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  1. Hey you, yes you right there! You think that's funny?

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. mymistake


      You can see me?

    3. Deidre


      lol mymistake hahaha

    4. Xerces


      See who? Muffuggin ghosts up in here!

  2. Still looks like the same good ol Ex-C, with the addition of some mods.

  3. Xerces

    Torn In Two

    Religion thrives on the emotional aspect. The whole dying for us isn't that grand. If Jesus is god then sacrificing one human body is peanuts for the almighty creator.
  4. we at the hotel! motel! holiday inn!

  5. Our planet is amazing lets do what we can to make it last.

    1. LifeCycle


      Babylonian Dream is right... Let's waste shit and reproduce lots of little future consumers and wasters! Be fruitful and multiply like rabbits!

    2. boftx


      What does it matter? Whether or not one is a believer, we'll all be dead and gone eventually and it won't matter to us either way at that point.

  6. Your self depreciating attitude is getting really old. You're fucking lucky to even have what you do have yet you're complaining how bad life is. Get the fuck over it.
  7. I want a little indentured servant, like a robot or something

  8. Gotta find me a Honda Accord

    1. Margee


      I've heard MANY people say there is no better car than an 'Accord'! good luck my friend!!

    2. Thought2Much


      I've had my Accord for ten years. Excellent car. The thing runs very nearly as well as when I bought it. However, I have also been hearing good things about the newer Hyundai Sonatas.

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