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    Read my previous posts. In that Sikh temple case, nobody prayed to Jesus to intervene and prevent that tragedy from happening. God CANNOT stop people from doing evil by their own volition.


    In a larger perspective, God CANNOT stop people from committing evil and end up going to hell.


    So god isn't all powerful then. Which makes god fallible. If god were real.

  2. Sounds normal to me, kids will be kids. My sister isn't a lesbian but she likes looking at boobs from time to time. Sometimes I see guys that are attractive, but I mostly am for girls. Hell I'll be honest and say I've even done the deed while watching some muscley gay porn before. Not ashamed at all.


    I hate seeing hardcore but softcore gay porn is a good inspiration to go to the gym IMHO


    Watching hardcore bareback will get you swole.


    So, does anyone have any good examples of letters? Ones that you yourselves have submitted? Maybe this would be a good place to put them for all to glean off of, in case others like me have yet to go forward with withdrawing their membership.



    Does it have to be a letter? Why not a post card with a smiling animal that says "Bye bye muthafucka!" or something.

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    Still, that still doesn't justify, IMO, permitting the guilty majority to continue living just to spare a few isolated exceptions each year.



    I whole heartedly support the death of violent criminals, like that person that killed that lesbian couple in Texas or wherever it was. If I had the opportunity to shoot that person I would. But I'm not gonna just go around shooting people hoping its the person that killed them.

  5. Now what about the argument that I actually made?


    The one where you were sobbing about how 300 people got executed out of a zillion who deserved it? That one?


    You listen to a little too much death metal. Your use of sarcasm is also really poor. I probably have as much of a distaste for many people as you do, but why would you shrug off innocent people being needlessly executed? Doesn't make sense to me.

  6. If you truly want to understand you would take the time to study what is written on the subject.


    Nice to see my thread is still kickin'. I wish we could all understand about this subject as much as you clay. Maybe if we did we'd all still be xtards. You should prove bible god exists first, (which you can't do). After that, then you would discuss these other things as if god actually existed, debating bibles gods morality and actions, etc.

  7. How are you supposed to solve problems without thinking about them?


    Your instincts. Do what feels good and only think about the things that really need thinking about. Like uh, paying bills and shit. If you're gonna eat doritos or cheetos while wanking it, those sorts of things. Ya dig?


    There are a whole lotta I's in that big wall of text. You think to much, about yourself mostly. Maybe if you diverted that attention to something else. I'm not suggesting what that something else should be, but you just need to stop thinking so fucking much. You know people who constantly think are depressed more often. Don't even think about my post, take it with a grain of salt.

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  9. And wasn't your big mystical experience smoking weed. Weed doesn't always just calm you down, if you find a kind that disagree's with you it can fuck you up mentally particularly if your not in great shape to begin with.


    If that happens you just smoke more of it.

  10. Hi Guys,


    Have not been on here for a while. I wanted to share a song that my church played last week during worship. I felt the Holy Spirit move so intensely during this song. I know it is not just the song, but it is an amazing song. It always brings me closer to God each time I hear it. It is almost 13 minutes long, so brace yourself. It starts off slow, but it speeds up, I promise.


    I just thought maybe some of you would benefit from listening to it. It really takes you to new places. Give it a shot, you have nothing to lose smile.png




    Song for a song?


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