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    I'm attracted to bothering atheist types atm.
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    Curious as to why anyone would want to leave Christ, He's not only Omniscient and loving etc. but pretty cool too :)

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    Yeah, Jesus

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  1. No,no no, created beings did that. God cursed this planet for mankind's sake. It's a probation to see if we want life or death. God will get His multitude from the redeemed. Satan tried to thwart God's plan but God will have His children (the willing ones) with Him. Pops, it's been nice mud wrestling with ya but shouldn't you act your age & give up mud wrestling :D? Gotta run. Take care.
  2. The bible is its own interpreter. There's an amazing continuity in that book.
  3. It's not made up, pops. You have faith in nothing created us. You didn't witness nothing creating us so you're operating on faith too. You believe history books by faith. I know you were a believer but the bible says faith comes by hearing & hearing by the Word & you left. You think the bible is contradictory or tall tales. I don't see it that way so I feel sad when I see God misunderstood.
  4. By cloaking Himself. If left alone with no support it is scary. Just as people weren't meant to die, people weren't meant to be blind. God wants to restore life & sight (it's in the Word). You're one of those lions who take certain figures of speech literally? God used king of Tyre as an example. The king of Tyre wasn't in Eden or a cherub etc. Jezebel is referenced in Revelation but she was from the OT, even today evil, manipulative women are referred to as Jezebel. Let the bible be its own interpreter.
  5. Hi pops! Eh, stop your feigned ignorance, you know the bible says God created darkness & God is light.
  6. Looky here you runaway sheep pretending to be a lion, stop trying to misunderstand what I meant. I'm dealing with lion trolls here, they left Jesus & don't really want to discuss the actual topics. What is one to do? Pray for them. God alone can change hearts. I don't think people on here committed the unpardonable sin. I think they don't even know or understand what it is (I've read their comments on said topic).
  7. It's not up to me to do so, it's up to God. I'll continue to pray for you precious lions. With God involved, lions can hangout peaceably with lambs (sheep)
  8. God Himself is light, therefore light is eternal. God created darkness & then He created a different source of light. IMO, He created darkness cuz He knew this planet would be a renegade planet that would need to be redeemed. Darkness is the absence of light & it's scary. Lucifer was a light bearer, He was a covering cherub who guarded God's law. His freedom of CHOICE led him to become the first malignant narcissist & he became Satan (adversary).
  9. I have a question for you OP. What do you think this text means?: The sinners in Zion are afraid; fearfulness hath surprised the hypocrites. Who among us shall dwell with the devouring fire? who among us shall dwell with everlasting burnings? Isa 33:14
  10. Where in the bible does it say that? I'm trying to understand what you're asking. You're conflating God's omnipresence with the imparted immortality of CREATED beings?
  11. I don't give up on you guys. You guys will be missing out on paradise by default. While I may not always stop by, or only get lions who troll me, I can pray for you all & check in from time to time. I'm glad you're still alive, pops. This pandemic took out other pops' out there, I was worried so I checked in. I may not be able to convince you that God loves you but I can pray. God works in mysterious ways. Hey, sometimes reformed atheists make the best Christians.
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