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  1. I have a difficult decision, what to do what to do... goddamnit lol

  2. You can't disprove that there isn't a infinitely powerful man dancing around in a ski mask without anything on but a thong, holding a huge baby doll, and he is dancing to this song, on the asteroid ring of a planet far far away. <object width="425" height="344"><param name="movie" value="http://www.youtube-nocookie.com/v/xPTucJRSBaE&hl=en_US&fs=1?color1=0x2b405b&color2=0x6b8ab6"></param><param'>http://www.youtube-nocookie.com/v/xPTucJRSBaE&hl=en_US&fs=1?color1=0x2b405b&color2=0x6b8ab6"></param><param name="allowFullScreen" value="
  3. I have read different sections throughout the entire thing, I don't know when I will get around to reading it from front to back. If I do I'm going to skip those "he begat so and so and lived 300 years" blah blah blah. But, I also would like to read the Koran too, and maybe that Ethopian bible I heard about, because both of those include some gnostic gospels in them. I'm really interested in the Gnostic gospels, and the other books that people in high places decided they did not want to have a place in the "bible". Cause those really bring out the whole absurdity of it all it seems, like in on
  4. I guess I could say I went through something similar, and even right now I do not have it figured out. For me, it is depressing that I feel like I don't have that "confidence" anymore, the knowing of what everything and anything is really about, the comfort of thinking "god" will take care of all my troubles "eventually". The more I learn though, after leaving xtianity, I have a new found confidence, and a deep awe for everything, I have a confidence in science, that it will find the answers, maybe long after I am dead, if we have not blown ourselves up with nuclear weapons. It will find the a
  5. Xerces


    Cause what people do in their private life affects all of us! Fuck texas. http://www.nydailynews.com/news/2010/06/22/2010-06-22_texas_gop_platform_criminalize_gay_marriage_and_ban_sodomy_outlaw_strip_clubs_an.html
  6. I don't think a kid would be equipped to understand the intricacy of such a belief system at that age. Veggie tales sugar coats it so kids can better digest it, if you've seen those children stupified bibles you know what I am talking about. It is seriously fucked up when adult men and women expose their kids to such tripe, thinking kids actually need to take beliefs seriously at that age, what a load of horse shit. Its as if they trick kids into believing by drawing them in with fun stories and games, and telling them this jolly fellow named jesus loves them and shit, without of course te
  7. Xerces

    I'm Back.

    You're free now, xtianity does not control you. Don't worry about finding answers and just enjoy yourself for awhile, live a little dangerously, fuck things up, have fun. If you're afraid, try blaspheming god and cursing god and see what happens, nothing happens! No bolts of lightning or dead puppies, you're free dude. By the way, if you do happen to have Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, a good book to read about it I heard is called Brain Lock, check it out.
  8. Life is really beautiful, dangerous, unpredictable, but beautiful none the less.

  9. You can most likely attribute it to the conditioning of xtianity. In my honest opinion I do not see any other way of explaining something like that, someone more experienced than me can help you maybe.
  10. I say be whoever you choose to be sentinel, don't make friendships with people who don't approve of your lifestyle. I think you will find special people out there that you can rely on and trust, friendship exists, real true friendship, but that type of bond won't be created with everyone you meet and become "friends" with. People have their own reasons for doing the oddities that they do, it does not mean that it is your fault, or that you should care.
  11. baggy workout pants ftw

  12. had a book on my shelf for awhile "The hero with a thousand faces" I think i'll start reading it tonight, it deals with all the hero myths through the ages

  13. cause hollywood messes everything up

  14. lovin the new layouts

  15. nice pic bro

  16. welcomez, there is tea and snacks on the table as you walk in, enjoy your stay.
  17. so these people drove down my street laying on their car horns and handing out bible school flyers, assholes

  18. is this a new forum game? lol If God really so loved the world... He would have created us in his image without it being that we are biological machines that can fall prey to a host of things that can result in death, disability, and insanity. Great Job you all powerful bastard!
  19. Wow you know, I had some mind problems going through my deconversion too, but there were other factors contributing to my dilema, a dilema I could not tackle alone, I had to take medicine for a period of time. I'm not on it now of course but I needed it at the time, you're not weak for asking for help from a professional, you're weak if you cannot admit you have a problem and need help. I highly doubt your problem is religion alone, there is something else dude..
  20. I hope I am not like that when I am old, belligerent and opposed to new ways of thinking. I'm gonna be one of the cool old people. But yeah I agree with you that, if America does it, it would influence the whole world.
  21. Maybe because Xtianity and religions such as Islam are taking it upon themselves to go around causing the most trouble in peoples lives, ever think about that? It is not as if I will go find a Taoist and be extremely offensive to them, because Taoists don't give a shit for one, and most of them that I know of are not looking to create a scene.
  22. I think its sort of a process, it starts out small, then you know, it gets big(no pun). Until of course you realize you're no longer believing in any of it, kind of like peeling back a big ol stinking onion of dogma.
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