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  1. well then, why did you choose to speak about Alexander's biography, exactly? I don't think so. In the documentaries, we see him walking during parades, and speaking to the people. But you never see him do patently evil things such as killing little kitten, nor you see him doing patently crazy things like throwing poop to the assembled public. I don't think that hitler was insane, mind you: almost all germany decided to follow him and to be an accomplice of his politics. Were they all insane? I think not. I think they were products of their time... but I tackled this subject on another thread anyway, I guess. However, I did compare Hitler to God. My question still stands. Hitler wasn't evil ALL THE TIME. So by following this logic, even god could choose to not be evil ALL THE TIME, and to show some godly grace every now and then. You didn't really provide a reason why I shouldn't do such a comparison. I understand it could seem disrespectful for you, but it is a serious question, not meant to mock. But christianity is not the only religion whose followers claim to have seen extraordinary things... Don't other religions, or sects, think just the same thing? That their gods or god have changed their lives for the better, and that they've felt the gods' presence near them? But you don't believe in those gods, right? Why, if their point of view is exacly akin to yours? So, you're saying that - Either god will answer your plea, and help Hansolo, or - He won't answer, but he only won't answer because he has a precise reason to avoid answering that prayer. Is that right? Thanks for your prayers
  2. Congratulations. Not many christians who come here have the courage to do such a thing - admitting when they're wrong. If you managed to do so, it could really mean that we can have a honest discussion with you. About Alexander the great - yes, there are contemporary accounts of Alexander, look at the pictures here - a marble inscription of 330 BC, a greek statuette retrieved near tian shan (400 - 300 bc), a coin with alexander on it of 323 BC, and another one of 305 BC (yes, this one is not contemporary, but it's way better than 500 years later, no?) then there is a contemporary bust... and so on. Look at them if you want to. Do you think all of those things are fake? If you think so, that's ok, but explain us why. Hm... I don't think it works this way. This is wanting to see things either black or white. Meaning: god has been good to you (giving you strenght, helping you find him, answering your prayers...) so he MUST be good in everything he does. Or - god has been evil with certain people, so he MUST be evil in everything he does and in such a way you would easily recognize it. Let's look it from another perspective: as you know, Hitler had a lover, she was called Eva Braun. Do you think that Hitler was evil with Eva? Do you think that he treated her badly? If so, why do you think so? He was very kind with her, as far as we know, and even put her along him on propaganda posters sometimes, even if he was catholic and catholics heavily frown over non-married couples (as was his case). So if hitler can be evil, even if he was good with Eva, because he ordered the slaughter of 6 millions people and more, can it be that god is evil, even if he was good wth you, because he slaughtered personally the whole world population (even infants) exception made for 1 family? I hope this question will sound logical to you. Another thing, though: I want to ask you... can you pray for Hansolo? This would be the proof many of us need to go back to worshiping your god. Hansolo has very serious problems, his son can't walk anymore, seeing as god answers your prayers but he didn't answer Hansolo's, could you pray for his son to start walking again? After all, there is no reason God shouldn't listen to your prayers, right? ... or is there?
  3. No, it is not true at all. More informations can be found here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Surrender_of_Japan Wikipedia is neither atheist nor christian - it is just an encyclopedia. Read as much as you want.
  4. Plus, another thing. Hitler, and the terrorists that destroyed the twin towers, are not born from outer space. They have been raised and brought up and had experiences which led them to believe in a certain way and believe certain things. In Hitler's case, if you killed him before he joined the nationalsocialist party, odds are that since the context would STILL be there (a context with extreme poverty in germany, enraged people, rich hebrew merchants, strong suspicion and distaste for hebrews, and recently published essays about how to control and steer mobs of people) another one like him would've come out in a couple years at most. Thinking "I'll go back in time and kill Biff before he marries out my mother" etc etc is something that only back in future can propose, because it is a movie, but for those of us who study social sciences or social psychology, it is easy to see how the context DID indeed spawn certain people and phenomena. In order: you'll have to counteract the extreme poverty and inflation running rampant in germany after World war 1 - that poverty and inflation enraged the people, and encouraged them to turn to the first person able to get them out of their misery, no matter the means. So you'll have to change the whole outcome of WW1, or at least the condition imposed to Germany as a defeated nation. Then you'll have to counteract the social disparity between rich hebrews and poor non-hebrews. To do so, you'll have to go back to the middle ages: jews could lend money for an interest, while non-jews couldn't (it was prohibited by their religion, and considered heresy). Jews were mostly bankers and moneylenders in the middle ages. Many rich hebrews in a country full of very poor and enraged germans contribute to the problem. So it would be necessary to allow christians in the middle ages, somehow, to lend money for an interest without it being considered a sin. You'll have to change the whole social context that brought christians to think they couldn't lend money, while hebrews could. Then you'll have to counteract the suspicions and hatred of christians for hebrews: easier said than done. in Europe, hebrews have been despised and hated for many, many centuries. I.E. crusaders found normal, while they were en route for jerusalem, to assault a city and pillage it "because there are hebrews inside". The spanish inquisition forced people to convert to christianity... both muslims and hebrews. If an hebrew (or muslim) went back to his old faith, he was brought away by the inquisition. Autodafes were rampant in the middle ages: burning hebrews was considered a nice entertainment for the people and a cleansing of heretics (they didn't believe in jesus after all). You see, freeday? Hitler was a son of his times. This doesn't justify what he did, but it explains it, and shows you why it would be completely useless to go back in time and kill him. Hitler didn't what he did because he was "eeevil", he did so because of his context - he really thought what he was doing was right, after all in those years, the Pope kept saying that hebrews WERE the culprits of jesus' death and torture, so the blood of jesus was on their hands, and that they were deserving of a punishment.
  5. To tell the truth, Italy passed from monarchy to being a republic via a regular referendum, followed by regular elections. Not by bloodshedding amongst monarchics and republicans. But that's not the point... But you are dodging my questions again and again... are you doing it on purpose? Not nice at all... You see, Hitler had to be stopped, you are right. And there was no other way to stop him, he had to be stopped using force. If I saw a friend of mine being raped, I'll stop the offender rather violently, of course. And sometimes people have to fight for their indipendence... and so on and so on. But you are forgetting something... we are not gods. Read what I'm writing: God could've solved those conflicts, both those in the bible and those you talked about, by using his divine powers. God HAS NO NEED of killing and exterminating people, he HAS NO NEED to drown the whole world. He is all powerful, so he does have the power to create a pacifical and efficient solution. Instead of killing sinners with floods and rain of fire, just turn them in good people. Spread his hands, and Hitler becomes a good person since 1933, and a wonderful leader for his country. Snaps his holy fingers, and japan and america made peace without the need for H bombs. Cannot he stop evil without killing and exterminating and torturing? If he cannot, he is not all powerful... If he can, and don't want to, WHY doesn't he want to?
  6. But God is all powerful. He used his divine powers to help the hebrews win their fights, did he not? In the OT, he uses his powers a lot. So, instead of throwing on aegypt the 10 plagues, he could've simply willed the pharaoh's heart to soften, and just leave the hebrews free. Amy, why? He could've created a peaceful solution, without deaths and sufferings, just by using his godly powers which are infinite. Why didn't god do that, in your eyes? Oh, right. - You shouldn't answer that it is because God respected the pharaoh's free will to exterminate hebrews: this isn't true, since the OT clearly states that god *hardened* the pharaoh's heart on purpose. So he's ok with hardening, but not ok with softening? - If your god told you, in a very clear vision, to grab your sword, search for our houses, and kill us all, one by one, because of our lack of faith and sinful lives... after all, he kills people for their sins constantly, see sodom... would you, amy? In this fictional situation, you are VERY sure that the vision came from god, and not from the devil, mind you: you felt jesus presence in your heart when he told you to kill us. If no, why? But I don't worship Molec and Baal. This is not a "my god is not worse than your gods!" contest here, amy, because we don't worship those cruel gods you spoke of. We think that a cruel, unjust god, shouldn't be worshipped, no matter his name. You seem to think, though, that if Yahveh is cruel and unjust, that's OK since you worship and fear him, but it is not OK anymore if other gods did that in ancient times. Why the two standards? Why do you think that temple prostitution would and should grant a ferocious answer from god? Have we no free will? Those babylonian women you're speaking of were considered priestesses, and highly respected. Plus, if you've ever seen some porn with women and dogs, you'll notice that the dogs always have rather an happy expression on their faces! Do you really think that the sexual behaviour of a person is reason enough to exterminate him or her? And again, Yahveh could've just wished BOTH Israel and its enemies to stop being ruthless and killing other people. He didn't do that. So he was ok with the bloodshedding, it seems.
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