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  1. Your instincts. Do what feels good and only think about the things that really need thinking about. Like uh, paying bills and shit. If you're gonna eat doritos or cheetos while wanking it, those sorts of things. Ya dig?
  2. There are a whole lotta I's in that big wall of text. You think to much, about yourself mostly. Maybe if you diverted that attention to something else. I'm not suggesting what that something else should be, but you just need to stop thinking so fucking much. You know people who constantly think are depressed more often. Don't even think about my post, take it with a grain of salt.
  3. If that happens you just smoke more of it.
  4. Someone that I know threatened to break my computer, I hope they know if they try that I'm gonna lay their ass out.

    1. florduh


      They break on their own...all he has to do is wait and take credit.

    2. Xerces


      Fuck him if he tries to press charges, I'll say it was self defense.

    3. Xerces


      Considering he said he would use a baseball bat.

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  5. It'll get easier over time, and you won't be afraid of anything anymore. You're gonna really enjoy not having to live by absurd religious rules anymore. You'll also notice a boost of self confidence I think, since you'll rely on yourself a lot more instead of religion.
  6. Anything can be addictive. But porn isn't a menace like xtards portray it to be.
  7. Gonna be 22 in less than a week

    1. Akheia


      Good for you! Made it another year. I hope you have a wonderful birthday.

    2. Wings


      So young! Enjoy :):) Have a great bday!

    3. Xerces
  8. Not really. Just like I don't care about what food you like. You can do whatever you want.
  9. Song for a song? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WjvZ2r4gzxs
  10. cavities suck

    1. sjessen


      you got that right!

    2. florduh


      Remember when the barber would give you a shot of whiskey and yank that tooth out? Oh, wait. Even I'm not that old.

    3. Xerces
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  11. A question better answered by science. My simple answer, relationships should not be one sided. Shouldn't have to put up with being taken from and not given anything in return. Don't let yourself get burnt out.
  12. I listened to him once, he became successful by preaching success to other people, right? Seems kind of unsavory to me.
  13. I don't think you needed to make this thread, if you only have 47 posts since 2009, you're nothing but a footnote here, and shouldn't expect anyone to remember you. Also, you need to do some more reading, because your claims about xtianity make me think you've had your head up your ass since '09. The only difference now is that you've shoved it farther up there.
  14. When they start showing other people respect then maybe I will to. I doubt that'll happen.
  15. YAAAWWWN... Your kind ain't welcome 'round here.
  16. They need more people like you in China.
  17. Not just any ordinary fluffy bunny. A magical fluffy bunny.
  18. You should go dressed as jesus. Shouting to the people that you've returned. Would be hella funny.
  19. Ok Doug, here is my question: How can I have a personal relationship with God when there is no way for me to hear God's answers clearly? There cannot be an effective relationship if there is no effective communication. Yes, to have a personal relationship with God, one needs to be born again (from above), which means God's Spirit comes INSIDE and stays there forever. Would you like a Scripture verse that explains this? gods spirit does cum inside, that's why mary got preggers
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