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  1. Which is testimonial AND circumstantial evidence.
  2. O ya, I...I...I...I ... what was your extraordinary belief? I thought I had the extraordinary belief in your view and yours was the ordinary one.
  3. Are you saying that your mind can never be changed?
  4. The dog did not have to poop while traversing your yard, and they did not feel the urge to dig. A quick enough traversal does not guarantee fur remains and even if it did fur decomposes leaving no trace. So in your incredibly limited and false notion of reality the dog does not exist. You seem afraid of facing the obvious and blaring limitations of the empirical method. This is the lesson. The empirical method is not, and can't be, the sole source of truth discovery. It is powerful and valuable, but limited. This is not some new notion. Intellectuals have realized this since the dawn of science.
  5. What question are you talking about? Yes, I know. Here is a question for you though, why have you not addressed any of my questions about your dog scenario? How would you prove to me a dog walked through your yard at some point in the past such that all physical effects have dissipated?
  6. Your subjective notion of what it means to be extraordinary has nothing to do with the principle of what a proof is. logicalfallacy was the one who brought up the notion of dog action proofs.
  7. Speaking of "wishful thinking" that is what's at the core of pagan magick. I strongly urge you NOT to engage in such practices as it's an abomination in the eyes of God.
  8. Then do it. Prove to me a dog walked through his backyard at some time in the past.
  9. Dude, your pool of retorts is really shallow.
  10. Provide evidence that twain actually said that quote.
  11. I already know the origins of the Bible. Do you know the difference between inference and deduction? Do you know what it means to "prove" something? To prove something is not necessarily to repeat it before your eyes, you know that, correct? If you are a materialist then you are in the minority here. Natural revelation is the best source for direct evidence for the existence of God. For example, the Teleological argument is very strong in this area. The people studies are far more interesting for understanding the adversary. satan is an arrogant over achiever who can't resist showing his hand. Responsibility. Mat 12:36 "But I tell you that every careless word that people speak, they shall give an accounting for it in the day of judgment." Were you a Christian? BTW - You need to understand that I'm a devoted unwaivering believer.
  12. Yes, I understand, and I'm not complaining. I'll never seek another spirituality.
  13. Why are ex-Christians so afraid of allowing Christians to talk about apostate spirituality. This is evidenced by my inability to post in the "Ex-Christian Spirituality" forum. Could it be because they know the metaphysical choices made after Christianity are indefensible.
  14. No. This is why this sight is so filled with pagans and mystics.
  15. Twain knows better now. Time is the unavoidable teacher.
  16. Yes, I've looked into the Bible. Keep your yale links. I prefer not to be spoon fed information like some naive freshman. When I was about 17 I concluded that I needed to be able to ask any question regarding Christianity to see if it stood up to a reasonable explanation. That was many decades ago. I found it did. I'm not a vulnerable believer with a fragile faith. I'm convinced through Natural Revelation, Special revelation, History, Psychology and Sociology that God is real and He is who He says He is. I'm not alone in this. Ironically, there are many occultists who believe He is who he says He is, Aleister Crowley for example, they willfully have chosen to follow a different path. I've chosen to worship and adore with all my heart The Creator of the universe. He is worthy! My latest line of evidence for the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob is the occult explosion we are seeing. This is nocoincidence. I fully believe apostates exist. I fully believe they were lead there by their minds and through free will choices. It would be foolish on my part to think all non-Christians are somehow ignorant. It would also be complete foolishness to believe people reject Christ because of rational decisions.
  17. It is true the evidence "meter" varies with people and furthermore each person sets their meter per subject. People sometimes want to believe that which agrees with their life choices.
  18. Really? Are you honestly that trapped in your faith in atheism that you can't see the gapping holes in your reasoning. Obviously, my response is that just enough time has passed since the walk through that all physical evidence has dissipated. You failed the test.
  19. You are making a category error. A unicorn claim is a physical claim not a metaphysical claim. No I don't believe a biological creature such as bigfoot is roaming the woods because this is a scientific claim and there is no empirical evidence for its existence. The claim that Jesus is God is a metaphysical claim.
  20. Why did you write it if no one is supposed to read it. You lead with it so obviously you thought it had merit in the discussion. The rest of your post about the fact that other groups are persecuted seemed obvious and not relevant to the OP.
  21. The person who wrote the stories and thoughts that you explored was, in fact, proselytising.
  22. This is absolutely true. I embrace this truth. The God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob has no needs. His interaction with and commandments to humanity are for our benefit. We benefit from acting out through love.
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