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    Have been on this journey of discovery for the past 5 years ... my sons have particularly helped open my eyes as they started attending university and challenging our evangelical/charasmatic way of life. I also have a great friend who is agnostic who has really helped me think for myself.

    I was raised in a christian home and became involved in youth group, leading singing and believing with all of my heart that whatever I did in life had to glorify god or it was worthless. Instead of taking graphic design at college (which was my original desire) I was recruited into a 'mission organization' ( or cult, as I believe it is now) I went to their schools of discipleship and evangelism and worked with youth with a mission for 7 years before I married. My husband and i were completely 'sold out' charasmatic christians with no 'worldly' pursuits but only to 'serve the lord'. We went o another school with YWAM after our marriage but then returned to my homeland to raise our family. I continued to lead worship and be a completely devout christian. I always spent at least 1-2 hours a day having a 'quiet time' in prayer and bible reading. If someone had told me I'd lose my faith even 10 years ago I would not have believed them. It's a long story but I eventually got disillusioned with 'church culture' and began to really dig into the background of the Bible, which was my sole source of 'truth'. After months, even years of learning and discovery I had to face the truth -- So easy to see the inconsistencies and fallacies of religion now that I'm outside looking in but not so when you are in it!
    Loving life - even with the tension at times between past christian friends and family - still learning and in fact, am back in school fulltime finally taking graphic design and absolutely loving it.

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  1. I would love input from some of you regarding how you have handled or ar handling 'coming out' to past christian friends. I haven't been to church services in over 4 years but there are still some friends from my past that I keep loosely in touch with. So far, I have mostly avoided getting into depth about where I am now in my world view. I do not like conflict and figure it's easier just to play along or be silent when 'god talk' comes about. My husband is still a christian but doesn't go to church now either so when our 'christian friends' are around - i just let him talk in reference to the
  2. "I had to learn a brand new strength within myself and it was not easy. By standing up for who you are and being authentic, you must face the fact that many will abandon you and that was always my greatest fear...abandonment. Abandonment would always leave me feeling not good enough/not worthy enough. But I know I am now...at least for a certain few people in my life. These will be the friends that stick with me no matter what because we allow each other to be open-minded and non judgmental. If the others leave...so be it. If they don't like me anymore...so be it. It hurts like hell to say th
  3. Is anyone familiar with or read this book here? I've been doing a bit of research on schizophrenia as I feel it is something that many Christians deal with and don't even realize it and/or certainly aren't open to the possibility. Just wondering if this is a worthwhile book to pick up.
  4. Speaking of the 'end times' and Jesus second coming - the fact that it still hadn't happened yet in my lifetime was one of the 'chinks in my armour' that drove me from faith or at least started me questioning , even if, ever so slowly! I had been inundated with end time books, tapes, videos and sermons in the 70's as a teen and then into my 20's so much so that I firmly believed that I would never make it to my 30th birthday (1990). I was absolutely convinced that Jesus HAD to return by then with all the signs being fulfilled etc. I was seriously shocked when I turned 30! I really couldn't b
  5. Journey


    I have always liked creating inspirational pictures and text. As a Christian I used to always use bible verses with an illustration but now make up my own quotes from my heart. I am fascinated by fire and created this digital painting in photoshop and put in my definition of 'hope'. Maybe it will inspire some of you.
  6. I like your approach, Lifecycle, I really feel more emboldened than ever to be more forthcoming with my worldview now and your statement "I've reconsidered the faith and moved on," is perfect. I remember watching a star trek episode where one of the main characters said "IYou are re-examining your core beliefs, something we should all do from time to time" and yet as a christian we are taught to run away from doubt and questioning because those thoughts are from satan. Thanks for the encouragement ... I think I'll use your line next time I'm in that situation.
  7. It's been about 5 years now since I deconverted, although it was a long and somewhat gradual process. My husband is still a believer altho we live peacefully together for the most part. I doubt he's truly accepted that I have deconverted and likely holds on to the belief that I will 'come back to my senses' eventually. He stopped going to church about the same time I did altho I never encouraged him to. We havn't been in contact with many of the circle of christian friends and in many social situations with christians as we used to for a long time. Yesterday, however, we were invited to a we
  8. These people must be so extreme in their religious fundamentalism that they think science is evil and wrong, so they refuse to believe anything other than what they were taught by their religious teachers as truth. You hit the nail on the head. When one truly believes in the inerrancy of the Bible - they can't allow themselves to see things any other way. I know, I am still married to one and it's always a major point of contention so we tend to avoid it. So very frustrating~!!
  9. The thing is, I was always taught and believed as well as read in the bible that god's original creation was 'good' basically 'perfect' lacking nothing. If that was the case maybe Adam and Eve never needed to 'poop' - what say the apologists ??
  10. ok, so this may seem like a weird question but it is one I've thought about off and on even before I deconverted. If, as we were taught, that the biblical god is so wise and all knowing then why would he create man and other animals so that they have to eliminate waste?? Why not create them to process food/energy with 100% efficiency? That would eliminate the need for sanitation, sewers etc....and a host of diseases wouldn't it? Ah, but just maybe animals developed naturally instead of supernaturally - because natural just makes more sense!
  11. I did a presentation of 'fraud and trickery' recently and found many resources - especially the James Randi foundation and Skepdic.com This short audio clip says it all when it comes to psychics. It's all about 'subjective validation". http://www.skepdic.com/UV/subjectivevalidation.mp3
  12. In one of my classes yesterday (Critical Issues) we were discussing how women are portrayed in the media and how advertising is increasingly sexualized, portraying woman as mostly only useful as sex objects etc. We watched a very thought provoking documentary called "Miss representation" http://youtu.be/TyC2iWrSYJ8 Prior to the documentary our instructor gave a presentation of how gender roles have been portrayed in the media over the years. At first very much placing women in a stereotypical role of homemaker, subserviant to her husband etc until feminism arose. Things started to chang
  13. Mycroft,, I've been on both sides of what you are going through. I've been the worried christian/fundamentalist parent afraid that her sons are heading down the wrong path of life and couldn't understand how they could throw away all the christian worldview we'd raised them in. However, now I'm in that place myself! Don't give up hope that maybe something you've said or something you've questioned in front of your parents will eventually cause them to 'seek' the answers and find that you were actually right... as I did! As my sons came into their later teen years and then university they said
  14. It is indeed a very scary thing to consider that we can be so deluded to believe the bible is inerrant. In a recent family situation where one side of our family are supporting my brother in law who molested his own daughter over several years ( now a court case) and some of the rest of us who are on my nieces' side and supporting her, I posted this on my facebook page: "None are so blind as those who refuse to open their eyes"... I didn't reference it directly to my family supporting the pedophile but they were whom I had in mind - funny thing is some of them clicked 'like' as if to say we w
  15. I remember also the euphoria of corporate singing when the charismatic movement swept north america, esp the more traditional type churches like anglican/catholic. I was young - around 12, and I remember everyone would just start up in one big chorus of 'singing in tongues' ... it was rather beautiful and inevitably someone would speak out 'prophetically' but I can so understand that it was not a supernatural event now but just human emotions connecting in a corporate setting.
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