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  1. Hey you, yes you right there! You think that's funny?

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    2. mymistake


      You can see me?

    3. Deidre


      lol mymistake hahaha

    4. Xerces


      See who? Muffuggin ghosts up in here!

  2. Still looks like the same good ol Ex-C, with the addition of some mods.

  3. we at the hotel! motel! holiday inn!

  4. Our planet is amazing lets do what we can to make it last.

    1. LifeCycle


      Babylonian Dream is right... Let's waste shit and reproduce lots of little future consumers and wasters! Be fruitful and multiply like rabbits!

    2. boftx


      What does it matter? Whether or not one is a believer, we'll all be dead and gone eventually and it won't matter to us either way at that point.

  5. I want a little indentured servant, like a robot or something

  6. Gotta find me a Honda Accord

    1. Margee


      I've heard MANY people say there is no better car than an 'Accord'! good luck my friend!!

    2. Thought2Much


      I've had my Accord for ten years. Excellent car. The thing runs very nearly as well as when I bought it. However, I have also been hearing good things about the newer Hyundai Sonatas.

  7. Someone that I know threatened to break my computer, I hope they know if they try that I'm gonna lay their ass out.

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    2. florduh


      They break on their own...all he has to do is wait and take credit.

    3. Xerces


      Fuck him if he tries to press charges, I'll say it was self defense.

    4. Xerces


      Considering he said he would use a baseball bat.

  8. Gonna be 22 in less than a week

    1. Akheia


      Good for you! Made it another year. I hope you have a wonderful birthday.

    2. Wings


      So young! Enjoy :):) Have a great bday!

    3. Xerces
  9. cavities suck

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    2. sjessen


      you got that right!

    3. florduh


      Remember when the barber would give you a shot of whiskey and yank that tooth out? Oh, wait. Even I'm not that old.

    4. Xerces

  11. I'm hooked on some legend of the seeker right now

  12. new computer is here, YEEEAAH

  13. If there were not enough oil to go around, I wonder how many people would support their country taking oil from other countries. The U.S. pretty much already does that. In the future, I wonder if there will be a planet wide easter island type scenario.

  14. changinh username to badmanx

    1. Xerces


      previously Xerces

  15. I need to be reinvited to that skeptic group on FB. I made a new one. Don't judge me..! LoL :P. I still think Sean Parker is an asshat though.

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    2. MagickMonkey


      I bet there is a general skeptics group, though.

    3. Xerces


      there is a big atheist one to

    4. ConureDelSol


      Ah okay. Then I don't feel left out. LOL. I'm in one of the atheist ones.

  16. This asshole listens to the same music CD everyday. Its great to have a routine and everything, but he should buy another fucking CD.

  17. Estimated 2008 revenue for Runescape between 50 and 150 million. What the fuck?

  18. The dick in a box song is stuck in my head.

  19. I'm a shareholder, yay

  20. Vladmir is a really popular name in Russia isn't it?

  21. Everything is about money, isn't it?

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