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  1. I ran into this issue shortly after deconverting. Most of my non-working hours were tied up in church. I spent the last five years of church life as the worship leader, which ate up a significant number of hours, receiving exactly zero dollars for that time. It gave me a *sense* of purpose, outside of the general *meaning of life* that comes from religion. Most of this *sense* of purpose transferred over to my career once I settled into I.T. My non-working hours were spent pursuing fun things. Eventually we set a goal for early retirement and achieved it in a series of faltering st
  2. yep, taught from birth in fundie Southern Baptist church. Took four decades to see the light.
  3. It does indeed. Between that book and the other, I became convinced that it’s simply too late to do anything about it. I began, for the first time, to consider survivalist strategies and assisted suicide when things got real bad. Yes, the books were quite convincing. My way out of the hole began with extinction numbers. I felt rather inundated with the numbers, but at some point some part of my brain said “Now wait a minute! There aren’t that many species out there. With that many extinctions, they would already all be gone, right?” So I did some research and discovered t
  4. You haven’t been reading the books I have been reading... https://thenewpress.com/books/end-of-ice https://www.amazon.com/Uninhabitable-Earth-Life-After-Warming/dp/0525576703 just really glad I found my way out of that hole of despair
  5. oh good god... https://www.splcenter.org/hatewatch/2017/10/23/white-supremacists-favorite-myths-about-black-crime-rates-take-another-hit-bjs-study
  6. It's a great time of year to be in a foreign country. In Mexico, the commercialization is very low. If you're lucky, *maybe* one person might say 'feliz navidad' to you on Christmas Eve. It's more important than Dec. 25th here. The whole gift exchange thing doesn't occur until King's Day, early January. Right around my birthday, as a matter of fact. Last year I especially enjoyed the nativity display on the town square. It starts off with Joseph, Mary and the animals. But no baby, because he hasn't been born yet! Then in the days leading up to the big day, the wise men are placed
  7. Every time I think I have rid myself of Christian thinking, I find another area where that bullshit is still impacting me! My most recent discovery is about apocalypse. Back in the day, this was always tied to the 2nd coming and/or rapture and millenium. On any given day you can find a headline that ties in to some prophecy and ‘proves’ that the Bible is right and *this time* it’s real, it’s happening. The end of the world. Of course every apocalyptic prophecy ever made has failed, otherwise none of us would be here. And yet I was forced to acknowledge that after leaving
  8. That sounds like Preterism. I was pretty intrigued by that theology for awhile, until I deconverted. Preterism holds that the fall of Jerusalem around 70AD was the second coming.
  9. The military cares when a politician cares. Obama initiated a lot of this, Trump is ending a lot of it. Comes and goes with political whim.
  10. actually, Jane didn't say that part, I did. Given that ice melt and deglaciation has been rather steady for a long time, that would already be included in the current SLR rates. Almost the entirety of SLR projections are based on increasing CO2 and models making projections based on CO2 sensitivity. Many believe this sensitivity is greatly overestimated, which throws the models way off. They are also based on the concept that CO2 drives warming, while many believe it is the exact opposite (or completely disconnected). But even if those things could be proven, given the
  11. Just for kicks, I'd like to throw in my .02 on this, but mainly in the form of background, big-picture thoughts. First, I was raised fundamentalist. Books like Hal Lindsey's "The Late, Great Planet Earth" were very popular in our church circles. The rapture was (and still is) always imminent. Apocalypse was always around the corner. Every news item was scrutinized for prophetic fulfillment potential. In some ways, even though I didn't realize it until recently, my brain is still conditioned to look for apocalypse, even long after having escaped xtianity. Climate change
  12. Most, like Mann, have resisted revealing both the original source data *and* the exact algorithms used to produced their smoothed graphs. It has taken a few dedicated individuals a *lot* of man-hours to suss out the details.
  13. “My publisher, whose encouragement in this process has been deeply meaningful to me, supports this decision and will not reprint the books after the current copies in their inventory are sold.” https://joshharris.com/statement/
  14. It's flaws are the same as any O.T. prophecy. Write about historical events as if they are still future events. Voila, prophecy fulfilled! Seriously, nothing to worry about here
  15. While I was never in that 'branch' of the religion, I was adjacent. Glad to see someone else escape from it. The xtian views on sex will totally fuck up a life in the modern world.
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