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    Nothwest WA
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    Antiques books, antique 78rpms records to play on my 1928 columbia wind up. Hiking, fishing, all kinds of new technology.
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    I was raised in the south. The deep south. My grandfather was a southern baptist preacher. With him there was no sick day from church. Everyone had to go. Which is why my parents never forced religion on me. I feel lucky to have avoided most of the brain washing that takes place in churches. I now raise my kids wiht the abilty to chose their own path.

    After moving around for a few years my wife and I settled down in northwest washington. We homeschool our three girls. Not only did we leave the oppressiveness of the church we also left behind the pitiful attempt to turn our children in mindless memorization machines.

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  • Still have any Gods? If so, who or what?
    no gods I have ever known
  1. watching star wars 4,5 and 6 today

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