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  1. Lmao,your kid is awesome. I wish would've been like him when I was 11 xD
  2. fuck da police!

    1. Tabula Rasa

      Tabula Rasa

      Dude, what happened?

  3. http://www.newser.com/story/95824/misogynistic-church-would-let-polanski-stay-a-priest.html Maybe this should be in new section but I read this and it pissed me off so I am gonna rant about it. I don't have an immense knowledge on everything the catholics have been up to, I've of course heard about the child rape cover ups and such, and I am sure there is even more shit. I also know about how they went to Africa to tell them not to use condoms, but this is just ridiculous, how can someone equate letting a woman teach about religion to child molestation? I mean what the fuck! I guess it
  4. ask me about my swamp ass

  5. If you think they would make it hard for you to become independent if you revealed the truth, then I would not tell them. I hope your family is not like that, but it is a sad reality for some people, having their own family turn on them for beliefs, or being gay, etc.
  6. The Universe is imperfect, you should give this a watch if you have the time. http://topdocumentaryfilms.com/into-the-universe-with-stephen-hawking/ If an all powerful God existed there would not be all these inconsistencies with creation. Yeah sure, granted some "thing" could have created all this, but why believe that when there is no way of knowing? That is why it is called faith. I mean, do you know just how many different things you could believe in based on faith alone?
  7. fuck airline websites

  8. I appreciate some of his points on certain things. But he can also be a real douche bag when it comes to talking about his militant vegetarianism. He even makes his cat eat a special vegetarian cat food lol.
  9. IMO there are several "differences" between men and women, but I do not believe that these differences come together to create something we could define as "better" than the other. I couldn't look at a woman and a man and point at one saying, "yes you're better than the other" because what exactly are we talking about in terms of better? Survival, strength, intelligence...? While not every person pushes themselves to their fullest potential, I believe that both men and women at their fullest potential are not "better" than each other. Because anybody who does not live under a rock can see that
  10. Sounds a lot like OCD. You may not even need counseling, you might just need medicine to help you help yourself control your racing thoughts.
  11. Oh I'm not one to be picky about who I start a discussion with, unless of course they're a moron. You are definitely not a moron. :)!

  12. That is the beauty of free thought, you can think what ever the fuck you want to think. As for listening to people, always look at the evidence. Even if people are divided the evidence will stick out like a sore thumb.
  13. Exactly, especially for someone who is really devoted to their religion. The religion weaves itself into us so much into our identity and who we are as a person, that when the time comes, (if it comes) to break free from it, that its as if we're tearing a part out of ourselves. Its completely normal to feel lost and confused, angry, etc. I think Insippity's, (thats my new nick for him)- feelings are perfectly normal considering the sudden realization of everything he thought he knew turning out to be a complete load of shit. Sort of like the Matrix movie, only minus the fake reality part
  14. noo chat is down again!

  15. aw man what happended to the chat?

  16. tuesday is gonna be a fun day

  17. oh and welcome to ExC

  18. okay you've got to tell me where you learned about brain chemistry lol, I'd like to learn to, was it a college class? and when I said it was all brain chemistry, I never said anything about drugs. :P I said "Its all brain chemistry"

  19. a song that will put a skip in your step is called "Dance Commander"

  20. thinking about working two jobs, I could pull it off lol

  21. "I do not believe that life could exist without a creator." For what reasons? And how would a creator exist without another creator greater than such creator? You should check out the "Blind Watchmaker" "I do not believe that any God would create life without a purpose behind it." Why not? If I was a god I might create something just for shits & giggles because its not as if I would have anything better to do. Doesn't mean I gotta have a purpose for it, maybe to cure my boredom, but nothing extravagant. "I don't think that the Bible is the literal word of God. Inspir
  22. So I was talking with my brother inlaw(xtian) and a buddy of mine about a girl i've been seeing, i have a certain dilemma going on that I won't mention because it doesn't pertain to the purpose of this post. Anyway, I was talking to them about how all the stuff I have heard about her turned out to not be true, anyway it was all a big rumor bullshit soap opera type of thing going on at where I work. And it turns out she is actually a pretty cool girl, but previous I had plans to move out of state, but now I am contemplating the idea of rethinking that decision. So my inlaw says I should not get
  23. rucka sideways like vaginas

  24. You know, valk is right, you're trying to put the burden of proof on us, but the burden is on you, we lack the belief, so make us believe, that is why you are here right? To make us believe, to "save" our souls right? So get to it, I want to see some solid evidence, your personal experiences don't count, and quoting scripture doesn't count either, I want to see some real scientific evidence. Another thing, we could argue all day about the bible, and argue about god as if he were real, but you should really prove god first before arguing about the bible. For example, arguing about why god f
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