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  1. Your self depreciating attitude is getting really old. You're fucking lucky to even have what you do have yet you're complaining how bad life is. Get the fuck over it.
  2. I'm pretty sure you have nothing that would further the discussion.
  3. My thoughts exactly, there shouldn't even be a discussion anymore. It's like people speaking against interracial marriage. What's funny is these christians try to list reasons why gay marriage is wrong, that is destroys families, gays turn children to homosexuality, etc. They ought to just fucking say what is on their minds, and what is on their minds is a lot more disgusting than they are letting on. Although some do go the extra mile and say homosexual people should be put to death, that homosexuality should be outlawed, but that seems more and more rare as the assholes try to sugar coat the
  4. The George Bush administration did a great job managing our economy!
  5. Yes, don't put words in my mouth. 1) Yes, 2) Yes and 3) Yes Yes, I believe all the Old Testament laws were moral, and God's laws are just. I also believe the New Testament is a new covenant and our behavior is to change based on the New Covenant. The laws have not changed. Our behavior has. I find it hard to believe you have not heard this before so by all means just cut to the chase. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gzAorFB0Zm0
  6. Because you said god cannot do something. Probably the most popular analogy is the god and heavy rock one. I'm sure you've heard it before.
  7. So god isn't all powerful then. Which makes god fallible. If god were real.
  8. Temper temper... Where's that good ol' xtian love?
  9. I hate seeing hardcore but softcore gay porn is a good inspiration to go to the gym IMHO Watching hardcore bareback will get you swole.
  10. Sounds normal to me, kids will be kids. My sister isn't a lesbian but she likes looking at boobs from time to time. Sometimes I see guys that are attractive, but I mostly am for girls. Hell I'll be honest and say I've even done the deed while watching some muscley gay porn before. Not ashamed at all.
  11. I want a little indentured servant, like a robot or something

  12. Gotta find me a Honda Accord

    1. Margee


      I've heard MANY people say there is no better car than an 'Accord'! good luck my friend!!

    2. Thought2Much


      I've had my Accord for ten years. Excellent car. The thing runs very nearly as well as when I bought it. However, I have also been hearing good things about the newer Hyundai Sonatas.

  13. Tell them you don't feel comfortable discussing religion while you're working.
  14. Does it have to be a letter? Why not a post card with a smiling animal that says "Bye bye muthafucka!" or something.
  15. I whole heartedly support the death of violent criminals, like that person that killed that lesbian couple in Texas or wherever it was. If I had the opportunity to shoot that person I would. But I'm not gonna just go around shooting people hoping its the person that killed them.
  16. She sounds like a bitch. My mom is also against anything that has to do with homosexuality.
  17. The one where you were sobbing about how 300 people got executed out of a zillion who deserved it? That one? You listen to a little too much death metal. Your use of sarcasm is also really poor. I probably have as much of a distaste for many people as you do, but why would you shrug off innocent people being needlessly executed? Doesn't make sense to me.
  18. I think if they are undeniably guilty, just shoot them. Why should they be given food, and a place to sleep when they have committed horrible violent crimes? Doesn't make sense to me. But if the evidence isn't enough, then no.
  19. Nice to see my thread is still kickin'. I wish we could all understand about this subject as much as you clay. Maybe if we did we'd all still be xtards. You should prove bible god exists first, (which you can't do). After that, then you would discuss these other things as if god actually existed, debating bibles gods morality and actions, etc.
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