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  1. What scientific evidence would Christians cite for the extraordinarily long lifespans of Old Testament people?
  2. Bookworm

    Did they just say that?

    What got me was the last part, "perhaps being tortured they were more open to salvation." That's a whole new level of demented.
  3. Bookworm

    Did they just say that?

    This is the most recent conversation I've had:
  4. Bookworm

    Did they just say that?

    These people are impossible!!!
  5. Bookworm

    Did they just say that?

    Funny how the guy tried to avoid the question by mentioning Messianic Jews. Come on, man.
  6. This forum is beyond the pale.

  7. I used to believe that Unitarian Universalists had orgies during their congregational gatherings.
  8. A Note From God: Today's Rapture has been canceled because I'm tired and fuck that shit.

    1. crazyguy123


      So that is the reason. I thought he just forgot. *shrugs*

  9. I have decided to follow God on Twitter.

    1. RealityCheck


      I'm going to guess he never replies.

    2. LogicalFallacy


      You can follow God on facebook to. He replies!

  10. Martyrdom has always been a proof of the intensity,  never of the correctness, of a belief. — Arthur Schnitzler (1862–1931)