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  1. Yes, he did cry out to God, ' My God, my God, why have you forsaken me?? ' He said it because that was his condition on the cross at the time. He really was forsaken by God. But he did not lose his trust in God. Far from it. After that anguished cry, he stated, 'Father, into your hands, I commit my spirit.'.


    Hey look a bible lesson! It isn't as if most of here were christians for fucking years. Thank you Jay you're SO INSIGHTFUL AND INFORMATIVE.

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    The issue where I live is more like underemployment....there aren't many available jobs for the well educated or I'm not looking in the right places (which could very well be true). I just talked to the temp-agency where I work and there are a couple of jobs that she's sending my resume to-possibly something starting tomorrow for a week. That'll be good.


    Move to WA, plenty o' work here.

  3. I don't know how I'd handle an extreme case like this. I guess it depends on how I'm involved in it. I do know that after 2 decades of answering 9-1-1 and talking to suicidal people and those who have come home to find their loved ones dead on the floor with a bullet in their head or swinging by the neck that it has a permanent negative effect on you. Does being comforted by a diety help you in this case? Maybe. Maybe not. How do you handle knowing that Catholic priests rape altar boys? How do you handle knowing that Christian televangelists fleece the gullible for their life savings? How do you handle knowing that god allows things like the holocaust to occur?




    I dare you to watch the Passion of Christ and try your best to remain an atheist!


  4. You should be able to find employment fairly soon. Who wouldn't employ someone with a Masters? Unless you're a computer programmer, then your job goes to some cunt from India. But yeah, shit happens, as long as you have the wits and will to survive, you'll be just fine. At least that is how it has panned out for me.

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    The question is not whether you love Jesus or not. The more important question is whether you know how much Jesus loves you. Very, very few people know anything about Jesus loving them. This is the main failure of most Christian churches.


  6. I'm really tempted to find some beheading videos or videos of stoning to hammer home the point to this bitch that Islam is a load of crap. I'm sure she'll say it is a religion of peace, the usual. I don't understand why you're here Eemaan, my life has enough meaning without religion, I don't want what you're selling. Go away.

  7. Since majority of people in this forum, because I'm a Muslim, choose to insult my religion (and one that I believe in forever), it becomes almost necessary for me to reply. Maybe not right now as I'm not having time.


    Welcome back, fuck Islam.

  8. If it was me, I'd tell her I'd be having pre marital sex every night, that I'm gonna befriend a drag queen, a satanist, a mexican tattoo artist, and a midget, and you're all gonna go out as often as you can to party and get completely fucked up on alcohol and drugs. Maybe burn a church or two, and that you'll be learning a new spell that'll allow you to eat souls and send them to hell.

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