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  1. I would like to wish all of you a Happy New Year!

    1. Realist


      Hey Thumby! Happy New Year to you too! You still here with the "Authentic Christian" tag?! Hope we can get you on the straight and narrow soon! :-)


    2. Thumbelina


       Hello. Of course I'm still a Christian.

      Actually, 'tis you that I hope will get on the straight & narrow road 😃 ; eternal life is at hand, man.

    3. Realist


      I do find it difficult (actually embarrassing) to believe that people who were brought up in the Western Education System still holds such "flat earth" beliefs! 

  2. Moral law

    I believe the bible & I'm hoping that some lions would reason with me based on scripture. The questions I posed are some food for thought for those who tend to criticize the bible & the God of said bible.
  3. Moral law

    All God created was good, good & very good. Now, if He only made machines & other objects that had no will then He would not have had rebellion. He chose to create beings who, like Him, has volition. Since creatures with volition cannot decide to create themselves, they were granted a choice, to keep existing or not. Who wants to stay in love relationship where there's no reciprocity? Certainly not God! Maybe needy creations would, but not Him. Which upstanding teetotaler mother, who raised her son right, & he turned out to be a raging drunk, should be told: why did you give birth to that?!!!! About the shooting, the law says don't murder ( you didn't specify if he shot someone in self defense; not all killing is murder but all murder is killing). The shooter had a choice, to shoot or not. God exalts His Word/law more than His name/title. His law shows His character. If you want you can answer some of the questions I asked in my response to Florduh. "Heathen hugs to you Thumbelina. I expect a snappy response 3 months from now. haha" Heathen hugs? What's that? Do I have to give it the side eye?
  4. Moral law

    @ Florduh Your dispute is with God creating "evil" as in calamity, right? Let me ask, is it better to break your leg than it is to have your head severed?
  5. Moral law

    He did. John 3:16. He made the provision for all but not all will choose to accept said provision. God became a man to identify with us, He suffered too but His physical suffering was momentary compared with eternity. I reckon God's emotional pain would be worse & longer than any created beings' (the redeemed will forget about pain & suffering but God won't).
  6. Moral law

    Man, stop it! I am a sinner just like you & any other human. Neither I, nor anyone else can boast. The only difference is that I'm saved by grace; Christ's righteousness has been imputed to me because I accepted it.
  7. Moral law

    It's the feisty lioness that I remember Hi!!!
  8. Moral law

    For the benefit of WHOMEVER wants to know: An innately holy God cannot sin, Pops.: Every good & perfect gift comes from God. Anything that deviates from that is part of the curse; the curse, because of sin/transgressing God's moral law, is deserved (Proverbs 26:2). Are you saying that love should not involve justice? Are you saying that wrong CHOICES should not be punished? God's instructions to deal with slaves as in Exodus 23:9, you mean? Skeptics tend to picture the slavery that God mentioned in His instructions as if it was like the Middle Passage or something. No, it wasn't. Unfortunately it was a part of the culture just like polygamy was. Didn't some of God's people get caught up in polygamy? Yes ... & it messed up their homes! Was that God's ideal? Was that His ORIGINAL plan? Graceful God worked with them, even if it meant He had to let them learn moral lessons the hard way. Also, I would like to ask, is it better to save some people than to save no people? Should humans have a crab-in-a-barrel mentality (look up crabs in a barrel on YouTube)?
  9. Moral law

    Man, stop twisting the scripture to your own destruction. You guys are great for lols, you're funny. I really do want you to be saved (not being intrusive, just saying what I feel).
  10. Moral law

  11. Moral law

    Hi Pops!!! *Christian hug* Man, human trafficking is at an all time high these days & folk are supposed to be less Neanderthal-ish. I wish skeptics will stop using God's descriptive writing interchangeably with his prescriptive writings. Some faulty behaviors were/are part of God's permissive will (God meets people where they are at) & not His expressed will. Just like He didn't create Adam with a harem, He didn't create him with slaves. All of that happened because of sin.
  12. Moral law

    Answer: For there must be also heresies among you, that they which are approved may be made manifest among you. KJV No doubt there have to be differences among you to show which of you have God's approval. NIV 1 Corinthians 11:19 To compare & contrast God's moral absolutes with created beings' self-governing decisions.
  13. The Simplicity Of The Christian Message

    Thumperina, When you say that the god I described was not your god, but Satan, are you admitting that you DON'T worship the god of the bible, or that you DO worship Satan? Have a good day, TheRedneckProfessor Neither. I do worship the God of the bible who is a wonderful, loving, merciful savior. Satan is the bloodthirsty tyrant you described in your blasphemous statements.
  14. The Simplicity Of The Christian Message

    Ficino So you're agreeing with the bible which says this planet is cursed & entropy & death occurs? What hope does atheism offer anyone? ----------------------------- "Hi Thumbelina, welcome back." Hello. Thank you . I tend to miss bantering with you. Hope you're Ok? "I think that by now, you know that people don't just decide to make an act of faith in atheism. Rather, they discover, often after much travail, that Christianity's unique claims have no foundation. Life and everything in it starts to make sense as it never did before." Yes, I realize that, friend. Most people who become atheistic did not get a good, practical picture of God that will offer them something better than what the world offers. Thumbelina: So what is the hope of a person who has come to realize that there is no God? "The hope of everything good that we experience, create, and share. It's not hard. It's better to live in reality without a pie in the sky fantasy than to live the disordered life that the fantasy, and the leaders who profit from it, demand." ... but if we're realistic we see that many people use fig leaves of self-medicating- alcoholism, materialism, escapism etc., to deal with this transient life & world? The peace that this world offers is based primarily on material success. What happens when all that crumbles? Can atheistic beliefs give hope to people. Even the rich tend not to be happy. People want to steal from them or use them etc. & I believe we're all made with a yearning for God. Ficino, I think you realize I care about unbelievers not perishing for the reason of them misunderstanding God's love for them, right?
  15. The Simplicity Of The Christian Message

    The RedneckProfessor: "Thumperina," Why call ye me a thumper? Do you feel persecuted by the Word? The Word cuts but it's the cut of a physician; it cuts to heal. Don't resist it, man, it's for our sake. I said this lightly but I realize that many had bad experiences, hence you being ex-Christians. "If god had not betrayed Adam and Eve in the garden, by placing a test before them, which he intentionally made impossible for them to pass, then perishing, death, entropy--call it whatever you want--would not be something god would need to "save" us from. god is a joke; and a bad one at that. He's the clumsy fool who sets up a series of tragedies in an effort to impress the fair maiden by swooping in to save her at the last minute. What must we be "saved" from? god's regret for making us as he did, "tempting" us as he did, intentionally setting us up to fail, as he did in the garden." If you alone are innately immortal (1 Timothy 6:16), how would you ensure you are not enslaving beings to live with you against their will? Will you give them a choice between life or death? ... or will you just leave them to live miserably forever & resenting you? Would you be a merciful God & give quasi naïve transgressors (Luke 23:34) probationary time to see if they truly want to die or live? If you love your children & they rebel & as a result they face oblivion, would you want to prevent it as far as possible with you? Why do some folks who know eating a lot of sugar & not brushing their teeth will cause tooth decay, continue to do those things but when nerve pain actually starts it spurs them on to follow the rules for healthy teeth? "Were god not such an incompetent ass, we'd have no need for "salvation". In truth, if god were even the slightest bit intelligent, we'd have no need for him at all; because his "plan" would have been circumspect, forward-thinking, and rational (like the plans humans make). Instead, your god purposefully sold us into sin so that he could buy us all back as slaves. He genuinely expects us to be grateful for his betrayal. What hubris! To think that we, mere mortals, would not be able to see through his designs to create evil and unleash it upon the earth using Adam and Eve as his scapegoat. god hates himself most of all. No sentient being could be so full of false-pride, arrogance, simultaneous lust for blood and praise without a deep-seeded hatred for himself. Why would he be so hell-bent on hell, unless he knows deep down inside, that he deserves it most of all? Why would he demand, with such vigor, the destruction of his creation, if he didn't see in it the very nature he hates within himself? Your god is a hideous distortion of all that is good, noble, and beautiful in the world and in humanity. A tyrant, a despotic idiot with the mentality of a 12-year-old and a codependency to match. WE don't need to be saved by him; HE needs to be saved from himself. And in saving himself; maybe there's a chance the rest of us could be saved from him." That god you described is not my God. You described Satan, except he can't create anything exnihilo. You're right, no created being can handle Glory & Praise; with that comes SND-- Situational Narcissistic Disorder. Only God is innately selfless, therefore He's the only one that is worthy of praise & honor. "Have a good day, TheRedneckProfessor" Thank you for the well-wishes. Hope this day is good for you.