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  1. I don't know anything about their finances, but I live about 30 minutes from the one in Hebron, Kentucky, (Ken Hamm's headquarters) which is near Cincinnati, Ohio. A few years ago I was part of a diversity/inclusion team where I work, and we took a field trip there. Though it was a weekday they had quite a crowd, very busy!! I noticed a lot of out of state license plates, and I imagine its a fundy parent's dream to show their kids all the "evidence" for creationism. Plus, Dinosurs!! There was a café that kept up a good business as well. They still have quite a few billboards along the reg
  2. Hi Helvetios, Sorry you have to deal with these issues now. My 81 year old dad has been in 4th stage (spread to his lung) melenoma for 4 years. He really is doing well, thanks in part to a drug called Fervoy (I don't know the spelling). His oncologist says there is an even better med than Fervoy if his tumors start to grow again; they've been shrinking for the past year. I know every case is different, but melemoma seems to respond to some of the new meds really well. I hope your treatment goes really well!
  3. Hi Passerina, Wow, it sounds line a minefield is a good descripter of what you're dealing with. I don't have direct experience with the Adventists, but certainly with family members asking questions they don't really want answered! I know there's no hell to worry about, and no god to be angry/hurt with me, but that's not the way they see it. The last thing I want to do is cause them pain and fear over me, my wife and my daughter, but I don't want to lie and deceice them either. I will say that once the truth (or at least some of it) came out, things ended up better. I was "outed" b
  4. All the best to you, Neverlandrut, and you may want to choose carefully WHEN you actually answer the call from your father. I was outed to my mom (by a fundy cousin who saw something on facebook). When she called me at work I had no idea what she was calling about. Kept telling her I couldn't talk about it right now because I was at work, but I nearly had to hang up on her. A couple days later we had a better conversation, but it was really tough (for both of us, I guess) to be caught off guard like that.
  5. When I was a new Christian I remember people asking "If we know many of our loved ones are in hell for all eternity, how can heaven be a happy experience for us?" The stock answer was something like this-"The Bible says He would dry every tear from our eyes, so obviously God will make us forget those loved ones ever exsited, or He would make us not care that they're tortured forever." Can you imagine someone telling you they were going to torture (for even one day) your spouse, kids, parents, etc, some time in the future....but its OK, you won't have any memory of them??? It's a blantent ex
  6. Hi FormerPK, thank you for sharing your story! I got to spend a few years in Germany on a German air base, my daughter was born there. Sadly for me I was still a fundamentalist then, though kind of fundy-lite by that time. I haven't totally come out to my Mom either; she knows I'm not christian, but I don't have much reason to use the A word around her. I'm very happy for you and your husband and son. Keep enjoying your freedom, and say hi to Deutschland for me! Randy
  7. Hi Azaria, Echoing what others have said, you've found a great place here. I was almost 40 when I deconverted, and I can attest to how difficult it is to let go of the fears and doctrines told to us by the people we love and respect. You know, I started much of my doubt about the bible god when my daughter was about your age. I started wondering if there was anything she could possibly do that would make me want to punish her with some type of erternal damnation. I understood as a father I might have to see her go through hard times, and make bad decisions, but I knew she would learn
  8. I grew up fundy Christian, but became attracted to Hinduism around 15 years ago. I love the legends and especially enjoy the practice of Kirtan (chanting), but I don't believe in god/gods. For me the traditions represent aspects of our humanity, and bring people together in some way, especially the community singing of kirtan. I never felt this connection to tradition in Christianity. Got to visit India in January of this year....I saw such a beauty in Hinduism (and Buddhism as well) that deepened my appreciation. But for me the gods and goddesses represent parts of me, you, and everyon
  9. I agree completely......but the other part of that is your degree will shape what you do for the next 40 plus years after graduating. I choose a tech degree and career path, but never really liked my jobs much. Now I'm just hoping for an early retirement, so I can work at a job I actually like. My wife makes about half as much, but loves her job, and doesn't want to retire. Both choices have merit; I was able to support my family when my wife couldn't work, and haven't worried about finances much. But I never got any joy working with machines.
  10. My wife and I went on a tour of India this past December and January. We're 53 and 50. Of the 14 other tour members, one was 31, another 36, and the rest were between 19 and 25. At first we were bummed about being the only ones in our age group...we got over that quickly! These people were some of the most interesting, intelligent, well-traveled people we've ever met. They appreciate diversity, different cultures, and interested in people who are different from them. On the other hand, the people I work with (40's and 50's) seem scared to death of everything outside their small culture/c
  11. I remember reading the verses about not taking the lords name in vain, and from the context it seemed to refer to something more akin to saying "I am of the people of Yaweh", or "I belong to Jesus", but not living like one is supposed to when associated with that name. There was even a comparison to a woman marrying a man, taking his name, and then doing that "harloty" thing, thus taking her husband's name in vain. I think it's a modern American thing to think the sin is using the name as a curse word. I'm sure that's covered under some other sin list though....sigh....
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