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  1. Are the .1% are shooting themselves in the foot by hording. Presently, the rich preside over a demographic pyramid that is top shaped and de-stabled. Ironically, because the rich have put themselves so far from the base, they themselves have become the most unstable part of the pyramid. This is not good for the rich. Trickle down, an economic concept which is what we all live in, if increased would remedy the stability problem. With the world below being de-stabilized by the rich, due to their distance from the bottom, and the rich knowing the benefits of stability, would be well advised to lower its demographic position and bring profits to the whole demography. To the rich, with profits to all being possible, I would ask, what are you waiting for? Regards DL
  2. Did God err in making Adam ruler over Eve?

    And you do not see punishing the innocent instead of the guilty as an error. Ok. You must be a Christian with those morals. Regards DL
  3. Did God err in making Adam ruler over Eve?

    Gnostic Christian. Can you read? Or at least find something worthy of reading to say..........????..........????? Regards DL
  4. Did God err in making Adam ruler over Eve?

    Check Michelangelo's Eden painting and have a look at those nice breasts on the serpent. She is Satan. Do not imagine Eves head turning. It is too erotic of a picture if you do. He also did a painting of the Pope getting the finger from an angel in another. Quite the card that painter. Red Gen 3 again and tell us what God says before reaming off his list of punishments. Those are the so called sins. The sequence in your first sentence is off but no point in my splitting hairs. Just because he does not think he erred mdoes not mean he did not. Regards DL
  5. A nuclear WWIII will never happen. Dishonor will prevent it.

    True and those who turn the key will not take responsibility for or be insane enough to bringing the extinction of the human race. The fact that fools can bring us closer the way they are doing today will scare the F out of everyone and that is what will create change. We do not need an alien invasion as envisaged by Regan that helped bring down the wall to bring us together. The insanity of the systems we have created will do just fine. Nothing quite like fear to bring people closer together. Right? Perhaps we should praise Trump and Kim Lung-un for showing us hoe stupid the rest of us are and get us off our collective rumps and move to a sane system of government. Regards DL
  6. A nuclear WWIII will never happen. Dishonor will prevent it.

    All good points. Take out hydro, like someone speculated, and the world backs up 100 years in 3 days. By the 5 day, we are all trying to cut each others throat. Our technology has weakened us to full dependence on it. So much for living in free countries. We have slaved ourselves to our technology. I agree that a crisis looms above us. That might be a good thing if it forces all combatants to the negotiating table. Nato, the Commonwealth, the E.U., Eastern block countries etc, will have to sit down soon as the planet basically revolts against us due to environmental change and forces us to either cooperate, or compete. I think we will cooperate and organizations, likely led by the U.N., will be given the teeth to bite any country that does not kowtow to what the world wants. We may not have a choice if we want to maintain our semblance of civilization. Regards DL
  7. A nuclear WWIII will never happen. Dishonor will prevent it.

    Honor is not as you describe when a soldier who is ordered to do a first nuclear strike knows that if he turns that key, everyone he loves will die. No one give the U.S. honor for killing non-combatants and women and children in Japan and those bombs were justified as war enders. Anyone who uses them for war starters with face dishonor and will be reduced to a third or forth world nation, if the world survives. No man of honor will do a first strike. Regards DL
  8. A nuclear WWIII will never happen. Dishonor will prevent it.

    Semantics and an idiotic conclusion. Regards DL
  9. A nuclear WWIII will never happen. Dishonor will prevent it.

    And you do not understand military honor. If a soldier, would you turn the key for a first nuclear strike knowing that M A D will kill all those you love? Regards DL
  10. A nuclear WWIII will never happen. Dishonor will prevent it.

    I hear you but leaders with militaries that will not dishonor themselves are just noise. If push came to shove, I envisage either death or being ousted for either Trump or Kim Jong-un should they try to place the whole world in nuclear fall out danger. M A D works and all the military systems in the world knows it and will not violate it. They would know that even if they won, they would lose honor and gain disgrace worse that 100 Hitlers. Regards DL
  11. A nuclear WWIII will never happen. Dishonor will prevent it.

    I am mostly ignoring our less honorable oligarch owners and their bought and paid for lackey politicians. I place my trust and base my views on the military men and women who know what military honor looks like. They know that their initiating a first nuclear strike against non-combatants and women and children would only bring shame and dishonor to them. They want to wear their medals with pride, not shame and dishonor. Regards DL
  12. Did God err in making Adam ruler over Eve?

    I do not call myself a Christian. I call myself a Gnostic Christian. There is a huge difference and that is why the intelligent who can discern good morals say that the only good Christian is a Gnostic Christian. Regards DL
  13. Did God err in making Adam ruler over Eve?

    The bible bids us to test all concepts. I would say that definition errs. Regards DL
  14. Did God err in making Adam ruler over Eve?

    Thanks for this. I like to talk of Eden because if Christians can get it right, they might back off a bit on their unjust misogyny. We will see who pops up. Regards DL
  15. A nuclear WWIII will never happen. Dishonor will prevent it. Wars are fought for honor and a nuclear WWII would have nothing but shame for the initiator of such a war. Our leaders know that there would be no honor in a nuclear war that would destroy our environment and insure that there is no real winner. Any leader or military war machine under his command that would initiate such a war would know dishonor like the world has never seen. The hate for Hitler and his regime and ideology is still alive and well in the world and that hate would be dwarfed by the hate that the initiator of a third WWIII would feel from the world. The main reason for that hate and denial of honor would stem from the fact that any nuclear war would be fought against cities and their citizen instead of having an honorable battlefield war. No leader or military force will dishonor itself the way the U.S. did in Japan. Honor in war comes from facing an enemy man to man and our technology has now made that impossible. There is no honor in killing innocent non-combatant citizens in their beds from thousands of miles away. Ordinary people know this and so do their leaders and military. Mutual assured destruction says that any nuclear war will be self-genocide. Some who do not know why wars are fought, and honor sought, may think some leaders are foolish enough to initiate a nuclear war but forget that no high ranking military man, especially of Asian descent, would ever dishonor himself and his family by initiating such a war. Such a man of honor would never initiate such a dishonorable war. A man of honor would know though that he would not be doing his duty if he did not retaliate. Reciprocity is fair play and is honorable and duty and honor would force a reciprocal reply. Do you understand the psychological principles at play shown above and do you agree? Regards DL