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  1. been to neither of those, I envy you lol. Omg I am looking at your interests, so many sports lol, you must be in really good shape haha.

  2. I don't know, I don't have a problem being nice to xtians and being friends with them. One of my really good friends is xtian.. I would only be aggressive to the ones pushing their shit on society, like they have all the answers, and that they and only them know what is good for society & individuals. I can co exist with people that keep their shit to themselves basically, a casual discussion about beliefs doesn't bother me though.
  3. Me and my closest friend are gonna be roomies in Washington state. We both needed someone to room with so why not the person you trust the most lol. Thats cool that you want to travel, i'd love to someday, I don't believe you should have to wait until you're old to enjoy life.

  4. You know, some people probably disagree with me, but fuck tolerance. These extremist nut jobs aren't tolerating us, so why should we tolerate them and their barbaric insane religious practices? This makes me so fucking sick, I can only imagine the pain all the kids have to go through in this world because of some fucked up beliefs. This is same type of shit like the honor killings I heard about, where the dad kills his daughter for having sex outside of being married. Fuck Islam, save the cushy tolerance for the idealist pussies and leave the real shit for the people who see how fucking screwe
  5. I haven't heard of worm theology before, but I was always told that without god that was a wretched sinner that needed the forgiveness of the father up above or I'd be sent to hell when I died. I was always degrading myself anytime I "sinned" because I wanted to have the up most loyalty to my "savior". I essentially wanted to be the best xtian possible, it was even worse because I thought if I could just be the perfect xtian I could fix all the crap in my life because my ultimate "faith" would prove to god that I wasn't just putting him on the shelf. I fucking hate xtianity because it tau
  6. I hear ya, i'm so happy to have a break lol i don't know for sure if I am going to the same college this Fall though, cause I'm almost certain i'm going to be moving to the other side of the country lol

  7. It depends how severe the indoctrination is IMO. You know, until the time I was 16 I believed in the xtian bullshit, just because I did not know anything else--its what everyone around me believed, all my friends and family were xtian so what was I to think, right? One question that set me on the road to leaving religion behind, was thinking to myself, that there are all these wonderful good human beings out there, but if they don't submit to xtianity they will be thrown in hell. I really just could not comprehend that, my parents were also stressing me out severely, I think that is what contr
  8. so what kind of paganism are you interested in? i know just a few things cause I did a research paper on pagans, but i'm sure you know more lol

  9. I actually did a research paper on stuff like that, about how people still treat pagans as if their evil. Some people are so ignorant it is astounding. OP, that pisses me off, I wish I was there when that happened I would have told that fundie fuck to shut his mouth or I would shut it for him.
  10. (thats what she said)

  11. I'd rather tie some string around my nuts, and the other end to a roller coaster than go back to a system of beliefs so full of holes. I'm too much of a thinker to go back to mindless believing.
  12. They sure are, someone has a world record for the biggest bon fire you know, its like as tall as a small building lol

  13. Go for it, that sounds like something I would do anyway. There was this shouting evangelical at new years and I called him a fucking idiot and walked off to enjoy the count down. I don't think evangelicals should not be challenged.
  14. Is your avatar from second life or anarchy online? lol

  15. I read his books, I wasn't impressed. None of the material in his books is convincing in the slightest. Yet I have had people tell me how wonderful his books are ect. If I wanted to read a book arguing for Christianity, I would read something from a person who is actually educated, not a washed up journalist or lawyer, whatever the dude is I forget.
  16. haha, you are a pyro deviant at heart eh? :P

  17. You'll find many of the beliefs, such as the golden rule, are scattered through out other belief systems, Xtianity is nothing special, just some good philosophy mixed in with some screwed up dogma.
  18. Yeah man, as long as she shuts the fuck up. I can't stand her voice.
  19. The one thing that pissed me off the most was being told that, a person could live a completely good life, help others, sacrifice to help the community, and just did great things throughout their life, but if they didn't "know" Jesus that they would still go to hell for not repenting. There are quite a lot of other things that tick me off too..
  20. Yeah, I hate it when I get told I'm not a believer anymore because I am mad at god, or that I never knew what "real" Xtians were like, or what "real" faith was to begin with. People think I don't have a good reason not to believe when they can't even give me a fucking good reason TO believe. Kind of funny I think. There are so many questions i have, I wish one could be answered without someone saying "well maybe god actually..." they just pull it out of their ass! Or my favorite, "we can't know until we get to heaven." yeah...right.
  21. If I could live in my own head, lets say it would be worse than any sci fi movie ever made lol.

  22. All atheism is is an absence of belief in a god or gods. Everything else is up to the person. If you could explain how an afterlife amplifies the meaning of the present i'd be more than happy to listen. But, I do not really see what the big deal is of believing in an afterlife, beyond the reason of comfort. Its like telling someone who has a horrendous disease that it isn't going to hurt, just to comfort them.
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