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    Reading/writing, learning about history, going to museums, playing video games, watching tv/movies.
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    Raised an Evangelical Christian. I'm a Norse Pagan but I am quiet about it since my family is still Christian.

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  1. Yeah it must have been. In the article, it talks about how some fans were insulted, but it's honestly comforting seeing public figures be open about their loss of faith too.
  2. https://www.revolvermag.com/music/spencer-chamberlain-how-losing-religion-saved-underoath SPENCER CHAMBERLAIN: HOW LOSING RELIGION SAVED UNDEROATH: Singer talks crisis of faith, kicking drugs, Florida metalcore band's crushing comeback album 'Erase Me'. A nice article with the band Underoath, for those ex-Christians who liked this band, they were Christian and now they are back with a new album, detailing their new found atheism.
  3. https://youtu.be/Ji0TgBy085U A great skit by SNL alum, Will Ferrell was back hosting last week and I thought I'd share this skit for some laughs, enjoy!
  4. When the only dating options are Christians and your still in the closet about disbelief......

    1. Show previous comments  5 more
    2. rjn


      You're from NZ, your opinion on what's cold or not doesn't count! And Iceland is practically a big ass hot spring because the whole damn place is an active volcano ^^

    3. LogicalFallacy


      Dude, seriously, Iceland averages 0 degrees C in the lowlands in the winter! It's cold! Hey Iceland and NZ share something - they both sit on volcanos! Kaboom baby!

    4. TrueFreedom


      Have you thought about coming out on Tinder or Bumble? "Godless liberal, enjoys patios and walks along the beach..."

  5. I just cannot give a fuck about my latin homework. Worse case of senioritis.

  6. I am Paul Rudd in I Love You, Man except in female form.


    1. Fweethawt


      Me too! Can't wait! Its gonna be a loooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooong year! :-(

    2. Sheild Maiden

      Sheild Maiden

      It's the new star wars movie, episode 7. Set 30 years after the original trilogy of luke, leia and han solo.

  8. SO many god damn sex abuse scandals on the news and current events forum. Can we please post other things besides that please?

  9. “If you believe in Odin and Thor, people laugh themselves to death. While it’s okay to believe in a man who turned water into wine, and walked on water” - Mads Mikkelsen (Danish actor)

    1. Sheild Maiden

      Sheild Maiden

      He's non religious, but its' definitely true.

  10. Ok, seriously? Even my nerdy friends can find love and date frequently and I'm just completely ignored. How can I change this? I dress nice, am clean and my social skills have improved. Why have I always been ignored by guys growing up?

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    2. Thurisaz


      There's countless kind guys out there who routinely get ignored by all gals... Shield, I know it sounds easier than you feel it is, but I'd say consider taking the initiative indeed. So damn many of us blokes either don't register on the female radar at all or have been kicked in the balls by crazy bitches too many times... it's no wonder that not all guys are out there "hunting".

    3. Sheild Maiden

      Sheild Maiden

      I was always shy, but I've grown a lot since starting college. I guess I should talk to guys more in class, so maybe thats it.

    4. Sheild Maiden

      Sheild Maiden

      I already asked two guys both last year, but neither were interested, and kind of ran away or made a point of obviously ignoring me after that, so that hurt for a while.

  11. I have chills from the Age of Ultron trailer. "There are no string on me."

    1. Roz


      I get chills when I see Black Widow...

    2. Fweethawt


      I get chills when I step outside in my underwear.

  12. http://www.ancient-origins.net/ is an awesome site to learn about ancient cultures and religions
    1. Deva


      Thanks Sheild Maiden. That looks very interesting.

    1. Sheild Maiden

      Sheild Maiden

      Thanks, its hunny its from 1926, but still rings true today.

    2. Sheild Maiden

      Sheild Maiden

      1927, sorry lol, I make mistakes when typing on my phone.

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