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  1. I agree with the bold. Usually, things get worse before they get better. In this case, christians being more extreme and on fire in an effort to prevent them from going extinct.... Wouldn't it be easier to pray to "god" to bring them more numbers? LOL Oh, I forgot, god is not real.
  2. * I have 10% more money! * Parking in the expectant mothers spots and not fearing punishment! * Doing errands on Sunday mornings before all the crazies get out of church! * The shock of others who NEVER thought I would leave the faith! * Posting on this site!
  3. I would have personally would have lost my "cool" by saying, "Excuse me, shut the fuck up," even though that is probably exactly what they want me to say. I am surprised I didn't go off on them. I'm very easygoing, except when it comes to christians. How I would have loved to invite the woman outside to give her something from god, and beat the living shit out of her! Then I would have left the husband my copy of richard dawkin's "the god delusion", which was in my car at the time!!! However, we can hope that by behavior like this, these extreme christians will soon be extinct!!!!!!
  4. So they were supporting and enabling sinners to continue to sin. May Ceiling Cat have mercy on their rubber soles. Yes- that contact definitely demonstrated to me that I am so right to stay away from christians. I will also never deviate from my diet again, to avoid this punishment.... LOL What is wrong with these extreme christians today? They chase people away from the church. I say they should keep it up! At least their behaviors are making more leave the faith and come over to the better side-- the non-believing side!!!!!!!!
  5. So what was she doing at the place then? Was she there to solicit her religion only, or was she there to order stuff (i.e. sinning too)? Awesome! Perfect response. Actually, I can believe it. Thanks for the kudos for the "perfect response". That made my day to hear that! They were there to order-- I'll bet it was the kids brunch.
  6. I know-- I never was raised to interrupt people who were trying to place their order. No wonder the kids were out of control, huh? Who would act like that in a public place today?
  7. I see you are from North Texas, too. This was somewhere in Plano, on one of those "P" streets, Park, Parker, Plano Pkwy, one of them. I am still in disbelief!
  8. I had an unfortunate encounter with some verbally abusive "christians". It goes like this: I lost a bunch of weight and have been maintaining it. Well, I gave into temptation and went into the candy/ice cream store early Sunday afternoon. I started to place my order and was distracted by these loud and obnoxious children that kept bumping into me and were screamig at eachother. I became too distracted to order and just stood there at the counter while the mom did nothing to simmer them down. Finally, I went ahead and started placing my order and the mom interupted me: "Do you have kids? Wh
  9. I have heard good things about Seattle...I will research more... the rain is small price to pay to be away from xtians. Do they have any of those mega-churches there? When I lived in Louisville, the atheists referred to the megachurch there as "Six Flags Over Jesus"- I think it has its own zip code. YUCK!
  10. Oh my- that is so hurtful. It irritates me that some pastors abuse their "authority" this way. I have a conclusion-- after you left the church, your depression subsided..... My mood vastly improved within 6 months of quitting the church. Now I try to enjoy life since I have so much lost time to make up for AND to piss off the christians who say I am going to hell. I hope I do, so I don't have to see this christians again That will ber my heaven! I hope you are doing better!
  11. Hi neighbor! It's crazy here--the suburbs like Plano are full of 'em. Where do you go in Dallas to find fellow non-believers?
  12. From either statistics or personal experience, where can one live to minimize christian contact? I relocated to Dallas (from up north) 9 months ago, and this place is infested with christians. Churches on every corner like a Walgreens or Starbucks. Some of them actually flip ME the bird because THEY pulled out of church in front of me- imagine that! My Jewish aunt said Houston has an excess of christians too, and its hard for them living there. However, I heard that Austin seems to have less christians than any place I've ever lived. I am just trying to be around like-minded people a
  13. Here in Dallas, I've beenm bombarded with these doorhangers. I want to make a sign for the front door ("Proud Atheist" or "No christians Beyond this Point") but wouldn't it be like a bee and honey? I think I would attract christians from all over Texas trying to save my tortured soul? Please help!
  14. How have other ex-christians handled christian solicitors? I am speaking of the ones who leave little door hangers and mailings inviting you to their bible study and churches that meet in the community schools. I am also talking about those nuts that come up to you in parking lots with pamphlets and hand goodies out to you and say that it was from god. And the worst is those that boldly ask: "Where would you go if you were to die today?" I don't want to debate with them-- I just want to say something that makes their jaw drop. However, I don't want to be subject to that old "I'll be pra
  15. I am against most debt also, BUT: I did read in a business magazine that Student Loans are considered GOOD DEBT. It is regarded as an investment. And with the economy being the way that it is, I think it would be wonderful to go back to school to learn a new task and be even more marketable once you complete it and the economy gets better. You will be just that much ahead. I am speaking from experience b/c I am working on a graduate degree and taking out loans. I financed my undergraduate with loans as well. The loan companies are great at working with you with forebearances and deferrmen
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