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  1. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7rDNt7hsBeA&feature=player_embedded
  2. You said you were leaving Ex-C, but came back. You admitted to trolling people in the past, which also means you admitted to lying to people. You also admitted you keep going back to that dude whatever the fuck his name is. Therefore, by your own admission, you're all of those things. I'm having a hard time believing you're married, if I was in his position I would've left your ass already, because you refuse to work on your problems. Instead you do the same things that don't work, thinking you'll get different results.
  3. Had the 2nd interview, this time with the general manager, but I asked him what the chances of me being hired for the position are, and he said since I haven't had any prior leadership roles that he probably wouldn't hire me for shift supervisor. Should I try to talk to him again and try to persuade him or would I be pissing in the wind? I don't even understand why they would call me in the first place. But it really is a decent position, I feel as though I'm doomed to work jo...

    1. Xerces


      jobs that make me want to shoot myself in the face for the next 2-3 years. Unless I joined the army, in which case someone else would be shooting me in the face. But the perks?

  4. Only advice I can offer is just try to keep your mind sharp, question everything. You could try meditation or aerobic exercise. And in all honesty, the "war on pot" is fucking stupid. Better than smoking cigarettes. If I was a cop I don't think I could arrest a person for just carrying around some MJ.
  5. Grocery stores and retail businesses will hire just about anyone. Drug addict and homeless for the past 20 years? No problem! If you're stupid enough to attribute god to the reason you got yourself a retail job, maybe you should just stay in retail. You need an education like a whore needs a cure for herpes. Thanks for the laugh asshole.
  6. What do you do next? Well, nothing too drastic. The same way you can only sip a very hot drink at first, but shortly after you can drink it without being cautious. Stay on Ex-C, post, ask, learn, read, watch. It'll help you come to terms with everything. I wouldn't tell your wife right away, not until you feel ready to. You've got to figure out the best way to explain your new position to her, hopefully avoiding any conflict. And don't think of your old life as wasted years, you're still a human being, things like this happen, try not to be hard on yourself. Think of all of this as a new adven
  7. I should know sunday. I'm very confident.

  8. If philosophy is a byproduct of our brain, and our brain is a byproduct of evolution, I don't see why science couldn't be used. I know people seek out things, as you said, should've worded my post better. I dunno dude, ever since I left religion in the dust I haven't been able to get on board any spiritual boats. Can't find a reason to.
  9. Books are written by humans. So not all human nature sucks, just some aspects.
  10. Never knew about Nordstrom until today, have heard extremely good things about them. I think I'll try my hand at getting on there.

  11. So I had this interview for a shift supervisor job. The dude that interviewed me said I should be called by the general manager monday or tuesday. I haven't gotten a call yet. I'm assuming they want to hire me though because when I submitted the application they called me for a interview the next day. I don't see a reason why I would be given the ring around. I'm wondering how long I should wait for a call before saying fuck it and looking for something else.

    1. Xerces


      Although I am currently employed, I am always looking for something better.

    2. Akheia


      How frustrating! Is there a reason why you can't look for something else while they figure their butts out? They won't know there are "simultaneous submissions" in the pipeline, right?

    3. JadedAtheist


      Don't wait, ever. I learned that from being burned more than once. If they don't get to you in time, fuck 'em. Their loss, not yours.

  12. The verses in your first post only talk about death. Those don't answer the question. And those revelation verses are stupid, why keep them in hell just to bring them back out to tell them they're fucked? Maybe thats why I heard something about John the Baptist eating Magic Mushrooms. Wouldn't surprise me.
  13. It's all very stupid. But, you know, christians don't ask themselves these kinds of questions I guess, or they make up some bullshit to rationalize it. Kind of like cigarette smokers that try to rationalize smoking.
  14. That actually makes a lot of sense. People probably seek out certain experiences to fill various voids in their life, even if those experiences come from something that might not be true.
  15. Could you lie to buy more time and then come out later? Do you feel it would be marriage shattering to tell her? If not now, when do you plan on telling her? What do you want most for yourself and your family? Just some things to think about I guess.
  16. Love, the meaning of life, those kinds of things I suppose.
  17. I think a lot of christians hold onto the idea that a person has to believe before the moment of death to actually achieve "salvation". But I'm not entirely sure where this comes from. Maybe they assume that a person instantly goes to one place or the other depending on how they lived. But, there is a bible verse that would contradict that: "For we must all appear before the judgment seat of Christ, that each one may receive the things done in the body, according to what he has done, whether good or bad" (II Corinthians 5:10). This would suggest that even after death a person would hav
  18. Invention idea, the taint sponge, perfect for anyone that lives a lifestyle that leads to generous amounts of smelly taint sweat. Just equip it between your legs and go!

  19. Potatoe in the tail pipe, sponge on the landing pad, two in the grips, and one in the hole, what am I?

    1. London


      You're either a motorcycle or a badly stocked kitchen.

    2. PeaceOfMind


      ...A golfer with a bad case of hemorrhoids?

  20. My guess what be that they are not satisfied with the current knowledge, and assume they can find answers faster by using other methods.
  21. There's a difference between helpful advice and letting someone else make decisions for you. You're essentially saying you need other people to help you make decisions because you aren't confident enough to make your own, and that you're probably even scarde to make them on your own.
  22. If you were indoctrinated from a young age it can make it very hard. I didn't get away from religion until my late teen years. My sister is in her thirties and she is still religious. Because of me abandoning religion though, my younger brother has taken a more agnostic stance to it all.
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