures.)
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