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  1. Humans just don't work that way. There is always going to be competition and disagreements to some degree.
  2. This wasn't what I was thinking about what I read the thread title.
  3. Status update about what I'm doing right now because it is completely relevant to your daily life.

  4. You should ditch the chat rooms, mentors, and second life altogether. And you should find a good professional counselor and also look into finding a full or part time job to occupy your time.
  5. Supposed to hear from them Mon. or Tue. , could be the start of a good career, crossing my fingers.

    1. noob


      I'm hoping for the best for you!

  6. Because they can't cook. Anyway, after reading about brain parasites, I'm never eating raw meat again. Although I usually only ate sushi occasionally.
  7. If I was making around 44k a year at age 24 would that be fairly decent? What about 90k by the time I'm 40?

    1. Xerces


      That's the plan.

    2. mymistake


      Depends on inflation and cost of living in your area. More important than your salary is that you live below your means.

    3. Xerces


      I already do that. But I want more. :P

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  8. What's the point? It's trying to make sense of everything using the same methods people have been using for centuries, by using spiritual type beliefs. And so far only the scientific method has worked. I'm not arguing against those right here and now, but I don't understand why they're still being used when they don't work. Many have lived and died thinking their beliefs were the truth.
  9. In case you didn't notice this isn't a christian forum. And do yourself a favor and find another job, Wal Mart is shit.
  10. Microsoft is really pushing it's Kinect device, fucking annoying.

  11. If I was bitten on the cock by a snake, with no hope for professional medical attention, what would I have to do?

    1. JadedAtheist


      answer: auto-fellatio

    2. Noumena


      Depends on the type of snake.

    3. London


      are we talking about the one in his pants or the one that bit him?

  12. Your boss sounds like a shriveled cock. What kind of work did you do? Do you have some savings to help you ride out this rough patch?
  13. I'd like to think we're apart of the group that isn't screwed. A lot of people I'm sure really are fucked. But hopefully they won't drag the rest of us down with them.
  14. When I came out to my folks they were shocked, my Dad told me atheists were just as bad as people that molest children. Not trying to frighten you, but be prepared if your parents are heavy fundies. All the best.
  15. I do not think we should fight against them in so much that we push them completely out of society. But I do think religion needs to be challenged, especially since a lot of religious people are trying to force their religion on the rest of society. I also think it should be pushed aside and viewed for what it really is. What it is is fiction, abunch of nonsense with about as much credibility as the tooth fairy. Also, atheism isn't a religion, some people probably take it too far, depending on how an individual views how far is too far.
  16. I don't care if it is a religoius rite, fuck them and their stupid beliefs. I hope it isn't allowed in the States.
  17. You may feel that way now, but I think you'll recover just fine. It might take time, but it'll happen. There's no way you can bring the past back to fix it, all you or anyone can do at this point is to look toward the future.
  18. Some of us don't have a choice though. I haven't finished college yet so I'm stuck working shitty jobs. All my current work experience is in retail and sales. But, ya'know, it's a paycheck.
  19. In other words, finding better work will only happen through getting a degree. And when you said union jobs are you talking about all union jobs? Even lowly department store retail jobs?
  20. Is it really a by product of christianity? I thought it was just some American cultural thing. You know, work hard enough and you'll get somewhere. More work = success, holding down 2 jobs, and attending college at the same time, that sort of thing. If you're homeless, take a bath and get a job. Lets fire janitors and give their jobs to children, so they can get cash money, and learn work ethics. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sQbrpR5OGHs
  21. I shall bake skyrim sweet rolls for V-day

    1. stryper


      just bought it last night on a steam sale...can't wait to play a bit.

    2. ConureDelSol
    3. Xerces


      you'll really enjoy it stryper I think it is the best elder scrolls game yet

  22. Count me among them. I did it for a free DVD. Best trade I ever made.
  23. There is a cool browser extension called Ghostery. It essentially can block all the little bugs that various websites and over 500 different advertising tards regularly chuck at you.

  24. Did you tell them to shut their fucking face?
  25. I'm such a glutton today. Grande Starbucks, Belgium chocolate bar, and a big helping of Asian food. oof!

    1. blackpudd1n


      Sounds like my type of day :P


      Wanna share?

    2. Xerces
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