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  1. You know Adelice, its funny that your profile says you will believe in any deity or mystical fluff that suits your needs at any given time. Sounds like you want life to be a fairy tale, how about facing reality and get a life, you think you have problems? Please, what a fucking joke. I think i'll go shoot myself up with some drugs while banging two chicks, then i'm gonna go punch a baby. Toodles.
  2. cute and smart! :P haha I was pretending to act like a meathead in my previous previous comment btw.

  3. Thanks JW, coolest person on the forums. I think you're right to, the time elapsed between my de-conversion leading up to now has been a series of unique changes, the stuff really had its roots entangled with every part of my being, mostly because of all the damage my parents did.
  4. thanks JW, ur a pimp xD

  5. *EDIT* (I made this post late at night, I was kinda tired so I apologize for any typos or incoherency.) I realized something tonight, I was talking to one of my friends tonight, he is involved with a charity, long story cut short, there was this boy that was ill with leukemia, and he really looked up to my friend. My friend happens to be bald, the boy wrote him a letter, the first letter written in his life, he said hes likes my friend, that he looks up to him and that he is bald just like him, which he thought was really cool, and he wanted to be at my friends title fight (friend is a
  6. Cry me a river dude. First of all, what you think of as "morals" are not set in stone as how someone should behave. If someone likes sex, that is their business, if someone likes to have an alcoholic drink to relax after a long work day, that is their business(even if they want to get completely hammered.)being an atheist is a LACK of belief. I am so sick of people fucking telling me what atheism is as if its another dogmatic system that we left xtianity(and or other belief system) for. It means I do not see any reason to believe in a higher power, and that I am perfectly and utterly content w
  7. I wish they were real, and I wish I was the god of war so I could kill them all and fuck their goddesses.
  8. Dude, calm down. Try this, throw everything you know out the window, for your own sanity, then, when you are stable and on your feet, begin an honest investigation into non belief, and belief, compare science and religion, write down a list of your questions and just go searching. But listen, don't let it control your life, do you want that? Do you want to be happy or depressed all the time? Start thinking about yourself and your well being, and go find the answers, there is no magic to fix your situation, just hard work, and by no means am I trying to diagnose you, I don't have the educationa
  9. german for thank you?

  10. you're too mysterious ;]

  11. Vix you're awesome. Those were along the lines of my thoughts, I was thinking, isn't that just thinking positive but wrapped in a different package? Although I do confess to being ignorant of the beliefs being talked about, and seeing as ex-christian isn't really the place to nuke others beliefs other than xtianity, I will politely not say anything past my response to Vix.
  12. Its a need to know basis, everyone close to me knows, but for example I don't go shoving it in peoples faces at work, primarily because nobody ever talks about religion hardly at work so I feel that if it doesn't come up there's no reason for me to talk about being an atheist.
  13. dude, no one has commented here, first!

  14. of course you can, cause you read and shit like that. you can do it

  15. mhahahaaha, dude, my folks too, i feel you
  16. Ever since I took a philosophy class I view good/evil as sort of a latter. for example: something that is moral/immoral is on the universe social level something that is ethical or unethical is on the affinity groups social level something that is legal illegal is on the state/government social level and so on I don't believe in good and evil as defined by religion. I believe that we should do what we want, as long as we don't hurt other people.
  17. I hear monster.com is a good way to find jobs. I'd save up as much money as possible, and move the hell out of there, see if you can't room with someone too, probably would make it easier. Look out for yourself and think about what you need until you get on your feet then think about other people. Good luck.
  18. Ditto, I find that people that don't give a shit and have a non religious outlook on life seem to flock to me more, when I was a Xtian I did the exact same thing as you, I wanted to be the strongest faithful xtian. I have felt like you before too, sometimes it even crops up today, like I can't make friends with people for fear of rejection and what they might think of me, fuck em'. I'll give you a chance if you're looking for online friends, hit me up, I've got a facebook and skype.
  19. good job on the math!

  20. He will just try to trick you back into religion, you don't have to do shit for xtians look out for yourself.
  21. goodluck with ur school, hope to see more of ur posts on the forums ^_^

  22. i'm thinking about learning the piano myself, saw that u visited my profile, add me to friends if u want

  23. Fuck dude, I am glad you posted this. I have been depressed myself over the very same thing, I live in a county out in bum fucking egypt Tennessee, practically everyone here is a Xtian, and they are all extremely hypocritical. It makes me sick, I was thinking your exact same thoughts last night, how you want to escape to somewhere else, I can completely understand where you are coming from. That is why I want to get out of Tennessee... Don't get me wrong, if you look at it it does have its certain qualities, like emphasis on family and the simple life, shit like that, but all the god shit, and
  24. ditto i needed a break from college too lol, i'm so ready to have some fun and save up my money.

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