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  1. Ok Doug, here is my question: How can I have a personal relationship with God when there is no way for me to hear God's answers clearly? There cannot be an effective relationship if there is no effective communication. Yes, to have a personal relationship with God, one needs to be born again (from above), which means God's Spirit comes INSIDE and stays there forever. Would you like a Scripture verse that explains this? gods spirit does cum inside, that's why mary got preggers
  2. I hate that guy. And his wife is creepy.
  3. Xerces

    6 Months

    Money does more for your than your negatice thoughts. Look at it that way.
  4. I got respect for you for being willing to debate him. Good luck, he's a fucking dumbshit.
  5. You can't die like that. It has to be more dramatic. Like wrestling a grizzly bear and you both accidently fall off a cliff or something. But then you wake up to see Abraham Lincoln. Thus your new journey starts.
  6. Just be like "christianity? dat shit cray man. I'm out"
  7. To face palm? What about a good ol' fist to the face? Pow right in the kisser! If jesus were real he would've stopped that fist!
  8. Well you said multiple times you wanted to get on him. Maybe you're looking for some love only another man can give. Just a thought. Amiright?
  9. Where's the fucking redflag emoticon? Who the hell are you? Just who the fuck do you think you are to assert that you know what someone else knows? As if you had direct access to their thoughts. Yeah man, you just popped up on my radar big time.

  11. People are pretty fucking stupid.
  12. One pack of cancer please, that'll be 10.17$. On a serious note, my body was the best indicator that I needed to stay the fuck away from tobacco. It isn't that hard for me to put them down either, I dunno why.
  13. Take a look at what happens to non believers in America, especially the bible belt. Maybe not as extreme as death, but people subscribed to your religion are trying to control this country.
  14. Hey look a bible lesson! It isn't as if most of here were christians for fucking years. Thank you Jay you're SO INSIGHTFUL AND INFORMATIVE.
  15. Everything would be made of pizza, and I would eat said pizza. Thus says the pizza god.
  16. Xerces


    Find god through rape? That's a swell idea isn't it?
  17. Xerces


    You're just not praying hard enough.
  18. I'm hooked on some legend of the seeker right now

  19. I was furiously fiddling with my balls. When I looked at my balls, my hands weren't fiddling them, must have been Jesus.
  20. Move to WA, plenty o' work here.
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