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  1. This reminds me of a play my mom made me goto, it was called heaven's gates and hell's flames. Basically it depicted people in everyday situations, they die, and some either went to hell or heaven. They made sure to emphasize on the scariness when people went to the place with the guy in the satan suit.
  2. back from WA, needs more money, hates walmart, thinking about joining the national guard,fhooray!

    1. gypsy79


      in other words, the body count will continue to go up

    2. Naughtyhamster


      :( I hope my BF gets sent to Germany as even with the calm now in Iraq you never know what might happen.
    3. Xerces


      Yeah, I wish we weren't even over there. Hopefully we don't start anything with Iran either. Seeing as the Russians sold them fuel rods recently or something.

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  3. leaving this morning for WA, gonna be gone for a week

  4. It has been some time since I left xtianity. The anger is supposed to dissipate the longer you've been away from it right? But I am still angry, I'm angry at everything an xian is and stands for, I think their religion is just about as important as a shit stain on your new leather seat BMW. Because I live in the bible belt I find myself often irritated at people, even the people I know on face book, I sometimes don't even want them on my facebook because they're so fucking knuckle deep in their religious beliefs and it pisses me off, and when I try to discuss it with them its like talking
  5. I can't really explain why I find something unimaginably awkward with the OP. If my two cents is worth a mere 2 seconds, I would say, find a new role model.
  6. I dunno what it serves, but I would prefer not to have it, shaving is a PITA though. For xtians I wonder how they rationalize some of this stuff, if people are "made" in "gods" image, why are there so many flaws and unnecessary details attributed to the human body and how it functions? Xtians could say well, because of sin everything was blown out of order. They should really explain the nature of sin, and explain why "god" would radically alter our bodies and make us feel pain, for a simple disobedience. I don't believe that they can explain such a severe punishment for something so small, "g
  7. Why not use it? I love it, it gives spice to anything, goddamn-see it just kind of rolls off the tongue. Its one of those fun words!! Now here's a clip from not another teen movie, I think you'll enjoy it.
  8. I like how she has foregone any sort of discussion about the validity of her beliefs and instead turned ExC into a platform for her evangelical nonsense.
  9. Don't you know? Its not about the inconsistencies, its about Jesuses love for us and how we're all dirty sinners without him. Never mind all those powers Gawd is "supposed" to have, its about us being hopeless and depressed without Jayzuz inside us! But yeah, I agree with this. If "God" can bend reality like puddy why is the universe the way it is? Why is it not more pristine and perfect instead of cold and deadly? Why would "god" put us on a planet, when "god" could have just as well made heaven our home like his "angels". Whats the purpose of organic life? Being the almighty sure must be
  10. If the XIAN god does exist by some inexplicable means, I would refuse to bow down & follow "it" regardless. I would gladly go to hell and burn than serve that piece of shit, and right before I get sent to wherever that is(and if given the chance)I'd spit on the bastard.
  11. I am such a night owl goddamn lol

  12. hmmm two french vanilla cappuchinos and three monster burritos, this isn't gonna be pretty

  13. If you're going to be her personal religion teacher then, yeah I would expose her to other religions and ideas so that she could better mold her decision on what she wants to believe. Then again, she is merely five. Why people think religion is so crucial that they need to instruct toddlers about it is beyond me. If I had a kid, my top priority would be to help them be a successful student in school. I'd let them have fun and be themselves, and most of all, I would teach them about life first, not religion, if they asked me about religion I would gladly help them learn about it. About your
  14. Better yet, Prove should explain the whole book of Job.
  15. Evidence isn't based on faith, it is more like a puzzle, science finds pieces, then based on where they place the pieces they can glue together a a coherent theory of what is true. Wheres your evidence? 1.Will the beings you create be equal to you or less powerful? What is this question for? If anything answering this question shows how your Gawd has eerily similar features to how humans make decisions, some of "his" decisions are even psychotic, if you look at the old testament, think about it. 2.What degree of free will will you allow to those beings? Ultimate free will, and
  16. Believe me when I say Gospel and other "Xtian" music pales in comparison to other music. About the only band that I like that is supposedly xtian is that one band called flyleaf, especially the song "I'm so Sick"
  17. Okay so if I follow your logic, everything we see and hear is controlled by the devil... Okay, well what if God is the devil and the devil is really God? Then you're fucked. See how paranoia isn't a good way to establish beliefs about reality?
  18. germany has some awesome bands

  19. However noble you think that is, nobody here appreciates hearing about your God stories in an attempt to convert us. If you aren't going to present evidence what are you doing here? That is extremely insulting that you have the assumption that we are mindless sheep ready to eat that emotional tripe about Jesus loving us.
  20. How intriguing, I haven't been following this but from what I gleaned from this thread, she left Xtianity for emotional reasons, then came back to it for emotional reasons? While I do believe we need emotion, and that it is one of the most important attributes we have, I cannot understand how someone could go back to a religion like Xtianity. However I have a few good guesses. If she is still here I have a couple of questions. What "research" did you do? Did you look at the evidence for both sides? And in regards to your first post of the thread, people don't leave your faith because they
  21. Science is getting there, Dark Matter was proven to exist in 2009, there is also a what, 14 mile long particle collider that is gaining enough power to "maybe" reveal how the universe actually came about.. I remember posting in this thread weeks ago, I saw this up to 81 pages and I thought to myself, what the fuck? So I proceeded to read some of the more recent posts, basically everyone has bent over backwards to help you, then you pretended to leave after someone told you like it is, and then you came back to debate some more. Now you're playing the emotional trip again about losing your
  22. some girl that I debated god with on facebook, who also happened to get really angry during our little conversation, just got a job at whereI work, i mean, what the fuck?

  23. lol yeah the scent of shame, and regret :P

  24. been having computer issues >.

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