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  1. Beautiful big breasted women that could grant me lots of wishes but not with unlimited power, cause you know, when women get angry at you, things happen
  2. I don't know about stronger, but I do think leaving it has brought me to a point I might have already been at had it not been for the negative effects of Xtianity. I do not feel guilty about tiny fucking things, I don't look at something that is completely natural and human as sin anymore, I have more self esteem, I'm immensely more accepting of people, even though fucktard xtians piss me off. I'm highly skeptical of things, I look at the world more rationally, and the way I look at things such as world issues, and love have changed. In a nutshell I would say I've done a complete 360' from who
  3. Wow man, I see what you did there. You're so wise. As for my reply to sentinel, for starters talking about it is a good thing, the psychological dismay with the idea of sex might require a counselor, I'm not saying it will but it couldn't hurt to try. As for guys liking you, they will, there is always somebody out there that will like you, it might just take some practice talking to guys and making more male friends. You have the ability to be a go geter, you have the ability to have charisma and charm, and even sexy if you wanted to. It will just take some time, don't beat yourself
  4. It appears to be all about your Dad, and that your Mom is just playing along because she is just as much under his, and the "tiny communities'" control as your sister. It definitely sounds like a real cultural and psychological cluster fuck. I think your Dad cares more about himself and his pride, and is extremely domineering. To me, and it sounds as if they were very harsh on you when you were younger, mine were too, its really hard to heal from. The way I got through it was to get angry, I could not be scared anymore, for my own well being I had to say enough was enough. I don't talk to them
  5. you'll get through it, my parents are as fundie as they come so I know how it is lol

  6. I'm from TN too, what part are you in? lol

  7. I don't understand the title lol, do they mean it is actually bigger, or that they found the other 90% they were missing this whole time? Either way its gigantic, but I'm just confused.
  8. I think he is just a myth conjured up from other hero god son myths. If and he was a real man, why would I trust what witnesses said about him when most people back then believed in supernatural and superstitious bullshit to begin with? How many people back then were skeptics? Religion ruled the world, because no one had a better explanation of why things were the way they were at the time.
  9. If they aren't yelling, they are whispering. LoL I'm not sure if they think it is more holy, or if they really believe they are loved by that psycho they read about in the buybull. However you might have a point, she was mentioning how people are headed for destruction, maybe she does think shes righteous or some nonsense. I don't worry about it much, F prechers.
  10. I agree about them preying on people in weak states. Its like this "Aww you feel bad? Well you know what would butter those nuts of yours?! Jesus! he'll take all your pain away!" its like a bad 19.95 dollar product commercial. It would take literally something extraordinary for me to consider going back to xtianity. But I have a hunch that will never happen in my life time. I see some people that ignore all the flaws xtianity has, and they sort of cherry pick the good parts out of it and call that xtianity. Maybe that works for some people, that is their own business, but for me I just cou
  11. Mine is pretty cut and dry. As I was doubting, I didn't tell a soul, friends, family, nobody. Eventually, I decided I was sick of xtianity, so I left the faith of my own accord, and became an atheist. I had lost all confidence or faith that there was a god. So, for awhile after, I still didn't tell anyone, I kept my atheism hidden for months. But for me, it was very very hard, I felt like I was dying inside because I wanted to stop putting on the charade of being a xtian, I was tired of attending church, and praying after my meals. One day I went downstairs and just flat out told my parents th
  12. The proof is in the sauce, the power of FSM compels you!! *throws sauce @ christian*
  13. While I haven't had one solicit to me in awhile, I usually rip up their little pamphlets if I see them conspicuously places somewhere, like a bathroom, or a f'ing gas station pump LoL. I heard one way to get rid of them when they come up to your door is to start thanking Satan for bringing them to you to eat. Personally they would highly regret trying to advertise their crap to me, I'm a very dark and angry person when it comes to people trying to push their religy stuff onto me.
  14. Started having doubts when I was 16, left when I was 17. Never going to turn back either, f that lol.
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