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  1. Welcome to the site! I live in the southwest USA as well. This site is a great source of information and support, especially for those of us who have flip-flopped. Check out this post:
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  3. Rank Title Change

    I don't have the option to change it when I go to edit my profile, so I'm wondering if I have to reach a certain post count.
  4. That's beyond outrageous. That's insane. I can't even...
  5. Yeah, it's trying to interfere with free will. Also, it's just like the indulgences of the Catholic church from the Middle Ages. Selling salvation. The "miracle seed" is an amount of money. It's another money-making scheme.
  6. That's what I've done. I have family members who cannot let go of their old view of me as a sweet little Christian girl. I have chosen to let them go.
  7. The hypocrisy of the church was the main reason I deconverted. When I tell Christians this, their response is something like, "Look to Jesus, not to people" or "Don't let the hypocrites rob you of your relationship with God." I spent years in a church where Christians were cheating at their own game of salvation and morality, and then when I dared to raise the standard and tell them that I wanted human friendship and love, they said "Jesus is the one who loves you. That's what matters!" Those responses never made sense to me. I am a human being who needs human connection. Being snubbed and ostracized by Christians, and then being told by the same Christians "Focus on Jesus, he loves you" really hurts.
  8. Hey! Ex-Muslim here, but...

    Hi, @RavanKiani ! I'm an ex-Christian currently reading the book I Am Malala, and I'm learning a lot about the alarming effects of Islam on families, especially women. I'll definitely explore your links. It's good to have a perspective from a different religion here. You'll get a lot of pertinent information and support here. Welcome to the site!
  9. I remember asking my pastor for counsel. He said nothing to me. Not even "oh really?" Nothing. He called his wife and told her to talk to me. I guess it was good of him to not even attempt to counsel me if he felt unqualified to do it, but the way he handled it was weird. I went to two other pastors for counsel. One of them blamed me for the mistreatment I experienced at my former church. The other one was just making stuff up as he went along.
  10. True & False

    The Bible is subject to human (flawed) interpretation, and even if Christians say the holy spirit guides them to the correct interpretation, at the end of the day, it's humans who are saying that. Fact: The Bible is literature. Whether it is inerrant or not is an opinion.
  11. I loved nature and saw it as god's magnificent creation, especially when getting mental images of the vastness of the universe. Yet at the same time, my particular love for nature had a pagan and somewhat Native American touch to it. I knew that was incompatible with Christianity, but I have resonated with the pagan view since I was a child, and no one taught it to me. My love of nature is love for the home that I know, not some place I've conjured in my mind, like the "heaven" that I was supposed to focus on as a Christian.
  12. Ken Ham's Ark

    If he were asked to do that, he'd probably say, "Well that was done under the old covenant."
  13. The hardest part for me has been having confidence in my own perspectives. I spent so much of my life conceding to other people's ideas and believing that my own take on matters was invalid. I spent more time consulting others for advice rather than trusting my own intuition. That is changing.
  14. I grew up in an all-black church where we were taught that Martin Luther King was not saved because he was not part of our sect (church of Christ).