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  1. Satan gave man love. Was it worth the hate? Adam thought so. He instantly and without argument or hesitation ate of that knowledge when Eve offered love to Adam. Without Satan causing Original Sin, mankind could no know of love or hate as love and hate are subject to being good or evil. Would you do as Adam did? Was Satan right in opening our eyes to love and hate? Should we venerate Satan more than Yahweh who tried to deny mankind love? Regards DL
  2. And you do not see punishing the innocent instead of the guilty as an error. Ok. You must be a Christian with those morals. Regards DL
  3. Gnostic Christian. Can you read? Or at least find something worthy of reading to say..........????..........????? Regards DL
  4. Check Michelangelo's Eden painting and have a look at those nice breasts on the serpent. She is Satan. Do not imagine Eves head turning. It is too erotic of a picture if you do. He also did a painting of the Pope getting the finger from an angel in another. Quite the card that painter. Red Gen 3 again and tell us what God says before reaming off his list of punishments. Those are the so called sins. The sequence in your first sentence is off but no point in my splitting hairs. Just because he does not think he erred mdoes not mean he did not. Regards DL
  5. I do not call myself a Christian. I call myself a Gnostic Christian. There is a huge difference and that is why the intelligent who can discern good morals say that the only good Christian is a Gnostic Christian. Regards DL
  6. The bible bids us to test all concepts. I would say that definition errs. Regards DL
  7. Thanks for this. I like to talk of Eden because if Christians can get it right, they might back off a bit on their unjust misogyny. We will see who pops up. Regards DL
  8. Did God err in making Adam ruler over Eve? Scripture are clear. Sin and death entered this world through Adam, and he was thus to blame for original sin. Yet God rewarded Adam with dominion over Eve even though Eve was not responsible for sin and death entering the world. Gen3:16 and thy desire shall be to thy husband, and he shall rule over thee. This shows God continuing the policy of punishing the innocent instead of the guilty that is shown in scriptures. 1Peter 1:20 He was chosen before the creation of the world, but was revealed in these last times for your sake. God seems to be rewarding Adam for sin while punishing Eve for the events in Eden even though she was innocent of sin as she did not have any evil intent and was deceived by Satan, a force that she could not possibly resist thanks to God giving Satan the power to deceive the whole world after God put Satan in Eden with Eve. If making man ruler over women that was an error, it would help explain the 5,000 years of war we have had to endure with undeserving men as rulers. Gnostic Christianity, a Universalist belief system, believes in full equality for all souls. Christianity obviously does not believe in equality if it preaches that men are to perpetually enjoy ruling over women. Not to mention the inequality of gays. Did God err in making Adam ruler over Eve and thus punishing the innocent instead of the guilty? Regards DL
  9. The point is that you could do the same as what you do in this safe space elsewhere, --- where you might have a more positive effect against ideologies that are harmful to all including your own family. Regards DL
  10. There are movers and shakers and there are watchers. Life is to be lived, not watched. Nice that in the days of the civil war, there were enough doers. Regards DL
  11. Nice. Words will destroy them if put wherever immoral ideologies are found. Regards DL
  12. All those you mention fly the same cross. No one mentioned threats or violence. My ideology says reciprocity is fair play and one should return what one is given, be it good or evil. To reward evil with good, is evil. Regards DL
  13. That is true for all of us, but we are talking of homophobic and misogynous religions. We are all in this together and few household or bloodlines will not have women or gays in them. That is why I mentioned the Golden Rule. In this case phrased as do for others as you would want done for you. Keep up the good work in this relatively safe site. Regards DL
  14. Good reply. Thanks. People have to be engaged as an ideology or religion cannot be shown the evils of it's ways and cannot be argued with. Sweet. If you are successful in showing how his waiting for Jesus to return to send all other than his elect to hell, as well as showing the past history of Inquisitions, and he still sees it as a religion of peace and love, then his brain washing is too deed and you should walk away. Not directly but if they continue to promote an immoral or evil ideology, they should be either confronted or shunned. The U.S. has just witnessed swastika wearing supremacists, parading around and a woman died because of it. Some of those swastika wearing people may have been good people but they were flying the same flag and are all responsible for what happened. Your logic above seems to think not. See my last remark. When in discussions of whether the religious or non-religious are responsible for most of the wars in the last 5,.000 years, both side paint each other with the same brush and only speak of two flags. I see it as a waste of time to do otherwise. Regards DL
  15. Those terms are well defined in any dictionary and I am sure you can argue well for your position as you have ----1 Thessalonians 5:21 Test all things; hold fast what is good. You should consider ---- Proverbs 3:12 For whom the Lord loveth he correcteth; even as a father the son in whom he delighteth. --- and show your love. On ‎05‎/‎10‎/‎2017 at 9:26 PM, LogicalFallacy said: I don't think I would call it a force. Perhaps concept because, as you rightly say, it is subjective. Agreed. If they fly the same cross then they must take the heat or praise that that flag brings them. All who contribute to the cross are contributing to the religion as a whole. I agree that some denominations are better than others but they all contribute to the whole. If they say they are accepting and peaceful, a reminder of their Inquisitions should be all you need for you to show that history belies what they are telling you. I do not see Jesus as a historical character. I see him as an archetypal good man that the church took advantage of. That is laudable but why would you respect those who promote an evil and harmful ideology? That is being more truthful than respecting what does not deserve respect. Truth is all you need to show. What you describe, without getting into semantics, fits the definition of a part of your ideology. An ideology is just a way of thinking or a belief system. If unreasonable, sure walk away. if reasonable then you should engage to bolster what you believe. If you see a worthy argument against what you believe, you can then " accept ideas from many ideologies". Test all things to insure you are always in the best position. True or false is a hard sell. Moral or not is harder for your interlocutors to run from as they cannot hide behind their faith screen. Apologies for the poor quoting. I hope it is not too hard to read. Regards DL
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